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Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
3,559 backers pledged $92,268 to help bring this project to life.

Fighting Arena update, the Fallen of Object 6, official wiki, and other news


Hello everyone! It's been a while since our last update and we have so much to share with you now. Today we will cover a really vast number of topics, so without further adieu... let's roll!  

Fighting Arena

Choose you destiny
Choose you destiny

 We've made quite a progress with Fighting Arena which we have mentioned in our previous update. Currently we are finishing the special interfaces, shots/impact sounds, particles effects of explosions (grenades/gas canisters), covers, tuning the standard arms balance and adjusting the animations. This process will take 1-2 weeks and we will be ready to release it after a few internal tests.

The Fallen of Object 6 initiative  

We have already dispatched our first batch of emails to everyone who expressed their interest in becoming a corpse on the board of our massive space ark (click here for more details). So if you took part in this initiative when our Kickstarter was still in progress and didn't receive any message from us asking how exactly you would like to name your virtual remains, please do it know via comments or personal messages.

Do you see the light at the end if the tunnel?
Do you see the light at the end if the tunnel?

If this is the first time you hear about this thing or you somehow missed it back in the day, we are happy to announce that we have added a new option to our PayPal store that allows you to join the jolly pile of corpses on Object 6.

Official InSomnia wiki  

Recently we've been contacted by Curse! which provides its services as an official wiki resource for biggest Kickstarter titles such as Pillars of Eternity, Numenera, and many more. They've offered us to join their ever growing family and we gladly accepted. Other than having a great online platform for collecting all info regarding the game this partnership means even more publicity for InSomnia via Gamepedia, their social media channels etc. Which is always good!

Click this image to visit official InSomnia wiki
Click this image to visit official InSomnia wiki

Currently it's quite empty but we believe that with time we will be able to create an awesome resource with the most passionate members of our community being involved! 

New screenshots   

We know you waited for quite long to get some new info about what is going on with the game, so we can't leave you without a bunch of fresh WIP shots of our screens:




One last thing for today And as yet another bonus we would like to show you a little video presentation of our studio that we have made some time ago but never came around to actually publish it:

See you next time!

InSomnia development progress and other news


Hello everyone! With this update we would like to finally break the post-Kickstarter silence and bring some of the things we worked on lately to your attention.  

During the campaign we've collected tons of feedback from all kinds of sources including campaign comments section, our forum boards, Facebook, YouTube and all other kinds of social media. This information allowed us to choose the correct priorities for our development plans and introduce the most demanded changes and improvements into interface, combat system and many other game mechanics and elements.

Next thing we are going to do asap is contacting all our backers who are granted in-game items due to the amount of their pledges. We are speaking about such things as custom weapons, NPCs, outifits, avatars, monuments, biographies, and locations. So if you've pledged £250 and more - pay attention to your email accounts, we will talk to you soon!

Please remember that you can still manage your pledges via PayPal page on our website to increase your involvement in the game development process. This is also the best way to get the game as cheap as possible before the final release happens in case you missed the campaign back in May.  

And in case you still haven't tried InSomnia Prologue you always will be able to download it here

Fighting Arena is on its way

Today we would also like to announce the Fighting Arena build that has been in development for quite some time now, and show you other work in progress game bits for your amusement.

Thanks to all your feedback we have received so far we were able to tweak combat mechanics to make it feel more rewarding and interesting. Basically now we are working on improving interfaces, animations, introducing female characters, and further development of combat skill tree. To make this process more effective we are planning to release a separate demo build that will give you an opportunity to test different types of weapons and equipment in custom combat situations featuring various enemies.

In this Fighting Arena you can expect to get your hands on knives, two-handed hammers and axes, one-handed swords, shields combined with close combat and ranged combat weapons including SMGs, assault and sniper rifles, machine-guns, rocket launchers, grenades and shotguns.  

The other thing we are aiming for this build is introducing the first version of character creation kit and combat skill tree, so you can try different approaches on your way to the glory.

We are expecting to receive even more feedback regarding combat system this way, so we'll be able to give you a much better fighting experience in the final game.  

And while we are still at it you can ease your ears with some relaxing jazzy tunes from the game:


Our team is working hard to bring the game of our dreams to you, we hope you are having great summer days! Until next time!

InSomnia PayPal Page Now Open!


Hi everyone, the period for fixing your Kickstarter pledge is now over. We've been a few messages from those who couldn't fix it in time, and want to pledge. We thought we'd share with everyone the link to the InSomnia PayPal Pledge page!


You can share the link with those who may of missed out on the Kickstarter. Spread the link far and wide, since every pledge made will still count towards stretch goals so that InSomnia can be bigger and better!

If you have backed already, there's a link that allows you to manage your pledge, should you want to increase it to go to a higher reward tier. Please be sure to check that option if you've now realized that you want the Boxed Set, the InSomnia Physycal Art Book or any of the limited rewards available at higher tiers!

Since you backed our first Kickstarter for InSomnia, as a thank you, and as we mentioned before, you can increase your pledge to a higher reward tier. Any additional pledge will have a 30% discount, and you can do this at the InSomnia PayPal page.

Once again, we want to thank everyone for their support. We're now hard at work on the game, and will be back in a couple of weeks with an update on our progress status!

New Campaign Update and Join The Fallen of Object 6 Initiative!


Hello everyone! Last time we spoke of the new Kickstarter campaign for InSomnia had just gone live, to secure the last bit of funding required to release the game. Today we have entered the final 72 hours of the campaign, and are currently sitting at 90% funded. We are incredibly grateful to the number of original backers who have showed their support to us again, and we can’t thank you enough for believing in us!

We've also created a new initiative at the current Kickstarter, that can give you the bonus of getting your name included in InSomnia - as the name of a corpse! If you follow the simple steps listed here you will join The Fallen of Object 6.

On top of that, we have great news! Every single backer who pledged to InSomnia either in this Kickstarter, by PayPal or at the new campaign will have their name added to the in-game Credits! This is our way of saying thank you for all the support, love and sheer enthusiasm you've given us.

We have already produced more than 20 updates. These cover new material that we have never showcased and you can check all of it right here.

And remember, as original backers you still have a few days left to get a bonus if you decide to back us again. This way we will double ALL of the digital rewards that you would get at the reward tier, should you decide to back us at again. This means that you’ll have additional Steam keys and DRM-free copies of the game that you're able to share with your friends and family, extra copies of the digital soundtrack and more! The higher you go, the more awesome (double) stuff you get!

New Campaign and InSomnia Playable Prologue Chapter!


Hello everyone, we have just released a fully playable build of the InSomnia Prologue Chapter, which is massive and will show you where your money (and the over £100,000 GBP we’ve spent of our own money) has gone towards. Where can you find this playable Prologue? At the new Kickstarter campaign for InSomnia! Thanks to your support we’re now closer to the finish line, and this new campaign is to secure the funding we need to complete the game.

Let’s Talk Freebies

We appreciate that you believed in us when we did the previous Kickstarter campaign for InSomnia. We have some very cool bonuses to announce for all of you, our original backers, who made it possible for us to get here:

  • Everyone gets an extra Steam copy of InSomnia when it is release. 
  • Everyone who pledged at $35 and above tiers will be getting Steam Early Access keys
  • Everyone who pledged at $50 and above tiers are getting their Boxed copy of InSomina upgraded to a Boxed Set! What is in the Boxed Set? A DVD Copy of InSomnia, the Soundtrack on CD, a Printed Art Book Sampler, an InSomnia T-Shirt and a Signed Boxed Set Certificate! On top of that you will also get a Closed Beta key (a reward we have introduced at the new campaign).

And in case you would be so generous to support us again, and decide to pledge at the new Kickstarter campaign, we will double ALL of the digital rewards that you would get at the reward tier you back us at. This way you’ll have additional Steam keys and DRM-free copies of the game to share with your friends and family. The higher you go the more awesome stuff you get! Would you like to work with the team to create a custom weapon for InSomnia? Well, if you backed our previous campaign, you’d get to create TWO custom weapons!

Please be sure to visit our new Kickstarter campaign 

By visiting the new Kickstarter, you’ll be able to download the InSomnia Prologue Chapter, as well as check out new art and footage of the game. Throughout the campaign we are going to publish lots of new info about the game, we feel this will be a very exciting and interesting time for both new (and original) backers to see the progress we’ve made as the development of InSomnia has progressed!