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Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
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InSomnia release news and future plans


Hello everyone! We've got a few important news regarding InSomnia release for you today. 

Currently we are working on finalizing the vital parts of game's content, especially the main story line. As developers we truly believe that intriguing and well-thought story is one of the most important elements of any great RPG, making which is our goal #1. 

This process is very complicated one and requires tons of our attention and time. However we are planning to end this development stage by January, making the general plot of the game fully complete, so it can be played from the beginning till the end (even with any possible changes we might introduce in the future).

In other words by the end of this year we will have all main content for InSomnia ready, though the release date itself is going to be postponed, unfortunately.

We will be able to determine the new time frame for release throughout January 2016 after considering the schedule of finalizing the development and tuning all planed mechanics, balancing gameplay, proofreading, translating and voicing of all necessary texts, finding and fixing all possible technical issues and problems etc. 

For better visualization of everything we achieved so far we will provide you with the detailed report on our progress by the end of December. One of the goals of this special update will be showing you how big the scope of the game became comparing to what we initially offered.

As you might remember originally we promised to deliver 15-20 hours of gameplay, however we felt that this amount is just not enough, so we expanded that up to 40-50 hours instead.  Other than that we continue exploring the cross-platform features of Unreal Engine 4 and currently it looks like we'll be able to release the final version of InSomnia for Windows, Mac and Linux simultaneously, without any gaps and not one by one as we considered in the beginning. 

We can't stop thanking you all for the support you show us. We wouldn't make it so far without you. Out team is thrilled to demonstrate all those things we achieved during this development year, so expect news!

Thank you for your attention, Studio Mono.

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    1. Vincent on

      That's nuts .. well done. Can't wait to play it when it's done.

    2. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      Thank you! We might consider another Kickstarter campaign next year, however we would like to show you more of what we have achieved so far. We are still working on the detailed report for you guys that will give you a clearer picture of what we developed throughout this year. Not sure it's a good idea to post it during following days as most backers would probably be busy with holidays and spending time with families etc, so we will do this in the beginning of January instead.

      Thanks again and have a happy New Year everyone!

    3. Marcel Pegel on

      From what i have seen so far, it looks awesome. You wil expand the game from 15-20 hours to 40-50 hours. It would be more than fair to raise some more funding via kickstarter.
      Like Sacha Fall already said, there are more developers on kickstarter, with an additional kickstarter campaign.
      Don't rush the rest of the development. The game is worth the wait! (and the extra funding, if necessary).
      Keep up the great work to Insomnia!

    4. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      Yes, we worked on it, however the result appeared to be unsatisfactory (it worked too slow) and we decided to release it along with other updated versions of the demo which are in the work right now.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michal Svarny on

      Earlier you mentioned there will be also a Linux demo. Did I miss something or it wasn't released yet? Thanks!

    6. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      We might do just that, thanks!

    7. Sacha Fall on

      @Studio Mono

      why dont you send a survey via mail or via an update ?

    8. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      2alcaray, Patrick, digital wisp
      Ooops, my bad, will try to invest more time in proofreading, thanks!

      2Heinrich Bhaal
      Not sure about totally new demo, but there will certainly be an updated version of the old one.

      2Sacha Fall
      This is an interesting idea, we might think about it. Would be good to know more opinions of existing backers on this.

      2all, Geert van der Heide
      Thanks again for your faith in us! We will do our best to deliver something that we all will be proud of.

    9. Geert van der Heide on

      Please hold off on the release until everything is as polished and bug-free as possible. So many crowdfunded games come out too soon, get all sixes and sevens in reviews, and are largely forgotten after that, even when they do eventually get fixed. Indie games are a dime a dozen and it takes a little extra to stand out. I'd hate to see Insomnia become another "almost good" game. It has so much potential and everything I've read and seen has been great, so please take as much time as your funding will allow. I don't mind waiting, even for another full year if need be.

    10. Sacha Fall on

      Totaly fine with that just a question/suggestion since the scope has largely extended and clearly the game looks promising, why dont you guys go for a second kickstarter to secure more fundings and enlarge the scope of the game (feature, assets, mechanics)? some develloppers did that and it worked and you guys got a very promising demo to show to the potential new backers.

    11. Heinrich Bhaal on

      Many thanks for the update.

      Take so much time as you needed. No one will be angry, when the game comes out a little bit later.

      Will there be a new demo?
      I think thats testing the game outside the team can help to avoid errors.

    12. digital wisp on

      Yeah... That and bakers as well :D

    13. Patrick on

      All sounds great! Like the others have said, take your time with it! Better to produce something you are proud of instead of rushing!

      PS I think alcaray was joking about the misspelling of planned, planed is when you use a planer to shave off wood, similar to sandpaper :)

    14. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      Thanks for being amazing bakers!

      I'm not really sure we are on the same page here. Could you be more specific? Are we still talking about InSomnia :)?

    15. alcaray on

      Do you really need to take a plane to the mechanics? Surely some light sanding would be sufficient.?

    16. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      +1 for the simultaneous cross-platform release!

    17. Mark L

      I agree with the previous comments - take your time, especially if it means more content and higher quality. Just beware of 'feature creep' - it has been the demise of more than one Kickstarter.

    18. Morrandir on

      Thanks for the update.
      Take as much time as you can afford. :)

    19. Macharius on

      More hours of gameplay is great news! Keep up the great work guys, I am looking forward to a great memorable story that matches the good gameplay experienced int he demo!

    20. iqSoup on

      Sounds awesome! Keep up the great work! Don't worry too much about the release date, the last thing I'd want is for things to be rushed. Take whatever time you think is necessary to make an awesome game!!!