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Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
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Studio MONO

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Development process\Misc


Hello everebody! A small update this week, just several images that illustrates the development process:  

Shader development (not the final result, WIP - Work In Progress)  

Cursor redesign (not the final, WIP)  

Merchendise - T-Shirts print design (WIP, would love to hear your feedback)

InSomnia RPG encyclopedia test design pages (not final, again just a WIP)


Demo Working Process

Hi there! We’d like you to know that the demo will be completed real soon, but please have patience. We still don’t know the exact release date, because we want to deliver to you something that’s really worth playing. What we can tell you are what will be probably the most important systems for you to test in the demo, to estimate them or to indicate how they can be further improved.

Within the demo, it will feature all the basic attributes except Charisma. So within the demo, there will be Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Perception, and Intellect; these characteristics will have a considerable effect on the gameplay of the game. 

The following skills will be available: Close Combat, Small Arms, Rifles, Heavy Weapons, Medicine, Mechanics, and Criminal Activities. Skills determine the success of certain actions and often require using special items. So, for example, it is hardly possible to repair broken computers without special tools, even if your skill is very high, or to brute force-open locked containers without lock picks. 

The player’s character will be Typer, a preset key character with a certain level of progression. He has good Strength and Dexterity attributes a high level of Close Combat and Mechanics skills, as well as a fairly good Small Arms skill. Besides, Typer has a number of unique perks, some items, and crafting recipes. The unique items and perks are objects that cannot be simply found or used: to do so, the player will have to fulfill certain hidden conditions. 

The demo will also feature Hunger, Thirst, and Fatigue systems, as well as a whole bunch of various ways to interact with the environment that will require having certain skills and basic attributes, or simply the player’s being attentive enough. These will include repairing broken machines and objects, opening doors, searching for resources and supplies, force-opening locked containers, healing wounds and traumas, basic item crafting (mostly creating ammunition), hacking electronic systems, reprogramming bots and turrets, modifying weapons and armor, and, of course, fighting in the Close and Ranged Combat modes. 

The Bea Kera Society (Part 1)

The Bea Kera Society is a criminal gang with some features of a religious cult that operates in Reservation D-106. Translated from the Ghaeti language as “The Forgotten Way”, the Bea Kera has originally been one of the many small gangs in Reservation D-106, doing illicit drug trade and reporting to the powerful clan of the Children of Morach. But after Bea Kera’s leader Opherod met an enigmatic “Patron”, the gang’s ways changed dramatically. It was now greatly resembling a cult. The gang members started using religious symbols, held rituals and sermons, and Opherod proclaimed himself as the Patron’s Messenger. In the meanwhile, his people also continued their criminal activities. Soon enough the Bea Kera went out of the Children of Morach’s control and became the clan’s rival in dividing the spheres of influence.

 The Bea Kera Society consists of three principal castes: the Retainers, the Executors and the Debtors. The Retainers wear long robes with hoods that cover their faces, and make almost no contact with usual Ghetters. Most of the Retainers are people who have been with Opherod from the beginning: an inner circle of trusted individuals rarely seen on the Reservation’s territory. The Executors are newly-fledged adherents of the Society who burst to prove their devotion to the Bea Kera. Less different from usual Ghetters, they nevertheless wear the gang signs on their clothes. The Executors are the Society’s backbone and its most numerous component. They guard the Bea Kera turf and fight skirmishes with the Children of Morach.

 Another specific feature of the Society is the system of “working out” the debts. The Society provides “aid” to all in need, which can mean money loans or protection. But there is one condition: the person is then supposed to render a service to the Society. A Debtor has to wear a special collar that makes it possible for the Bea Kera to maintain constant surveillance of him, or to kill him wherever he could be in case of contract breach. The Debtors of the gang include all types of people, from rather well-off traders or mercenaries to common workers. This way Opherod has built up an agent network throughout the whole territory of Reservation D-106 and its environs. This system is one of the main reasons why the Bea Kera is able to intensify its influence so quickly and to compete with a rival as strong as the Morach clan.

And in the end some simple close combat weaponary renders (work in progress)

InSomnia RPG OST\Weapon modifications 3d models preview


Hello everyone, we have some news! Firstly, we have launched a page on our website where you can listen to some of the music that will be included into the Official Sound Track of InSomnia RPG. The creation process of the soundtrack plays an integral role in the development of our game. We have a team of composers and audio-engineers from across the globe involved in creating the score for the game and this helps bring to the table a whole range of music; from deep dark-ambient sound canvases, to jazz and orchestra compositions. So far, the soundtrack includes over 60 full-fledged compositions and in this chapter you can find a selection of the tracks that will make it to the final OST.

We would like to show you renders of some of the fire arms and their modifications. The types of this weaponry will be standard and some will be featured with a variety of mods, which will change the visual representation of items and, of course, hugely impact their qualities. So, without further ado, here are the renders of these weapons during the stage of development and next time we will disclose the creation process of the close combat weaponry.

 Finally for today, I would like to apologize for not answering all of your emails or Kickstarter messages for far too long. Today, we answered all the messages that we got so far, and if you failed to get an answer from us, please feel free to contact us via Kickstarter or by email: We will certainly respond to you. However, please be patient, as you can imagine we’re getting a huge amount of questions from our community and since we cannot afford to hire a team of professional community managers and we are spending all of our time and money to keep the promise that we gave to you during our Kickstarter campaign: to ship the game with a storyline containing 15-20 hours of gameplay by the end of 2015 – beginning of 2016. We’re aiming to keep our promise without delays.

The team and I would like to thank you for your support. We will continue to share our achievements with you on the weekly basis.

Reservation D-106 Details

In this update we will reveal some information on one of the main locations of the upcoming demo – Reservation D-106, and share some facts on those who inhabit the area.

Historically, the origination of the reservation was caused by the necessity to service the Urb’s external technical infrastructure. The reservations appear relatively comfortable for the colonies of Ghetters with the population from between 1,000 to 20,000. All the reservations are located within the Closer Radius of the Urb. The Ghetters inhabiting the reservations share partial civil rights of the Autonomy and they have proper registration. Nonetheless, the citizens of the Urb do not see many distinctions between Ghetters and the inhabitants of the abandoned part of the Station, referring to both as dumpsters or scavengers. As such, segregation is rooted into the history: during the Exodus, the riots allowed far more people to enter the Station than what was actually listed, and the Urb was unable to host the mass of thousands of refugees that were arriving to the Station. The descendants of the few survivors later inhabited the Dump – the abandoned part of the Station. With time, the Autonomy of Nomah through its expansion has organized the voluntary migration of dumpsters into reservations, created by the Urb’s government on its controlled territories.

The main parts of population in the reservations are involved in servicing the Urb’s external infrastructure and the Close Radius. The most common professions here are related to the food industry, various labourers, OS employees doing the cleanup of the Close Radius territories from the spreading crioma, low level technical personnel and other low-qualified employees. Workers with the Urb’s working visa are considered rather the well-off people on the Dump and represent a sort of a middle class. The same position is shared by merchants and qualified technical specialists, servicing the objects of the Autonomy. The Ghetters are considered to be the privileged part of the Dump’s population. They represent the rule of the Urb on the spot and are well qualified. In some rare cases the Ghetters become the full-fledged citizens of the Autonomy.

As well as the areas the rulers of the Urb allow the Ghetters to work within, they also provide some social protection and ensure that food, medicine and equipment are provided. The reservations also have trade relations with the Urb; the Ghetters supply parts and materials to the Urb from remote locations of the Station and trade them for materials with values that are then available to the citizens of the Autonomy.

The reservation features a mixed system of management; settlements are governed by publicly elected heads and military commanders from the Urb. Each reservation hosts a military station ensuring order and security as well as the representation of the Committee, supervising the obedience to the Autonomy’s legislation. Clans play an important role in many reservations. These are semi-criminal gangs, each with their own hierarchy and code of conduct; however, the representatives of the Urb do not pay attention to them as long as their actions do not interfere with the interests of the Autonomy (see our next update devoted to the clans’ activities in reservations).

Reservation D-106: this is one of the reservations of the Close Radius. This is located relatively close to the Urb; its inhabitants are involved in maintaining the water purifying system and complex. The reservation is populated by around 1,500 registered Ghetters, however, there are quite a few illegal aliens living within this territory, who found shelter in the slums on the lower levels and where checks and raids of the Ordinate are hindered by the sector’s structure. The mazes of communication tunnels and the technical infrastructure allow for excellent hiding places. The works on the water purification system are managed by a group of experts from the Urb. In addition to the regular low-qualified workers, the complex also employs Ghetters but these are of a rather high level, who spent many years working under the supervision of the Urb’s engineers. The dwellers are not involved in the water purification complex maintenance. They normally work as free harvesters and are engaged on the quest for valuable parts and materials in remote parts of the Station.

(We are aiming to do regular weekle updates from now on, keeping you (our backers and fans) informed with all of the progress, milestones met and exciting news of all things InSomnia.)