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Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
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Studio MONO

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Global map and demo progress


Hello everyone! It's our pleasure to give you the first InSomnia update this month. Today we will talk about global map and current progress with demo we promised to be out this month.

The map

Our space station is divided into few dozens of sectors with each one of those consisting of a number of locations. We will have separate mini-maps for all locations covered with fog of war as well.

Global map
Global map

The structure of the station is multileveled with both vertically and horizontally placed sectors. Player can travel between them using massive gates and powerful elevators depending on where you want to get. The placements of both gates and elevators are marked on the global map appropriately.

Elevators concepts
Elevators concepts

While traveling the global map you will stumble upon special sectors that are full of obstacles making your character spend more time to pass through them.  

From time to time your exploration will be interrupted with random encounters which will be generated according to your current location. For example if you are not far from Urb there's a good chance your character will be spotted by Ordinate patrol. 

Abandoned parts of the station are mostly inhabited by marauders, cannibals and other creatures you would probably would like not to meet at all. The luckiest scenario in this case would be meeting a hermit merchant.

Marauders and cannibals concept arts
Marauders and cannibals concept arts

While being in the global map mode you will be able to stop for a rest (build a camp) and search for nearby randomly generated locations to scavenge.

Demo progress

We are on the finish line with InSomnia demo which is still set to be released in May. We will distribute this demo version the same way we did with tech demo - it won't be attached to Steam or any other service so you will be able to download it freely with no DRM.  

To make your waiting a less torturing process we would like to show you a few fresh screenshots of various ingame elements:

Character creation menu (WIP)
Character creation menu (WIP)
Inventory window (WIP)
Inventory window (WIP)
User interface variations (WIP)
User interface variations (WIP)
User interface variations #2 (WIP)
User interface variations #2 (WIP)
Text window variations (WIP)
Text window variations (WIP)

PS. thanks for you patience, it's really not that much left! Feel free to leave your feedback about the global map and the screenshots in the comments below.

PPS. don't forget to check out our Facebook/Twitter for daily sketches, videos, concept arts and InSomnia lore!

Studio MoNo Moving to a new office

Good day to all! We haven’t been in touch with you for some time, but for a very good reason. We have already mentioned that we were investing our own money in the project, because the amount gathered at Kickstarter would not be enough for full-blown game development. During the last couple of weeks we have managed to obtain additional funds, which allowed us to almost double our developers’ staff. This greatly increases our chances to implement, already by the end of 2015, the what was declared during our Kickstarter campaign: the main storyline meant for 15 to 20 hours of gameplay + some side quests.

Med Props:


We are currently getting the new developers involved in the content production, and the full-time community managers are also commencing their new tasks. Being now twice as many as we were before, we are extremely busy with new employees integration and moving to our new office. But by mid-April we shall resume weekly updates, because we already have lots of nice stuff accumulated that we would like to share. Surely, many of you take interest in the demo. We have already told much about it, but we need some more time to prepare it for release. In particular, we need to solve many questions in the area of game mechanics, because we think it to be quite wrong to publish a demo with mechanics that we are not absolutely sure about. There are some matters that pertain to the game’s general dynamics, the combat system, the skills, the perks, and the characters’ interaction with the environment, too. We suppose to have the demo ready by mid-May, but chances still remain that there will be an adjournment. 

Different Backpacks:

Also, the project’s website will be completely reworked within the next week; there will be many new features and minor improvements. The forum will disappear for the time being; instead, there will be a more convenient system of comments and discussions for all the website’s media elements. There will also a wiki of our own at the website, a foundation stone of a future online encyclopedia describing the universe of InSomnia. 

Attached to this are some illustrations to our current game development processes: 

Ordinate armored vehicle modeling process:

P.S.: We expect some very good news about the InSomnia RPG soundtrack (fingers crossed). 


Here's a project that's caught our eye, from a fellow RPG developer. They're creating a classical, fantasy RPG project called Dungeons of Aledorn.  

Dungeons of Aledorn, an RPG that brings back several time-tested principals from classic games like Betrayal at Krondor, Realms of Arcania: Shadows over Riva, Might & Magic, King's Bounty and the Fallout series.  

DoA players can expect a balanced combination of puzzles, branched dialogue options, tactical turn-based combat, quest-solving and, of course, an intriguing and complex RPG system.

Development process\Misc


Hello everebody! A small update this week, just several images that illustrates the development process:  

Shader development (not the final result, WIP - Work In Progress)  

Cursor redesign (not the final, WIP)  

Merchendise - T-Shirts print design (WIP, would love to hear your feedback)

InSomnia RPG encyclopedia test design pages (not final, again just a WIP)


Demo Working Process

Hi there! We’d like you to know that the demo will be completed real soon, but please have patience. We still don’t know the exact release date, because we want to deliver to you something that’s really worth playing. What we can tell you are what will be probably the most important systems for you to test in the demo, to estimate them or to indicate how they can be further improved.

Within the demo, it will feature all the basic attributes except Charisma. So within the demo, there will be Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Perception, and Intellect; these characteristics will have a considerable effect on the gameplay of the game. 

The following skills will be available: Close Combat, Small Arms, Rifles, Heavy Weapons, Medicine, Mechanics, and Criminal Activities. Skills determine the success of certain actions and often require using special items. So, for example, it is hardly possible to repair broken computers without special tools, even if your skill is very high, or to brute force-open locked containers without lock picks. 

The player’s character will be Typer, a preset key character with a certain level of progression. He has good Strength and Dexterity attributes a high level of Close Combat and Mechanics skills, as well as a fairly good Small Arms skill. Besides, Typer has a number of unique perks, some items, and crafting recipes. The unique items and perks are objects that cannot be simply found or used: to do so, the player will have to fulfill certain hidden conditions. 

The demo will also feature Hunger, Thirst, and Fatigue systems, as well as a whole bunch of various ways to interact with the environment that will require having certain skills and basic attributes, or simply the player’s being attentive enough. These will include repairing broken machines and objects, opening doors, searching for resources and supplies, force-opening locked containers, healing wounds and traumas, basic item crafting (mostly creating ammunition), hacking electronic systems, reprogramming bots and turrets, modifying weapons and armor, and, of course, fighting in the Close and Ranged Combat modes. 

The Bea Kera Society (Part 1)

The Bea Kera Society is a criminal gang with some features of a religious cult that operates in Reservation D-106. Translated from the Ghaeti language as “The Forgotten Way”, the Bea Kera has originally been one of the many small gangs in Reservation D-106, doing illicit drug trade and reporting to the powerful clan of the Children of Morach. But after Bea Kera’s leader Opherod met an enigmatic “Patron”, the gang’s ways changed dramatically. It was now greatly resembling a cult. The gang members started using religious symbols, held rituals and sermons, and Opherod proclaimed himself as the Patron’s Messenger. In the meanwhile, his people also continued their criminal activities. Soon enough the Bea Kera went out of the Children of Morach’s control and became the clan’s rival in dividing the spheres of influence.

 The Bea Kera Society consists of three principal castes: the Retainers, the Executors and the Debtors. The Retainers wear long robes with hoods that cover their faces, and make almost no contact with usual Ghetters. Most of the Retainers are people who have been with Opherod from the beginning: an inner circle of trusted individuals rarely seen on the Reservation’s territory. The Executors are newly-fledged adherents of the Society who burst to prove their devotion to the Bea Kera. Less different from usual Ghetters, they nevertheless wear the gang signs on their clothes. The Executors are the Society’s backbone and its most numerous component. They guard the Bea Kera turf and fight skirmishes with the Children of Morach.

 Another specific feature of the Society is the system of “working out” the debts. The Society provides “aid” to all in need, which can mean money loans or protection. But there is one condition: the person is then supposed to render a service to the Society. A Debtor has to wear a special collar that makes it possible for the Bea Kera to maintain constant surveillance of him, or to kill him wherever he could be in case of contract breach. The Debtors of the gang include all types of people, from rather well-off traders or mercenaries to common workers. This way Opherod has built up an agent network throughout the whole territory of Reservation D-106 and its environs. This system is one of the main reasons why the Bea Kera is able to intensify its influence so quickly and to compete with a rival as strong as the Morach clan.

And in the end some simple close combat weaponary renders (work in progress)