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Non-traditional music videos by VJ and experimental filmmaker- Nick Benidt.

Welcome to my Kickstarter project! 

My project is a DVD compilation of music videos. (Pretty straightforward) So lets talk about the videos themselves and how they're made. Because after all, that's what counts!

As a VJ, I spent lots of time trolling the internet public archive sites for found footage to make loops/clips for live performances. I'd use everything from clips from silent movies, digital animations/graphics, old cartoons, educational films... basically anything that I could get my hands on that was visually interesting. Because I was working with bands and DJs doing visual projections, I started making music videos in the same style. Sometimes even editing the footage 'live' in real-time using my VJing software. My creative process usually goes something like this: a musician sends me a track, I visualize the sounds in my head, and then go digging for video footage to match what I'm hearing. This video is a good example of that process: 

After a while I built up a huge collection of moving images. Sometimes I had  great footage that I wanted to use for a video, and I'd go searching for a song that I thought would match the video material. Often this resulted in a video being made without the band or producer even being aware that it was in process. I just edited the two components together because I was inspired towards a certain combination of music and images. The musician would wake up a couple days later with a brand new music video in their inbox: one they didn't ask for, pay me to make, or even know about. 

Musicians have always allowed me the freedom to interpret their music however I saw fit. That is one of the ways I work, which perhaps is why my videos have been so successful. I'm not a puppet executing orders. If I don't feel inspired by a track to make a video for it, I don't try. VJ gigs have earned me money, but I've always tried to maintain this way of working with music videos so that they are art and not a commercial product. This is why I'm ambivalent towards using the term "music video" to describe my work. My art is the timing and interpretation of images to music, and vice versa.   

The 6,000$ needed to fund my DVD project will go towards the authoring, manufacturing, duplication of discs, packaging and artwork. This is the first time my work will appear on DVD so I want it done properly. (5 years in the making!) 

$20 Pledge gets you either the 'Rock' or 'Electronic Dance Music' compilation DVD. Each has approximately 15 videos with around 60 to 90 minutes of material.

$30 Pledge gets you the 2-Disc box set featuring both DVDs. 

Each DVD will have separate and unique cover art by very talented designers and painters from Toronto/Montreal. There will be bonus features on each disc, experimental films I've made, short documentaries, etc. All DVDs will come with a booklet of pictures and behind the scenes information about the videos within. (Please add 5$ for shipping outside the U.S. & Canada)

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I don't expect to have many setbacks with completing my project (if I reach my target goal) because I've already secured consent from all the musicians and labels involved to reproduce their works in my DVD. Plus the videos have already been made, so we don't need to worry about that :)

I think the internet itself is a bit of a challenging place for certain kinds of videos to exist, people's attention spans are very short as a result of the many distractions within it. (Picture the DVD Menu for 'Idiocracy') All of this is why I want people to be able to enjoy my work offline, with a 'Play All' function. Like listening to an album on a turntable in your living room.


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    'Sin-O-Rama: The Rock & Roll Videos of Nick Bandit' Compilation DVD of official music videos, featuring music by: The Tandoori Knights, Mark Sultan, The Cynics, Sweet Mother Logic, Needles//Pins, Hypocrites and more.

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    'Technosis: The Electronic Dance Music Videos of VJ Bandit' Compilation DVD of official music videos, featuring music by: Saso Recyd, Miss Sunshine, Groj, Moevalith, Mara Tone, Digitum, Marek Tejchik, Unluck and more.

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    2-Disc collector's edition DVD box set with over 2 hours of music videos by Nick Benidt. Featuring both 'Technosis' and 'Sin-O-Rama' + special bonus videos, 8-page booklet and unique artwork.

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    Custom made remix-style music video for your band or musical act.

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