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A mobile creative space for anyone & everyone, with no boundaries or borders. Pledge your allegiance to the truck!

What The Truck? is a mobile creative space that transforms itself into a different event at every place it stops. A 'colour us in' environment catering to all types of creativity. We want people to think outside the box, and inside it!

We think the best way to get people involved is to bring the event straight to them, whether that's through organised events, spontaneous creativity, or guerilla activity, we want to make a difference & bring some fun to your area!

All styles and genres of artists will get the chance to use the truck, inside and out, to showcase something they normally wouldn't be able to, and to get exposure in places they may not usually reach.

That's 15 minutes of fame, available to people up and down the country. We have some excellent talent in the country so we want to show that off, get people talking, and inspire people into creating more!

A little bit of anything and everything. We would call it the love truck but that's going a little too far! We have a 'colour it in' mentality, so the truck can become literally anything we decide. Pledge your allegiance to the truck and make it your own!

A truck for youngsters! Yes, we'd like to include youngsters too! The lovely summer holidays will be here soon, so let's give some of them something to do that's affordable and positive. We'd like to do free events such as talks, craft days or outdoor movies projected on the sides of the truck. During the summer this could be a wonderful thing for kids to be involved with as well as adults, helping to inspire creativity through actions and workshops in local communities.

A truck for hipsters! Having been there ourselves, we know how it can be hard to find good opportunities to showcase your talent in interesting ways. For this reason as well as having events targeted at every age, we'd also like to invite creatives to take advantage of our 'colour us in' mentality. We're open to all sorts of involvement, such as exhibitions, workshops, live art or music, literally anything that might be creative and fun! We'd also like to project movies on both sides of the truck, like a drive-in but where the movie comes to you!

A truck for everyone! We want to host mobile art gallery events that will showcase the older crowd. Perhaps music and events driven in collaboration with local bars or a few festivals during the hot days when there will plenty of participants around.

This will initially be a project that will last from June to August of the summer months, hopefully without too much rain! We want to see how many people we can get to pledge their allegiance to the truck, spread creativity, and help people to help more and do more.

If all goes well, we hope to carry on the following summer. If not, we have plans in place to make sure everything invested in the project will go to charitable causes after the initial first summer. Either way, the public wins!

We want to hit the following areas over the 3 month period: London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh. We aim to spend around a week in each area, with the specific places being determined by you!

Online participation will help direct where we go, via our social media platforms & website, but we will also be making surprise visits to keep people involved and on their toes.

Obviously the first thing we need is a truck. Specifically a box truck big enough to accommodate the various projects we have planned, and even the ones we don't!

The truck will need to be kitted out with all the accoutrements needed to host our events; specifically tables, chairs, stools, and other such things, as well as equipment to help people with mobility problems access the truck. We also occasionally need to cover rent for items such as projectors.

Along with the essentials, we are also planning on printing material for goodie bags and other promotional items to be given out during events or to promote the whole project.

Lastly we will of course need money for tax, fuel and insurance, to make sure the truck is road legal and able to drive!

We have a team of creative volunteers ready to help, so all design work for the project will be done for free, as well as the building of any online presence, and promotion / marketing. We're also planning a 'Track The Truck' app to keep everyone up-to-date on what's happening!

We've spent a year researching information on licenses & noise restrictions for all zones & locations, so we're good to go!

We've already started the outreach with creatives and backers, with Hello You Creatives offering support in advertising the project to the creative community, as well as providing some of the bonuses for our backers.

We aim to work with creative communities throughout the UK, both big and small, to help spread the word of the truck, and to connect directly to our audience. Everyone has a chance to pledge their allegiance!

The project will be supported and marketed through HYC, but we also hope to bring in local sponsors and support for materials, goodies for youngsters, and ideas to make each event better than the last!

An online store of artists' work or special one-off goodies will be available online, should anyone involved like to take advantage to get their work out to the public. We will take a small commission to go towards other events, and the artist will take the rest.

We need around £10K to get this off the ground and start trucking. More would stretch us further, but we feel our initial target is a suitable place to start!

The initial project is scheduled to last for the summer of 2013, so that's what we've budgeted for in our target. We'd like to continue this project for as long as possible, but obviously we'll need more money for that. If we can fund ourselves, we'll keep going, but if not we plan on making sure nothing goes to waste!

We'll give the truck to a charitable organisation that we feel could benefit from it, as well as giving away any equipment we've amassed during the project's duration. We want to make sure that whatever happens, good people benefit.

What The Truck? is the brainchild of Adele Clark Olsen, helped by her trusty sidekick Tim Easley & her loyal mascot Eddie, who's secretly the boss, but shhh!

Adele is a creative based in the UK & US, currently working on freelance projects, as well as spending her time building up Hello You Creatives, which has 60,000 blog followers, 13,000 on Twitter & 6,000 on Facebook groups. Having previously worked for Microsoft & various media companies in Seattle, for the last few years she's spent her time on projects for companies such as IKEA, Diesel & Red Bull, as well as continuing to organise exhibitions & street art installations. Working with HYC has inspired Adele to want to help more & make more. The idea of creating a movement for anyone and everyone to be involved with started the birth of WTT.

Tim Easley is a freelance designer & illustrator currently based in London, but who has previously worked in Tokyo & Seattle. Co-founder of one of the world's leading sneaker websites, he also has experience in the retail & marketing side of things, and has done work for some of the leading footwear & streetwear brands in the UK, the US & Japan.

The project is being supported by Hello You Creatives, a non profit creative collective which has built an impressive base after being founded by Dan Evans in 2010. The HYC collective will be fully mobilised to help!

We also have a team of creatives who will provide online networking for up-to-date whereabouts of the truck, and a possible app to see when the truck will be in your local area.

So what will you get with your pledge, besides that warm fuzzy feeling that you're helping something awesome happen? Why don't we answer that for you visually...

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Our first challenge is to get local permission for our events. We've been researching this over a year and have all the information we need to make sure we're able to park up or exhibit in around 90% our target areas, as well as information on noise restrictions. There's not much more to do here so we're sure we can achieve this quite easily!

Our second challenge will be making the events a success. We have a wide range of creatives lined up to help us create & run the events we have in mind, and we're sure more people will join to offer their time & expertise as the project expands. We also have a massive online following who are enthusiastic & ready to help promote us, so we're confident the events will be a success!

Our third challenge will be health & safety. We've already researched guidelines on noise restrictions, we have accessibility in mind for anyone who has mobility needs, and we will be organising all of our youth events in conjunction with local schools or youth groups to make sure any minors are well looked after & safe.

Our last challenge will be the world famous British weather! Although we haven't thought of a way to control this yet, we're going to make sure we're as prepared as possible for any unplanned rain, or even summer snow!

We know there are setbacks & obstacles that come with the organisation of every event or project such as this, but we're happy to face them legally & with confidence or not at all!


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    AN EVENT FOR YOUR COMPANY. After our initial summer we will be offering companies the chance to utilise the truck. The cost includes us planning & running the event for you around the truck, as well as our expenses such as fuel & permits. Any extra costs for the event will be extra. We will be running 1 event per month from Sept-Dec. Please get in touch with us if you'd like to discuss your options!

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