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A Pen&Paper RPG set in an all original far future science fiction universe.

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  • All backers who pledge at the $50 and above will now receive the bonus reward of an exclusive Javelin Suit Miniature crafted by Kevin Williams and produced by Reaper Miniatures!  Check out Update #6 for details.
  • Design the most infamous Bounty Hunter in the CotV Universe and have him illustrated by our artists by recruiting your friends to pledge for CotV!  Also receive limited edition CotV custom made dice.  Check out Update #3 for details.
  • Read about one of the beasts you may run into during your adventures in the CotV Universe written by the very talented Ryan Costello Jr. in Update #7.
  • Discover details about the playable classes in CotV! Check out Updates #2, #4, #8, #9, #12, #14, and #15 for details.
  • Learn about the beta version of the One Breath Combat rules system and watch a live play video created by the CotV team!  Check out Update #5 for details.

What is Chronicles of the Void?

Chronicles of the Void (CotV) is a Pen&Paper RPG set in an original space opera universe.  Each player will create their own iconic hero and decide their fate as they collect elite equipment and customize themselves by earning experience which will be distributed in an intricate nexus of abilities that are completely unique for each of our iconic character templates.

The game is built on the foundation of an innovative game engine which defines two major systems for handling fast paced action: the One Breath Combat (OBC) and Vehicle Assault and Pursuit (VAP) systems. The OBC system engages players in skirmishes which encourage cinematic actions and the speedy resolution of events to keeps players in the moment and prevents the lag of complex sequential actions. The VAP system captures the excitement of piloting your own customizable star fighter into battle simulating 3D combat on a 2D grid.  CotV trims the fat off of the tabletop gaming experience and cuts straight to the action with a strong emphasis on ease of play and unlimited extensibility through the cyber realms of the Neuro Labyrinth.  The Neuro Labyrinth allows each player's iconic character to create avatars to roam the vast cyberscape opening up new frontiers in customization and depth on a level which is previously unimagined.

Character Creation

The best way we can show you the Universe that we've created is through the eyes of its characters; you can't tell compelling stories without them.  That is why CotV's character generation system is closely tied to our iconic characters, rather than loose impersonal class templates.  The CotV Core Rulebook will contain original fiction featuring our iconic characters to introduce you to the CotV universe, along with detailed bios and fantastic artwork to bring it to life.   

CotV will support two main systems for iconic character creation: Quick Play and Advanced Play.

In Quick Play character creation is streamlined allowing you to start playing within an hour of cracking open the book by using one of our iconic character templates.   You can finally invite that non-gamer spouse or friend over to try tabletop role play for the first time without worry that they will be overwhelmed by their lack of game system knowledge.

In Advanced Play character creation you take our iconic character templates and craft you own character in as much detail as you desire.  This allows seasoned role players to excise their creative talents and provides the depth of customization they crave.

Both approaches allow gamers of all experience and skill levels to choose the character creation method that works best for them with the goal of letting everyone play together and maintaining a level playing field at the same time.

Here is an example of one of our ten iconic characters:

Kinaso Life - Human : Female : Javelin Pilot

Confident, determined, and resourceful Kinaso is a human Geno-Perfect corporate child famous across the Universe as the top Migrathon athlete piloting the heavily armored mechanized javelin suit Silver Needle before she became a Marshal of Ash.

Neuro Labyrinth

In CotV the Internet has become something greater, a network connecting all humans and aliens to one another across the Universe.  Instead of entering a web address in your browser to check out what's on sale on you step into the virtual shoes of an explorer (constructing your avatar complete with fedora and whip in hand) and visit a 4D construct created to simulate the real Amazon jungle as you pole down the mighty river in your dilapidated boat to trade exotic goods with the natives waiting for you on the shore - all while your body sleeps comfortably at home.  Instead of pulling a stack of junk mail from your mailbox and picking a new outfit based on an advertisement you saw in a catalog, you have the ability to enter virtual worlds where vendors fight wars, design entire ecosystems for novel planets, or recreate historical simulations all with the goal of winning your business.

Each destination in the Neuro Labyrinth creates its own paradigm for interaction.  It could be a feudal Japanese setting, a zombie apocalypse, or even a high fantasy world complete with magic and fantasy creatures.

In each one, you are allowed to create your own avatar picking a class, race, attributes and abilities.  What's more is, the experience you earn on your iconic character applies to every Neuro Labyrinth avatar that you make, allowing you to feel like you haven't restarted at square 1 each time you enter a new setting.  But there are benefits to spending time in the Neuro Labyrinth as well, because the more time you spend in a setting and the more you accomplish there, the higher your rank increases.  Each Neuro Labyrinth setting has its own ranking system, and with each rank your iconic character is granted new rewards - like free consumables, equipment discounts, or access to exclusive weapons.  The possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

The Neuro Labyrinth is not just some bolt on to the game, or some obscure rule set you may never use.  It's a vital part of gathering information, hacking into secure systems, and interacting with people who you would otherwise be unable to meet.  Neuro Labyrinth modules are also completely transferable to any CotV campaign, allowing your long running campaigns access to a degree of variety unequaled in other games.

Game Mechanics

Our character stat sheet includes all the things you might expect to find on an RPG character sheet like Attributes, HP, Weapons, Armor,  and Unique Abilities.  There are also some different things about our game that I'll give a brief overview of as I discuss our primary conflict resolution system: One Breath Combat (OBC).

At a high level, OBC is a completely original system that is designed to allow characters to perform actions in the span of time it would takes to have a single breath.

  • OBC uses all dice sizes, but primarily D20, and combatants roll dice on both attack and defense to keep things more dynamic. 
  • Gives defenders the opportunity to perform counter attacks. 
  • Uses a Wound Track system for easily keeping a log of battle damage and the debilitating effects of losing HP. 
  • Designed in such a way to allow characters piloting large mech suits like Kinaso to play alongside other characters who are running around in tanned leather with sharp knives by using something we call Coordination (COR).  Coordination determines the frequency by which you perform actions in OBC, giving fast moving lightly armored players the ability to act more frequently than their larger heavily armed and armored allies.
  • Initiative is determined randomly among all currently activating characters, keeping the combat fresh and unpredictable.
  • All damage is categorized in one of 4 types, allowing players to customize their armor and shielding.
  • Armor upgrade slots allow for a massive number of armor build options.
  • Ranged combat mechanics that keep the action from stagnating, featuring dynamic cover and shots of opportunity.

The Vehicle Assault and Pursuit (VAP) system is used for space combat in fully customizable star ships that simulate 3D dogfights on a 2D board.

  • Build your own star fighter, upgrading its components and choosing the combination of parts that best suit your style of play.
  • Fly wingman for your allies to gain additional bonuses.
  • Fast paced action that supports quick resolution of battles.
  • Self balancing mechanics make you choose how much of your limited resources are allocated to attack and defense.
  • Build your team's own mothership where your starfighters dock and your characters plan their next mission.

CotV Setting Primer

Here is a taste of what's going on right now in the CotV Universe...

In a distant future mankind has unlocked the ability to travel between the stars. They have met unimagined alien races, and have continued to prosper in an ever more complex intergalactic society.  Despite all this progress the messy consequences of our darker impulses have yet to be mastered, genocide wipes out entire races, tyrants rise and fall, and we bring suffering to every corner of this vast Universe.

Until now.

You don’t fully understand how she does it, but you do understand that when the Dreamer calls on you, you are compelled to act. Deciphering the hidden meanings of her dreams requires relentless determination to prevent their prophecy from becoming reality.  The action you take today can save the lives of thousands tomorrow.  As a Marshal of Ash your mission is to preemptively strike strategic targets before they have a chance to fester and swell like an uncontrollable infection. 

The SERK have renewed their bloody, all consuming raids, the Hexumvirate ever expands its strangling grip, and the Crystal Circle consolidates its power.  You must stand in the breach, for no one else can see what comes.

To be a Marshal is to carry an extraordinary burden and to remain un-witnessed.  For there are dark things that move in the void, and to draw attention to one’s self is to invite annihilation.

Read more original CotV fiction in our blog.

In Conclusion...

Reserve a copy of CotV today by supporting our Kickstarter project and you can be an invaluable part of getting Chronicles of the Void from our heads to your hands!

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