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A 1 to 6 Players, time-travelling, competitive Co-op dungeon adventure with engaging stories, diceless combat and morphing game boards. Get it now!
A 1 to 6 Players, time-travelling, competitive Co-op dungeon adventure with engaging stories, diceless combat and morphing game boards. Get it now!
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Castle von Loghan - August Update

Posted by Underground Games (Creator)


I hope everyone is having a great summer! This is the update for August and we have a lot to write about :

 - Combat 2.0

 - Campaign update

 - Essen Spiel 2018

- Art update

Combat 2.0 

As you know, we have decided to change how combat works in Castle von Loghan. Originally, each player had to draw up to 5 Combat Cards and then resolve them. Some cards would allow players to interact with each other, some would deal damage or boost attacks, and some of these cards were the reactions of the enemies.

While the original Combat System was fun and it worked well, it was too slow. Some playtesters told us that we need to speed it up, and make it more connected to the game. So we did. 

Our heroes, the agents are time-travellers. All this game is about time-travel. Now combat is as well about time-travel. How does that work? Well, like this:

Each player will draw as many combat cards as their weapon allows. They will then place their Combat Cards in the order they drew on the Combat Mat. This creates a card-by-card account of what happened in this specific combat sequence and it describes the hits and parries, feints and manoeuvrers the agents or the enemies have executed. So you could just move through that sequence and apply the results. But as you are time travellers you don't have to be content with hindsight, you get to change the sequence of events! You can pay an amount of energy depending on the card in questions to change the position of the card, so you can set a parry away from an attack to negate its effect and many cards have special effects depending on their position or what cards are next to them.

So, in essence you will use your suits to jump back a few seconds in time, knowing what your enemy has done in the original timeline and get to change what you do. Pretty neat!

This new approach not only allows each and every character to be able co control their attacks, but also brings a breath of fresh air into RPG combat. Combat it's so much fun now! 

Given that each agent will come with their unique attacks and skills that also have synergies with specific combat cards, combat will be very exciting and engaging.

So how does this look? First we created a new combat board

And then we created a lot of new Combat Cards! :) 

Here's some :

Campaign update

This is a tough cookie! The campaign is the heart of the game, but not it's core. As you know, you will be able to play the game in Story Mode and Exploration Mode as well. 

Story Mode:

Story mode is now connected to revealing new enemies, treasures or events and you will get additional cards with each Story Mission plus a chapter in our brand new Adventure book, that will feature extra dialogues we could not fit into the cards. Those are optional, so you don't need to read them if you just want to get on with the game, but they may shed some light on what is going on and they will help you get to know the agents a little better, giving them more personality.

And on that topic: No, you don't have to read the novel before playing the game. Though they're directly connected (the book and the game), the story of CvL will work as it is. If you want to learn more about the events and characters, you will find all that in the novel, which is sort of a prequel to the game, but you can enjoy both on their own.

Unique Events, Treasures and Enemies unlocked in Story Mode unlock for Exploration mode of course!

We have finished the story for the Campaign, and we managed to structure the 
Story Decks up to mission 8. The next two will be done this weekend, hopefully, if I get some rest from gamescom. 

Essen Spiel 2018

I am happy to announce that we are indeed going to be at Essen Spiel 2018! We will bring the new prototype and you can try it of course :) 

We will be posting new information about this soon! 

Art update:

I won't be able to show you a lot of new art, as that would result in massive spoilers. But I can show you some line-art for the higher level enemies :) 




Beetle Swarm

 And some of the upgraded Treasures:

Golden Hopper

 The Lithirium Blade

 That's it for August! 

For any questions, please post them in the comments!

And remember, our post-campaign pledge manager is still open, so people can still get the game as if they travelled back in time and supported us in the KS campaign! Feel free to recommend us :)

See you in time!

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    1. Paul Toderas Collaborator


      Yes, that's a thing actually. There are some specific cards that when moved to the same timing, will trigger an effect. But for that to happen, the players have to be adjacent to each other.

    2. Nakano

      Combat looks interesting by trying to optimize the card order. Hmm... Maybe some combo card possibles if multiple players arrange the same card to be played exactly at the same time to get some boost. Or not necessarily the same card, but a card gets boost from other players attacks that are played to the same time slot. This of course may not work that well in solo game, but boost player interactivity a little (might slow combat as a counter point).