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View, record and review life’s adventures all day and night. True color night vision enhances your safety, lifestyle and experience.
View, record and review life’s adventures all day and night. True color night vision enhances your safety, lifestyle and experience.
View, record and review life’s adventures all day and night. True color night vision enhances your safety, lifestyle and experience.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul Sabou
      36 minutes ago

      What is the best wavelength for IR illumination?

    2. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      Hi SiOnyx, I hope all the clarification clear soon with the government agency, Can't wait to lay my hand on the rewards after so much good words on them.
      BTW what this documentation for between them are for ?

    3. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      I'm part of another ks where us (Americans) will be receiving our items shortly and they just updated that they have yet to figure out a way if shipping to international backers (such as your self) so it might be next year😂. So while this may be "social commentary", consider yourself lucky to be part of a smooth ks.

    4. Gunner
      2 days ago

      Thanks for stating the obvious, as unhelpful as it was...
      I prefer Updates not social commentary.

    5. Rouslan Cherbina
      3 days ago

      @Gunner. You must be a new to KS. This project is a wish for every other kickstarters, K.S is a lottery, you can invest and never get nothing at all. These guys outperformed everything you can think about! Even if you'll have a 2-3 months shipping delay, still consider yourself lucky.

    6. SiOnyx Collaborator 3 days ago

      @Anthony P, the camera only has auto white balance - we do not have manual white balance option.

    7. Gunner
      3 days ago

      Unfortunate, regarding International backer shipment delays would be an understatement.
      Considering the different shipping regimes for Canadians, Europeans and Asian markets, I'm at a loss to understand the specifics of the shipping delays to all the various markets involved?
      A glaring error on the part of this creator, focusing solely on the domestic market to the exclusion of all other backers from various parts of the world regarding shipping.
      What a shame such a great campaign crashed and burned (from a Canadian backers point of view) with the effect of marginalizing all non domestic backers, leaving us on the sidelines as the camera's are already in the hands of US backers..
      Canada is the largest trading partner of the US, under NAFTA, free trade for most items is the general rule.
      The shipping issue makes no sense?

    8. Matt Miller 3 days ago

      Thank you for the response I will try with the Bluetooth off. I have an iPhone 7 with 11.4.1 iOS.

    9. Missing avatar

      Anthony P 4 days ago

      Any way to adjust white balance so colors in Night Color mode are closer to normal?

    10. SiOnyx Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Matt, you can turn timelapse on when you are in Still mode. Single-click SET to bring up the Still menu, and go to Timelapse. You can set the frequency of shots as well as how long you want to keep the timelapse running. Then, after you've set everything and exited out of the menus, once you hit the shutter button the timelapse sequence will begin.

      A few notes about timelapse. On a full battery, if you take 60 shots/hr (max frequency), you should get about 5-6 hours of footage. The timelapse sequence will automatically be turned into a video clip and stored on the SD card if: (a) it finishes the duration you set, or (b) you turn the camera off in the middle, or (c) you stop it. If the battery dies in the middle of the sequence, then when you turn the camera back on the video file will not yet have been written to the SD card. It is buffered in memory, and will be written to the SD card if you start and stop another timelapse (you can just take one shot with new timelapse and then turn camera off).

      One final note about timelapse: while the camera is in timelapse mode, the viewfinder display will turn off to save battery. A few seconds before it takes a shot the viewfinder will turn on, and it will stay on for a few seconds after the shot. At any time during timelapse you can look into the viewfinder and it will automatically turn on (proximity sensor).

      Hope that helps!

    11. SiOnyx Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Matt, what iPhone and iOS are you running? If you have bluetooth on, make sure to turn it off. We have seen an issue with bluetooth:

      There may be trouble with the Live View connection for iOS versions 11.2+. The Live View connection may be interrupted after about 45 seconds when using an iWatch and Bluetooth or streaming with iTunes to a Bluetooth device. Turn off your phone’s Bluetooth and try connecting again. We are working with Apple to find a permanent solution.

    12. SiOnyx Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Michael, yes it sees 940 nm very well (in Night mode) so you can use that illuminator.

    13. Jonathan Chng
      4 days ago

      Still waiting for shipping update.

    14. Matt Miller 4 days ago

      Also do you have any info on the timelapse mode?

    15. Matt Miller 4 days ago

      So I am always getting kickout of live view with the camera and app. I have tried resetting the wifi and forgetting it on my iphone.

    16. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      Does Aurora read 940nm for a ir illuminator? Or do I need lower wavelength?

    17. SiOnyx Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Roger, please email the images to and we will follow up some more tomorrow. In that email please also let us know best way to reach you (email or phone #).

    18. Missing avatar

      Roger Treadway 4 days ago

      I have taken some screenshots of everything I'm saying if it'll make it easier to understand what I'm saying if I can email them to you to see.

    19. Missing avatar

      Roger Treadway 4 days ago

      Yes it says connected on the camera list in the app but I can't do anything but click on skip at the bottom or click where it says "SiOnyx-41A2A9 Connected". If I click the SiOnyx-41A2A9, that's when it says connecting and times out. If I click skip, it carries me to a screen that says media center at the top, but says "Camera not connected" at the bottom of the screen.

    20. SiOnyx Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Roger, when you select the camera WiFi from the list in the app, does it indicate that you are already connected? One other option to try: turn on camera + WiFi, then from Android WiFi settings connect to the camera. Make sure your phone WiFi is connected to the camera. Then launch the app. In the WiFi list it should clearly show that the app is connected to the camera (and not your home router, for example).

    21. Missing avatar

      Roger Treadway 4 days ago

      I just downloaded the app on my fiance's iPhone and it worked. So I'm guessing it is just my phone that it is having issues working with. I have a Pixel 2 Xl with the newest version of Android which is 9.0 running if that will help

    22. SiOnyx Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Michael, the camera will only connect to a mobile device WiFi (iPhone, iPad, Android phone / tablet, etc.) via the app. It will not connect to regular router WiFi. You can download the app ("SiOnyx") from the Apple store or Google Play.

    23. Michael Humphreys
      4 days ago

      Sorry If this is answered somewhere....
      Camera is not detecting and connecting to my WiFi...
      I’ve tried from very close as well...
      My WiFi is new and working for my other devices... bu5 it doesnt have a wps option....

    24. Missing avatar

      Roger Treadway 4 days ago

      So followed the steps you mentioned with the same result. If my phone is connected to the camera and I click on "SiOnyx-41A2A9" from the Sionyx Camera List it just tries to connect to it or what not and will not and will time out and say camera not available please try again. When looking through the viewfinder it still says WIFI connection established. If I click on my camera in the app before I am connected to the camera's wifi the app will force close itself.

    25. Missing avatar

      Roger Treadway 4 days ago

      I am using an Android Version 9.

    26. Missing avatar

      Don St Ama 5 days ago

      Thanks, the suggestions help. I'll continue testing.

    27. SiOnyx Collaborator 5 days ago

      @Don, yes, that is due to ambient light level. A few suggestions:

      1. If you are in Twilight mode at that time, switch to Night mode and try Night Color.

      2. If you are in Night mode, you can reduce the EV (down button next to SET). This will reduce gain - so image will be darker, but noise will also be reduced. Try adjusting EV to the level you like.

      3. For final control you can manually adjust shutter speed for stills or frame rate for videos. If you select a shutter speed slower than 1/30 sec you will want the camera to be stably mounted on something to avoid blur. If you reduce video frame rate from 30 fps down to 24 or 15 fps you will also get less grain and clearer image (although slower frame rate may not be a good choice if you are filming fast-moving subjects).

    28. SiOnyx Collaborator 5 days ago

      @Roger, are you using an iPhone or Android? If iPhone, try turning bluetooth off.

      For either phone, also try the following. Go to WiFi/Settings menu, WiFi > Reset WiFi. Turn camera off. On your phone, go to your phone settings (not app) menu and "forget" the camera WiFi from your list of WiFi's. Then launch the app, turn camera on to WiFi/Settings, turn camera WiFi on, and try to connect again. Let us know if you still have the problem.

    29. Missing avatar

      Don St Ama 5 days ago

      Some of my night vision shots are grainy. Is that due to level of ambient light? And what can I change to improve these dark night shots?

    30. Missing avatar

      Roger Treadway 5 days ago

      At least after I have connected to the camera's specified wifi

    31. Missing avatar

      Roger Treadway 5 days ago

      In the viewfinder it just constantly says wifi connection established

    32. SiOnyx Collaborator 5 days ago

      @Roger, take a look at camera viewfinder when you get the camera unavailable message. If it says "WiFi Disconnected" or similar then cycle the power dial to playback for a few seconds, then back to WiFi/Settings. The viewfinder should then say "Waiting for WiFi". At that point from the app try the reconnect button, it should establish a connection.
      The camera WiFi will time out (to save battery) if no connection is made within a certain time period. You can try launching the app first, then turning the camera on to WiFi/settings mode, and once you see your camera WiFi pop up in the list select it.
      Hopefully that works, let us know!

    33. Missing avatar

      Roger Treadway 5 days ago

      I love the camera, I am having trouble with the app though. I have turned on my wifi and connected to the camera and it says I'm connected on the camera and phone and when I open the app it shows my camera under the devices and shows it is connected but when I click it it shows connecting with a loading circle but after a min or so it says camera is unavailable. If I click skip it will take me to the next screen but not show anything bc it says camera is not connected. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Lol

    34. SiOnyx Collaborator 6 days ago

      @Ronald, to get great focus first make sure the electronic viewfinder is focused by using the diopter wheel (tiny wheel just to the right of the display). Then use the manual lens focus ring at the front of the camera to get a sharp image.
      You can also turn on 'focus peaking' to assist with focus - it will create red contours around objects in focus. Long-press the SET button until a menu pops up, choose Overlay and turn Focus Peak on.
      Hope that helps!

    35. Missing avatar

      Ronald Ferreira 6 days ago

      i was in total shock at how powerful the right hand light gain for regular and grey night vision was in my houseand back yard great brightness have pictures but are not clear or need focusing video next at the park or beach. love it. but batter shows full but on the left is half charged and the blinking charge light dont stop blinking while in the off position

    36. SiOnyx Collaborator 6 days ago

      @Kris, glad to hear it all worked out, hope you enjoy the camera!

    37. Missing avatar

      Kris A Johnston 6 days ago

      My camera arrived I found it laying on my driveway at the bottom of the driveway off to the side in the grass. I have a very long, wooded driveway so I am surprised that I even saw the box. I do not know how long it had been laying there. It was shipped UPS Ground. UPS has always in the past brought things up to my door. At least it hadn't rained! Not your fault but UPS's for leaving such an expensive item on the side of a dirt, wooded driveway!

    38. SiOnyx Collaborator 6 days ago

      @Nahte, one thing to confirm - when you are charging it, is the mode dial in the Off position? The battery will not charge much if the camera is On in any mode.

    39. Missing avatar

      Nahte Uil 6 days ago

      i am having issues charging it, first it charged to half way then stopped, but now its stuck at 1 bar with low battery icon flashing. its been charging all night and nothing.

    40. Missing avatar

      7 days ago

      Hey Dan

      I am backer 655. Earlier in the campaign I asked if there would be a way to double the amount of Aurora's we could purchase. I never saw that option to purchase another Aurora at pledge price like was stated on kickstarter. Is that still available? Also do you have any tracking info for my aurora? Thank You.

    41. Missing avatar

      Mahendra Mhatre
      7 days ago

      I am backer from INDIA. I ma yet to receive the "AURORA" yet. When is the shipping planed to INDIA?There is no probable schedule also sent to me for SHIPPING. Till today i am wondering really 'WHAT HAS HAPPENING TO SHIPPING?To solve confusion WILL SOME ONE FROM "AURORA TEAM" write about the schedule of SHIPPING?
      Mahendra Mhatre

    42. Missing avatar

      Randy Vinyard 7 days ago

      I figured that was the case with respect to the manual, but thought I'd ask. Also, the wifi password worked. Thanks. Keep those tips coming, they are much appreciated. Love the Aurora!

    43. Gunner
      7 days ago

      A question from an international backer has been asked regarding a shipping Update for international backers...
      Quite respectfully, an answer would be appreciated.

    44. SiOnyx Collaborator 7 days ago

      @Randy Vinyard, we do not have a full user manual available yet. We are working on that as well as online video 'how-to' tutorials, and should have something in the next few weeks. In the meantime we'll keep posting some tips as updates, and please feel free to ask any questions you have here on kickstarter, message us directly through our FB page (, or email us at

      For WiFi connection, the password is SiOnyx_cam (note underscore - not hyphen). You should see it in the viewfinder when you turn WiFi on. If it is not listed there please let us know.

      Hope that helps!

    45. Missing avatar

      Randy Vinyard 7 days ago

      I can't seem to find the user manual on Also, when trying to connect the app to the camera, what's the wifi password? Thanks

    46. SiOnyx Collaborator 7 days ago

      @Rouslan Cherbina, sorry for the connectivity issues. When the app disconnects in live view are you able to see if your phone has reconnected to another WiFi (such as home or work router)? How long before it disconnects (immediately in live view, or after ~30-45 sec)? Last question - if you try to reconnect from the app, is that successful?

    47. Gunner
      7 days ago

      Awaiting a shipping Update for International backers?

    48. Rouslan Cherbina
      7 days ago

      Note 8 , 8.0.0. Keeps disconnecting in live view.

    49. SiOnyx Collaborator 7 days ago

      @Steve Campbell, thanks for the positive feedback, we really appreciate it and are glad you like the camera so far! Let us know if the tip below about bluetooth fixed your connection issue or if you are still experiencing difficulty.

    50. Missing avatar

      Anthony P on

      Turning BT off on my iPhone X, iOS 11.4, worked for maintaining WiFi w/ no issues.

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