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Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
3,559 backers pledged $92,268 to help bring this project to life.

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Object 6 overview video


Hello! Today we will show a new video that is going to present you the first look of InSomnia's game world as a whole.  

While watching this impressive demonstration of Unreal Engine 4 incredible capabilities we used to breathe life into InSomnia universe you'll be also able to hear an amazing ambient soundtrack recorded for the game recently. This is sort of a meditative experience in the vein of Kubrick's "Space Odyssey" so you might get  some extra joy if you are a fan of this classic: 

A real-time in-game capture
A real-time in-game capture

We also made a bunch of additional screenshots to sweeten up this reveal even more. Click for high definition:

So basically this is the current state of space station general look. The main game story will evolve inside this giant floating metropolis. It consists of a few sectors and each one of them will have its own global map.

And in case you've ever wondered how something like this might look in real world, then this photo was taken just for you:

Until next time!

Updated InSomnia demo screenshots and details


Hello everyone! As we've told you before there's an updated InSomnia demo that's being in works for some time now. And we've got a bunch of juicy screenshots to show you today, click to open in high resolution:

The purpose of this new demo release is to give you a better understanding of other game mechanics covered in our previous updates.

This time you can expect to have an opportunity to fiddle with crafting system...

...take a look at a global map of this giant space metropolis also known as Object 6...

...try a few skills in practice... 

...experience spontaneous encounters... 

...and even a few examples of generated quests... 

See you inside InSomnia world again soon!

InSomnia status report


Hello everyone! Today's update is all about the current progress we achieved throughout 2015 along with proper numbers and stats. We will also talk about the new time frame for the release of InSomnia and our future Kickstarter campaign plans. So without further ado here goes...

InSomnia development results 2015

Yay, a new InSomnia art!
Yay, a new InSomnia art!
  • we have transfered the game to Unreal Engine 4 and produced 70.000 lines of code
  • our team has developed an internal system of 3D-model quality control and gave life to more then 3.500 game objects including the elements of architecture, characters, equipment and weapons (all models made for our previous engine Ogre3D in 2014 were rebuilt from scratch) 
  • at this very moment we have finished working on 5 large and 7 middle-scale locations, 10 small levels meant for spontaneous encounters and generated quests, 2 of 3 global maps for station sectors and general global map of Object 6 as a whole
  • now we have almost twice as many of dialogs and dialog trees variations than we did before, increasing the overall word count up to 150.000 with the additional 300.000 words ready to be implemented
  • gameplay time increased up to 30-40 hours vs 15-20 which were stated initially

Other than that our team became 4 times bigger with 22 internal and 24 external developers which made us move faster and more effectively than ever before.

Feeling like crafting some ammo?
Feeling like crafting some ammo?

To even better illustrate our current progress we have put online a special page at our website which shows the actual development progress of the game. Please remember that it's still being tested with official launch planned later next month. You can also expect an updated InSomnia and Studio Mono websites to go live in a few months with lots of cool stuff on board.  

Plans for 2016 anyone?

We have finished developing the main content of the game which means we need a few more months of active work and an additional month to localize the game to all languages we promised, proofread, record voiceovers etc. 

Throughout 2015 we have spent $140.000 of our own funds additionally to $92.000 you helped us collect at Kickstarter. Believing in us and supporting InSomnia made you our heroes forever. You helped us understand we are moving in the right direction.

A short demonstration of one of the sinister bots we were working on lately
A short demonstration of one of the sinister bots we were working on lately

Currently we spend around $18.000 per month out of our own pockets and unfortunately we won't longer be able to continue these investments after this March hits the calendar. We still need at least $80.000 to complete the game without any loss in effectiveness and time so our team can release it until September 2016.

This leads us to a necessity of launching a new crowd-funding campaign for InSomnia in February to make this game come to life asap. During the next month we will also release an updated InSomnia demo for all promised platforms (including Windows, Mac and Linux) to showcase you the overall progress of the game. Expect a better level design, new guns and other 3D marvels along with the improved controls and even a global map:

Stay tuned for more news and see you next time!

InSomnia release news and future plans


Hello everyone! We've got a few important news regarding InSomnia release for you today. 

Currently we are working on finalizing the vital parts of game's content, especially the main story line. As developers we truly believe that intriguing and well-thought story is one of the most important elements of any great RPG, making which is our goal #1. 

This process is very complicated one and requires tons of our attention and time. However we are planning to end this development stage by January, making the general plot of the game fully complete, so it can be played from the beginning till the end (even with any possible changes we might introduce in the future).

In other words by the end of this year we will have all main content for InSomnia ready, though the release date itself is going to be postponed, unfortunately.

We will be able to determine the new time frame for release throughout January 2016 after considering the schedule of finalizing the development and tuning all planed mechanics, balancing gameplay, proofreading, translating and voicing of all necessary texts, finding and fixing all possible technical issues and problems etc. 

For better visualization of everything we achieved so far we will provide you with the detailed report on our progress by the end of December. One of the goals of this special update will be showing you how big the scope of the game became comparing to what we initially offered.

As you might remember originally we promised to deliver 15-20 hours of gameplay, however we felt that this amount is just not enough, so we expanded that up to 40-50 hours instead.  Other than that we continue exploring the cross-platform features of Unreal Engine 4 and currently it looks like we'll be able to release the final version of InSomnia for Windows, Mac and Linux simultaneously, without any gaps and not one by one as we considered in the beginning. 

We can't stop thanking you all for the support you show us. We wouldn't make it so far without you. Out team is thrilled to demonstrate all those things we achieved during this development year, so expect news!

Thank you for your attention, Studio Mono.

Guns: kill or be killed


Hello everyone! As we have already brought you some details about combat system and protecting yourself from the violent world of InSomnia, it's time to find out more about guns and their variety.

Energy weapons

Heavy laser gun with generator
Heavy laser gun with generator

Energy weapons will be quite different from what one might expect from them. Each energy weapon will require a skill that is relevant to it's characteristics. For example you will have to be proficient in "light weapons" skill to use laser pistol effectively, and be generally good with rifles whenever you want to use a laser rifle as your basic weapon.

The other feature of energy weapons you would want to know about is that they don't require any ammo - you will have to be equipped with the power generator instead. This portable battery will need to be recharged from time to time. It can be also used for other energy consuming equipment you want to get working.

Laser pistol
Laser pistol

Obviously energy weapons are high-tec and require certain knowledge and skill to be maintained properly. There will be several types of them including:

  • laser weapons (instantly hits the target; damage is based on the distance; highly accurate)
  • plasma weapons (fire rate is relatively slower; very effective against well protected enemies; high energy consumption)

The concept of impulse 

Impulse is the power that affects the target upon impact with the help of bullets, blast wave etc. Different types of weapons have their own impulse parameters which can be increased by certain features of your character. 

So what exactly impulse does? Based on the power of the impulse you are experiencing it can impact your aiming ability, any actions or attacks you were planning to perform or even knock you out for quite some time. This will work against your enemies as well.

...and even more guns!

Here we will show you a few more examples of InSomnia arsenal:

 See you next time!