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POSSUM - a short movie about a Southern Outlaw's video poster

Possum is a short film project about a day in the life of a crooked car dealer who's broken a few too many laws of the land. Read more

Brooklyn, NY Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on December 31, 2010.

Possum is a short film project about a day in the life of a crooked car dealer who's broken a few too many laws of the land.

Brooklyn, NY Shorts
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Dan Perry
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Dan Perry

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About this project

POSSUM is a short film:

Written/directed by Dan Perry.
Produced by Steve Loff and Tony Cohen.
Starring: Robert Lyons, Yang Miller, Brandi Satterfield,
and Peter Zerneck.
Loved by you guys (we hope).

What It's About:

POSSUM is a dark comedy about a Southern used car dealer whose criminal side catches up with him when a routine operation goes awry. There's drugs, guns, bikinis, martinis, cars, and more guns.

It's In The Can!!! Now You Can Help Us Finish It!

We assembled a talented cast and crew who traveled with us from New York City to Marlboro, New Jersey for an action packed weekend of smooth and carefully planned filmmaking. The story takes place in Tennessee, but we shot it in Jersey because, what's the difference?

What We're Going To Do With It:

Once the short is completed, it will be submitted to film festivals and circulate the globe to gain us financing for the feature length script, which is being developed by a brilliant writer friend of ours.

What We Need The Money For:

The entire kickstarter budget, along with available credit from the filmmaker's credit cards, will go towards all production and post production costs:

-Paying for the rented equipment like the fancy RED ONE camera.
-Professional Director of Photography to use said camera.
-Bright lights and manly grips.
-Professional sound crew.
-Professional Makeup Artist.
-Professional Special Effects Artists (as a safe alternative to blowing up trailers and shooting real guns).
-Post Production gurus who can bring all these things together.
-Props, mustaches, used cars, and candy bars.
-Transportation and food for our actors who graciously worked for free!
-And last but not least, film festival entry fees!

The trailer on this page is a work in progress, so check back for updates and clips from the finished movie. For more information or to see stills from the production, please join the facebook group:

Check out our actors' personal websites below:

If you would like to contact us or want to see other samples of our work, please visit the link below:


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    (The Tire Kicker) - Thanks for coming around! You'll be the first to get our trailer and exclusive clips as the movie is assembled in the edit room. And you'll get a digital copy of the finished movie at the same time it's released in festivals.

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