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Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
3,559 backers pledged $92,268 to help bring this project to life.

Pre-New Year InSomnia update


Hello everyone! It's been a while since we last spoke, and knowing this is the last Friday of 2016 we will try to make this update worthy.

The final game will feature many nasty creatures to play with
The final game will feature many nasty creatures to play with

To give you some more activity options during the weekend time we are offering you the latest build of InSomnia Fighting Arena, which includes many updates and fixes that represent the current combat system status of the whole game itself.  

With this new build we have put much effort into improving the close combat mechanics: all animations related to melee fighting and characters behaviour were reworked, while melee weapons were also rebalanced. This means that you will be able to experience a much more energetic and believable close combat system than we had before.

We have finalized all story content for the game
We have finalized all story content for the game

As usual we have also introduced different improvements regarding the interfaces and other less obvious elements of the game. So get your machine-gun from the locker and show them what you've got! The new build can be downloaded here (Windows version). We will finally publish Mac and Linux versions earlier next month as they still require some love before giving it to you.

Translation of all game text (~600k words) will start next month
Translation of all game text (~600k words) will start next month

We will come back shortly with new update and additional details regarding InSomnia progress in January, so stay tuned. Have a happy New Year everyone and thanks for all the support you showed us so far!

Updated version of Fighting Arena is released


Hello everyone! After processing first batch of feedback we have received since the first version of Fighting Arena was published, we have introduced a number of fixes, improvements and additions. So today we are giving you an updated build of this stand alone combat playground.  

What's new?

Gas tanks are ultimate objects to shoot!
Gas tanks are ultimate objects to shoot!

Here's a comprehensive list of most recognizable features and mechanics that have changed:  

  • fixed AI for all gunner NPCs engaged in close combat 
  • fixed animation of rifle attack in close combat 
  •  sniper rifle is added 
  • the impact system has been tweaked: now enemies will twitch when you hit them in the armour 
  •  Tyrang soldiers armed with sniper rifles / shotguns have been added as possible companions / enemies character 
  • movements now look smoother 
  • all execution animations became quicker 
  • some bugs related to stimulator usage have been fixed 
  • interface for planning your fight has been updated: now there's a certain limit of enemies / companions you can pick during one fight 
  • new general music track was added to fight preparation area (written by our own artist and inspired by works of Mark Morgan) 
  • the effectiveness of using ranged weapons in close combat has been slightly increased 
  • middle quick slot can be used for grenades and can be reached by pressing G, while first quick slot can be used for stimulators and can be activated by pressing
  • both Ctrl and C buttons can be used to sit 
  • new types of armours have been added and some fixes to the old ones have been introduced 
  • aiming logics has been changed, now you can shoot without actually aiming 
  • both general and aiming interfaces were simplified 
  •  rag doll feature added 
  • you can now perform all kinds of actions while sitting: attack, reload, heal etc.

Wait, what is Fighting Arena? 

If this is the first time you hear about this, you should probably read this update first. This article is all about what we are trying to achieve with this stand alone build, testing suggestions, and it also features a quick reference to controls. 

Give me download link, now! 

Sure, sure, here you go (Windows only). No 4shared links this time as they proved to be not very user friendly. Let us know if you will have any troubles downloading from this source, and we will provide you with an alternative one. 

 We will be grateful for any kind of feedback as this will help us improve combat mechanics for the final version of InSomnia

 Until next time!

Fighting Arena is out!


Hello everyone! As we promised last week today is the day: the stand-alone Fighting Arena build is out and can be downloaded and played now. Need more details before starting out? We have them!  

What is Fighting Arena

"I'm here to chew bubblegum and kickass".
"I'm here to chew bubblegum and kickass".

First of all it is a test scenery for you to try the updated combat system. Playing it and giving us feedback regarding your experience will help us improve the mechanics and give you the best gameplay on day one InSomnia is released. So, what exactly you will have an opportunity to test?  

  • close/ranged combat 
  • enemies AI 
  • the mechanics of different weapons and equipment 
  • updated controls system 
  • updated interface 

What we are trying to achieve 

We want to have interesting and engaging close combat mechanics with different types of attacks and weapons. Each one of those should have both strong and weak sides, so you won't have an ultimate way to kill and destroy. Combat should feel realistic and brutal: each attack and block you perform matters, and each action drains energy bar of your character. This mechanism should bring more tactics to what you do and how you do it, although we still need to work on this and your feedback is crucial.

Take cover!
Take cover!

When it comes to ranged combat it's all about almost physical feeling about it: each weapon has its own sounds and recoil power, and whenever you hit someone you hear the impact between bullets and armour, you see sparkles etc. It's very difficult to fight someone who uses ranged weapons against you without taking an advantage of the nearby covers, so don't hesitate to use them whenever it's possible (unless you are using heavy armour and just don't give a sh*t about anything haha). Each gun we worked on has its own special features and functions. This is something we have put much effort into so hearing your opinion would really help.  

As we have mentioned before, we introduced an updated interface as well. In this game build you will be able to see new pointers, health bars, weapon slots and quick items slots, the way impact is visualized etc. Our goal is to make UI as light as possible to minimize the distraction from the InSomnia world itself. However some parts of the interface still have to give you enough information to know what is going on: the necessity to reload, critical health status, the type of the weapon you've equipped etc. Any comments regarding this are welcomed as well!

"Let's see what you are made of"
"Let's see what you are made of"

The controls system should be easy and intuitive. And this is exactly what we were trying to achieve after all the feedback you gave us about InSomnia Prologue. Try the updated controls and tell us what you think!  

Artificial Intelligence should bring more diversity to enemies behaviour. Generally we have 3 types of foes: weak ones that usually find themselves in groups of 3-4 (they can't really hurt you but might make you move from cover to cover when striking all together); strong ones that can join their weaker comrades to pursue a very specific goal (give you hard times with powerful machine-gun fire for example); bosses and mini-bosses who will be a problem on their own, and the only way to defeat them would be searching for their weaknesses and use the right equipment while doing so.

The contents of this build

I need guns. Lots of guns.
I need guns. Lots of guns.
  • ranged weapons: SMG "Storm", Linear Rifle T4, Short Shotgun DB20 
  • close combat weapons: Gladius (one-handed sword), Combat Knife, Mace (one-handed club) 
  • armours: Scout (medium protection), Army Padded Chausses (light protection), Heavy Mercenary Chausses (medium protection), Army Padded Vest (light protection), Combat Helmet 
  • ammunition: standard 9mm for guns, standard 7.6mm for rifles, standard 12mm for shotguns, army regen 3, and M30 frag grenades 
  • enemies: Outlaw Fighter, Outlaw Gunner, Outlaw Rifleman, Tyrang Gunner, Tyrang Rifleman 
  • allies: Tyrang Gunner, Tyrang Rifleman 

Throughout next months we will include more content in this test build for you to fiddle with: new types of weapons, enemies, armours and special equipment. Next time you can expect to try your fortune with T6 Sniper Rifle against RG-200 Security Bot and Mill Bot.

Testing suggestions

It's show time!
It's show time!

The best way to to test things is with 2-4 enemies if you are fighting alone or with 3-6 enemies if you decided to bring 1-2 allies with you. If you encounter any bugs please feel free to contact us about them in any possible way (via comments or personal messages at Kickstarter, our forum, website, Facebook etc). Adding screenshots or even short videos will certainly help us to fix everything.  

One last thing before you start  

The interfaces for inventory, character and journal are being actively updated and what you see now is not final. We will provide you with the better version soon.  

Quick reference to controls  

  • WSAD - moving 
  • Shift +A/W/D - sprint left, forward or right 
  • Left Mouse - close combat attacks 
  • Left Mouse Hold - power attack 
  • Right Mouse (ranged weapons) - aiming 
  • Right Mouse (melee weapons) - block 
  • R - reload 
  • 1 - small weapon 
  •  2 - big weapon 
  •  3 - 1st slot 
  •  4 - 2d slot 
  •  5 - 3d slot 
  •  С - sit 
  • WSAD + Space - roll 
  •  E - interaction 
  • Tab - close menu 

Download links 

 Mirror #1 (direct link to Windows version, our server) | Mirror #2 (4shared)

Fighting Arena build release date and InSomnia release plan


Hello everyone! As we are getting closer to the end of 2016 the anticipation grows, so in this update we will give you a better idea of when InSomnia is getting released along with other news and announcements.

Object 6 is not the friendliest place in the universe
Object 6 is not the friendliest place in the universe

Fighting Arena release date  

After running a few play-tests inside our studio we were quite satisfied with the results, and thus we will be happy to provide you all with mentioned build this Friday. This first version of arena will include 6 different types of weapons, 5 kinds of armour and the same variety of ammunition.

You will be able to test close and distant combat, reworked controls system, AI and updated interface. To make this possible you will be able to choose up to 5 types of enemies and bring up to 2 companions to give you a hand while kicking the sorry asses of your foes. Your feedback will help us improve the combat system of InSomnia even further. We will give you more details about this stand alone build later this week.   

InSomnia release time frames for closed beta and Steam EA

It's always great to have a big truck on even bigger space station
It's always great to have a big truck on even bigger space station

Keeping in mind we still need to get your feedback regarding the improvements we introduced to combat system and other aspects of the game, we realized that finalizing the game in November wouldn't be the best idea. Other than that we still need to finish the localization and give the game as much testing as possible.

Remember this baby?
Remember this baby?

So taking all this into consideration we came to the following time frames for different stages of InSomnia release:  

  • closed beta will be delivered by the end of this year (it's not an updated InSomnia Prologue; you can expect hours of absolutely new gameplay) 
  •  we will initiate the Steam EA submission in January 2017
The lack of people is not always a bad thing
The lack of people is not always a bad thing

One of the things about Steam Early Access program we are not quite happy with is that it takes up to 2 months for Valve to process submissions, so in case this process will take more time than we expect (and it's obviously far less than 2 months) we might start distributing this EA version of the game to all backers whose pledges include this option before it gets approved on Steam itself.

It's better to keep yourself fit when it comes to places like this one...
It's better to keep yourself fit when it comes to places like this one...

We will be able to determine the final release date of the game depending on your feedback about the closed beta / EA version of the game, and the amount of time it will take to get InSomnia on Steam.

...unless you want to find yourself here
...unless you want to find yourself here

See you again at the end of the week and get ready to test our revised combat system with the help of Fighting Arena build!

PS. our friends at HomeBearStudio are running their own Kickstarter campaign to fund Nairi, a cute graphic adventure with adorable visuals, compelling characters and engaging puzzles. Give it a try:


Fighting Arena update, the Fallen of Object 6, official wiki, and other news


Hello everyone! It's been a while since our last update and we have so much to share with you now. Today we will cover a really vast number of topics, so without further adieu... let's roll!  

Fighting Arena

Choose you destiny
Choose you destiny

 We've made quite a progress with Fighting Arena which we have mentioned in our previous update. Currently we are finishing the special interfaces, shots/impact sounds, particles effects of explosions (grenades/gas canisters), covers, tuning the standard arms balance and adjusting the animations. This process will take 1-2 weeks and we will be ready to release it after a few internal tests.

The Fallen of Object 6 initiative  

We have already dispatched our first batch of emails to everyone who expressed their interest in becoming a corpse on the board of our massive space ark (click here for more details). So if you took part in this initiative when our Kickstarter was still in progress and didn't receive any message from us asking how exactly you would like to name your virtual remains, please do it know via comments or personal messages.

Do you see the light at the end if the tunnel?
Do you see the light at the end if the tunnel?

If this is the first time you hear about this thing or you somehow missed it back in the day, we are happy to announce that we have added a new option to our PayPal store that allows you to join the jolly pile of corpses on Object 6.

Official InSomnia wiki  

Recently we've been contacted by Curse! which provides its services as an official wiki resource for biggest Kickstarter titles such as Pillars of Eternity, Numenera, and many more. They've offered us to join their ever growing family and we gladly accepted. Other than having a great online platform for collecting all info regarding the game this partnership means even more publicity for InSomnia via Gamepedia, their social media channels etc. Which is always good!

Click this image to visit official InSomnia wiki
Click this image to visit official InSomnia wiki

Currently it's quite empty but we believe that with time we will be able to create an awesome resource with the most passionate members of our community being involved! 

New screenshots   

We know you waited for quite long to get some new info about what is going on with the game, so we can't leave you without a bunch of fresh WIP shots of our screens:




One last thing for today And as yet another bonus we would like to show you a little video presentation of our studio that we have made some time ago but never came around to actually publish it:

See you next time!