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Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
3,559 backers pledged $92,268 to help bring this project to life.

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Guns: kill or be killed


Hello everyone! As we have already brought you some details about combat system and protecting yourself from the violent world of InSomnia, it's time to find out more about guns and their variety.

Energy weapons

Heavy laser gun with generator
Heavy laser gun with generator

Energy weapons will be quite different from what one might expect from them. Each energy weapon will require a skill that is relevant to it's characteristics. For example you will have to be proficient in "light weapons" skill to use laser pistol effectively, and be generally good with rifles whenever you want to use a laser rifle as your basic weapon.

The other feature of energy weapons you would want to know about is that they don't require any ammo - you will have to be equipped with the power generator instead. This portable battery will need to be recharged from time to time. It can be also used for other energy consuming equipment you want to get working.

Laser pistol
Laser pistol

Obviously energy weapons are high-tec and require certain knowledge and skill to be maintained properly. There will be several types of them including:

  • laser weapons (instantly hits the target; damage is based on the distance; highly accurate)
  • plasma weapons (fire rate is relatively slower; very effective against well protected enemies; high energy consumption)

The concept of impulse 

Impulse is the power that affects the target upon impact with the help of bullets, blast wave etc. Different types of weapons have their own impulse parameters which can be increased by certain features of your character. 

So what exactly impulse does? Based on the power of the impulse you are experiencing it can impact your aiming ability, any actions or attacks you were planning to perform or even knock you out for quite some time. This will work against your enemies as well.

...and even more guns!

Here we will show you a few more examples of InSomnia arsenal:

 See you next time!

Armors & shields: keeping yourself alive


Hello everyone! While our studio is working hard on further developing incredible world of InSomnia, we will continue giving you additional details on internal mechanics of the game. Today we will talk about everything related to armors, shields, other means of protection and some additional details that weren't mentioned before. 

Separate damage zones

This was already brought up a few times at our forum boards but we feel like there's a certain need to gather all this information in one place. So basically there will be three zones to protect and inflict damage to: head, torso and legs.

Head hunting will be very rewarding!
Head hunting will be very rewarding!

Shooting someone who wears no helmet in the head means that there will be no damage resist for this kind of attack no matter how fancy their armor is. The same strategy will work for other body zones mentioned above so keeping this in mind will give you a serious strategic advantage while in combat.

Even though there will be no separate damage zone for hands which will be treated as a part of torso zone, shooting legs will give you an opportunity to make your foes less mobile. 

Protect yourself in a fashionable manner
Protect yourself in a fashionable manner

To better fight well protected enemies you will have a variety of armor piercing ammo in your disposal as well as some special bullets that are able to penetrate the hardest armors out there but will be almost useless as a regular killing force. Both types are going to be pretty rare and expensive, so using them wisely would be a good idea. 

Armor upgrading interface (work in progress)
Armor upgrading interface (work in progress)


Besides protecting yourself with armor you will be also able to use shields which give a major defense bonus. Sure you won't be able to use shields while attacking your foes with weapons that require two hands, and there will be certain disadvantages in terms of damage amount you inflict and accuracy of your attacks as well, but this is the price that has to be payed. 

Not happy with your armor? Get a shield!
Not happy with your armor? Get a shield!

Oh, did we say that you will be allowed to use small guns while protecting yourself with a shield? Well any weapon that requires only one hand to use will do.


We've been contacted by Red Cloak Games, a small indie studio formed just by two men for one purpose only - to bring a game of their dreams to life. Wanderer is an episodic 2D adventure game blending cinematic platformer and RPG into an immersive and beautiful lo-fi sci-fi universe.

Check them out!
Check them out!

So whenever you are into things like this - give them a shot. You can find their Kickstarter campaign page over here.

InSomnia demo for Mac is out


Hello everyone! Last week we have unleashed InSomnia demo upon mankind, and now we want to share some more good news with you.

Hurray to Mac users

Although we are still working on bringing the demo to our Linux powered backers, today we will share its mysteries with their Mac brethren already. Yet again you will receive download links to your Kickstarter inboxes soon (along with email notifications if you didn't turn them off), so don't hesitate to try the demo out and tell us what you think.

Are you ready to deliver the package?
Are you ready to deliver the package?

Your Mac should meet the following requirements to run the demo properly: Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later, 8 GB RAM, a quad-core Intel or AMD processor, and a DX11 compatible video card.

Please note that this demo build is mostly for test purposes (you can read more about this in our previous update), and may contain issues of various sorts. Feel free to report them if you will find any. You also might want to check this little demo tutorial we made for you before starting to play, unless you did that already.

We need your feedback

Last week along with the demo we have also launched our new forum boards where you can post about your demo playing experience, share your ideas and thoughts etc. 

Some of you might have been spooked by the lack of English language here and there which could have make registering and posting a bit complicated. If this was the case - don't worry, we have fixed most of that and now you are able to effectively use the forum.

Pledged 15$ and more? Come claim your badge!
Pledged 15$ and more? Come claim your badge!

To register you can use your existing account at one of the most popular social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Steam etc.) or just create a brand new one and start posting right away!

Remember that we are making this game for YOU, and having in mind that it was funded by more than 3700 backers means that there will be more than just one opinion on each and every bit of InSomnia such as UI, combat and role playing system, dialogues etc. Participate in discussion and tell us what you want, don't leave it to others, make yourself heard!

Choose one of 15 unique InSomnia inspired avatars to customize your forum appearance!
Choose one of 15 unique InSomnia inspired avatars to customize your forum appearance!

Sure we have a good understanding of what InSomnia is now and what it's going to be in the future, however there's no doubt that YOUR feedback will make it even better. 

To further encourage you we are happy to announce the opening of backers only subforum where we will post our latest WIP screenshots, renders and sketches, so you will have a real opportunity to make your input in further development of the game. You will receive all details on accessing this private branch via Kickstarter messages.                 

Just remember that if you will have any troubles with registering, posting or customizing your personal profile at our forums - tell us and we will do our best to help you out as soon as possible. Leave comments here, message us via Kickstarter, PM us at forum and we will answer!

Click on this image to open our "Support project" page
Click on this image to open our "Support project" page

If you missed the initial backing campaign over here you can still jump aboard by pledging via our PayPal store at InSomnia website

Any pledge will grant you demo access and all other listed rewards, getting us closer to our next stretch goal which is implementing destructible environments and improved physics for the game.

Haven't played the demo yet?

If you had no opportunity to test InSomnia demo by yourself for any reason, we are glad to share a few "let's plays" made by other backers such as yourself:     

A very insightful video that covers around 90% of the demo (in English)
A very insightful video that covers around 90% of the demo (in English)
Another great let's play in Russian (на русском)
Another great let's play in Russian (на русском)

So yeah, play the demo, watch others doing it and share your thoughts at our forum. Let's make InSomnia the best game together!

InSomnia demo is released!


Hello everyone! During next few hours you all should receive emails with InSomnia demo download links. So while Kickstarter mail servers are doing their incredible job we will discuss yet a few more details.

What to expect

This demo will get you acquainted with several starting locations of the game and story line initiation. For this purpose you will get a premade character, while the final version of InSomnia will let you create your own hero as was expected initially. 

You will be able to test all basic game features including combat system (fire arms, melee, hand to hand), inventory, barter, looting, dialogues etc, some skills like Medicine, Mechanics, and enjoy the visual magnificence of InSomnia world, of course. Basically we are giving you a demonstration of an early development build of the game, so please keep this in mind in case you will witness any bugs or crashes.

There is a long list of things we would like to improve (additional details and interactivity of the game world etc.), and we will achieve these goals after all fundamental parts of content for InSomnia will be completed.    

In other words: treat this demo as a technical report of the current state of the game. If this is not exactly what you would like to start your InSomnia journey with, please consider waiting for a final release to experience all dark marvels of a world born during a 400 years long travel on a giant space station.

System requirements

Having our game powered with Unreal Engine 4 means that you can expect pretty much the same recommended requirements for your gaming system as the ones listed on the official website of UE4: 

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8 64-bit 
  • Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster 
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM 
  • Video Card: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card

You will be able to adjust your video settings inside the game, so even if your system doesn't meet the requirements listed above there's still a good chance you will be able to run it properly. Demo is available in English and Russian.

Official forum boards

Previously we have already announced the launch of our new forum where you will be able to share your opinions and ideas on InSomnia in a more organized way. Our good friends at Nuclear City graciously offered us their assistance and opened a dedicated forum branch for our game. 

The war has just began...
The war has just began...

Please follow this link to find out more about how you can register and claim your badge if applicable. And don't forget to choose from one of the cool InSomnia inspired avatars we made just for you! There's also a quick tutorial on this demo build to get you started.

PS. if you don't get an email with demo download links by the end of the day - please let us know by messaging us via Kickstarter or leaving a comment below.


"12 Is Better Than 6" is a dynamic top-down kill-everyone shooter with stealth elements, presented in a Wild West theme. The action takes place in 1873 – the noon of lawless and cruelty all over North America. The main hero was wrongfully incarcerated, and he's now trying to escape at all cost so that he can get his revenge.

Explore the dangers of Wild West in this hand-drawn Top-down shooter.

Demo release date and further plans

It's almost time to start our journey to the Evacuation Point
It's almost time to start our journey to the Evacuation Point

Hello everyone! Probably all of you have already seen our first videos of InSomnia powered with Unreal Engine 4 which were shot last weekend during our latest play-test of the demo. Since then we've been working hard to fix and improve every aspect of this first portion of the game so you would have even greater experience while playing it. This update will point out a few important things associated with the demo release which we want you to know. 

So, when the demo is going to be released? 

This is probably one of the most popular questions we get lately (no idea why), and finally we are ready to answer it: demo will be available on Tuesday, September 15th. You will be notified via email with all necessary download links.

A few words on the demo feedback

We are sure that after playing the demo all of you will have tons of great ideas you would like to share with us. Kickstarter and social media services are all great places to communicate, however having a separate forum board sounds like a really good idea anyway.

Previously we already launched a similar platform on our website but this proved to be a bit of a rushed decision, as at that time we were short on human resources to maintain it properly. 

Impress your friends with unspeakable beauty of Object 6 residents!
Impress your friends with unspeakable beauty of Object 6 residents!

This time we will be able to start delivering things that we promised regarding the forum: cool badges and even custom avatars for your pleasure based on some of the characters you'll meet later in the game!  English language support included.

We will give you more details on this matter along with the demo download links next Tuesday.

And yet another shout-out

We value our backers very much and sometimes it turns out that some of you are indie game developers just as we are. So today we want to give a shout-out to OhNoo Studio who had already funded their current Kickstarter campaign, and now try to accumulate additional funds to make their game even better. 

Tsioque is a nice animated 2D point-and-click adventure game which should be appropriate for both adults and kids, so if you ever been into things like this you should definitely check them out.