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€32,826 pledged of €50,000 goal
By Fairytale Distillery
€32,826 pledged of €50,000 goal

Day 30: The End and A New Beginning

Alexander Zacherl, Managing Director
Alexander Zacherl, Managing Director


Good morning my friends.

We're only half an hour away from the end  of our first ever Kickstarter campaign. The first thing I want to say is "Thank you". Thanks for sticking with us. Thanks for putting your trust in our campaign. Thanks for all the encouragement and the kind messages. Thanks for sharing the campaign everywhere. Thanks for making yesterday the biggest playtest in the history of Das Tal. 

At this point it is pretty sure that the campaign won't reach it's €50.000 goal - even though we made it to the front page of both r/gaming and r/games yesterday. Does this mean this is the end for Das Tal? Nope. As usual it is more of a new beginning. Read on for the details.


Is this the end of development? No!

Not meeting our Kickstarter goal sucks. But it does not mean we'll stop working on the game. This is a 10-year-project for us and we're not giving up. It will slow us down a bit since we will have to take a different financing road which might include some contract work. But that's how the indie life goes. We will announce an updated road map for the game's development this week that takes into account everything we learned throughout the last month.


Tomorrow: Get your backer rewards directly from us

Since the campaign did not reach its goal, Kickstarter will not collect your payment. So in theory you should not get any rewards. And we don't get an art budget. That's not cool, neither for you nor for us. So starting tomorrow each of you will get a personal message from the development team. In this message will be a key and a link. With those two you will be able to go to our own web store and get the same tier you just backed on Kickstarter - directly from the devs. 

You will get the same rewards that you have selected here and you will get to play the game at the same times we promised during the campaign. The store itself is hosted by FastSpring which has been used by a lot of game developers and which has proven itself reliable and trustworthy for months when we were first selling our dev supporter packs. As you'll see, it offers a lot of secure payment options, even some local ones that Kickstarter does not support.


We had A BLAST playing with your for 24 hours

For the best part of 12 hours starting at 3 PM yesterday we were running a game world that was at ~90% capacity. That came with its own set of problems since we have never had such a massive test before. But it was amazing to see the game run for that time and we had a lot of fun playing with you (and especially MJ). Now that it has cooled down a little it's time to take a breath, analyze our server logs, statistics and your feedback. 

Some things are already clear: We need to work on server performance during high load times. There was both an unnacceptable amount of lag and two crashes that should not have happened. We also had way too many people getting stuck at different locations and a bit of a spawn-camping situation. All of this will be worked on with high priority starting right now.

We've also seen one big clan (Exile) and their Allies (ZNP) dominating the world map (see above). This is not necessarily a bad thing (they played very well) but it showcases very well that we need to focus on solo player and small clan content very soon - as we have planned.


Wallpapers for everybody!

Here is the last goodie of the campaign. Since we wanted to give you a reminder of our time here on Kickstarter Michail has turned our favorite artworks into wallpapers for you. They are now up on our web site. Feel a little sad because you can't play the game anymore today? Find solace in your wallpaper. =D


This is the last official campaign update before we journey into post-Kickstarter territory. It was a pleasure and an honour to be working with all of you.



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    1. Fairytale Distillery Creator on June 11, 2015

      Thanks, Nik!

    2. Missing avatar

      Nik on June 10, 2015

      Thanks for the 24 hour free play period, backed after playing it and just wish it could've gotten to it's goal. Good luck with the rest of development!