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The cast of NYC's Chris Gethard Show is climbing into an RV and doing a 12 day long show that takes place in the entire United States. Read more

Manhattan, NY Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on December 20, 2010.

The cast of NYC's Chris Gethard Show is climbing into an RV and doing a 12 day long show that takes place in the entire United States.

Manhattan, NY Shorts
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The Chris Gethard Show is a popular talk/variety show that takes place once a month at the UCB Theater in Manhattan, NY. The show has gained a reputation for executing outside of the box stunts and weird events. From a show where Chris took 60 people on a bus to tour sites from his childhood ( to a show where the cast flew a sad teenager from Toledo, Ohio into NYC so they could give him the best night of his life ( to a show where unfunny comedians were shot by paintballs live on stage, this show has delivered on its promise to stage things that the audience has never seen before and will problem never be seen again.

Now, we're taking our show on the road. On January 15th, we're doing a show at the UCB Theater in New York that ends with the entire cast and band climbing onto an RV. For 12 days we'll criss cross America, until we pull up at the front door of the UCB Theater in LA and continue the show there.

We don't plan on organizing much of our trip. Instead, we'll be looking to interact with you, the world at large, via social networking as a means of defining our route. Maybe we'll tweet something like "We're outside of Albuquerque, who wants to hang out?" or "Anyone near Indianapolis want to let nine people shower in their house? We'll put on a show in your living room in exchange." We don't know. It's going to be all spur of the moment, all barely controlled chaos, and it may very well involve you!

We'll soon be launching as a hub where you can find all of our updates from the road. We'll also be teaming up with the great comedy blog in an effort to spread word of our travels to the masses. We'll be updating constantly from the road so people can track our journey across America. We'll have a videographer on the RV the whole time so you won't just be reading about it - we aim to have a consistent stream of videos that detail the trouble we manage to get into while interacting with random people throughout the country.

Here's the thing - getting across America and back with this many people is a large financial commitment. To maintain complete creative control, we're hoping to fund the journey entirely through grassroots means.

For our stated goal, we'll be just about able to rent an RV, keep it consistently gassed up, feed our performers, and fly them back to New York City.

We also promise you this - if we manage to go above our goal, we won't keep a dollar of that money. All of it will be spent during our trip. This might mean rolling into a Friendly's in a tiny town and paying for the meals of everyone inside. It could mean finding someone who needs a major appliance in their house, buying it at some random Sears, and delivering it on our way to LA. We literally don't know. But a larger pool of cash will allow us to execute even bigger, stranger stunts and we are excited about the prospect.

Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read all this, and even bigger thanks to anyone who chooses to help out.

Very sincerely,
The Cast of The Chris Gethard Show


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    Your name will be said in a thank you song recorded by our amazing house band, The Kung Fu Monkeys.

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    We will tape a picture of your face to the inside of our RV. We can't guarantee that we won't vandalize them, but you will get the satisfaction of knowing your face torments us as we hit our breaking points.

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    We will print ten business cards with your name and a message of your choosing on them and leave them in ten weird places around America.

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    We will make a pillowcase with your face and name on it and force one of our cast members to sleep on it for 12 straight nights.

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    We will make a t-shirt with your face on it and have one of the cast members wear it on a day of the tour. It will show up in our online videos. You will be able to enjoy waiting to see which cast member rocks your face and on which day.

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    You get to define one of the stops on our cross country adventure. These will be the only stops we pre-determine for the entire trip. You can tell us to go anywhere - "I definitely want you to come to my house." or "Why not go to my friend's house and scare the shit out of him in the middle of the night?" or "My frat is throwing a party and we want you to come party with us so we have some nerds to make fun of." We don't care. We'll make it work. As long as you can give us an address that shows up in our GPS, we'll take you up on it.

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