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A 1 to 6 Players, time-travelling, competitive Co-op dungeon adventure with engaging stories, diceless combat and morphing game boards. Get it now!
A 1 to 6 Players, time-travelling, competitive Co-op dungeon adventure with engaging stories, diceless combat and morphing game boards. Get it now!
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July Update - Campaign, Combat and New Enemies

Posted by Underground Games (Creator)


I hope everyone is well. Today I want to update you regarding the development of the game and what we have been up to. First of all, you should all have gotten your surveys for your rewards - if not, please use this link to retrieve your survey email. Then we have been busy looking at feedback from players and backers and we have tackled a few areas that speed up game play and also made the each story chapter of the campaign more unique to make it more interesting.


Let's talk Campaign. As you know, the story will be told through 10 action filled chapters that each will come with their own Story Deck which is a new way for us to distribute the cards in the game to be more specific and also give better progression.

(The Deluxe Version of the game contains an additional Ending Mission of course, but I won't be able to reveal anything about it as it would be a HUGE spoiler :) )

What does a Story Deck contain?

- Special Mission Cards: Each Mission will contain at least one of these cards that will enforce special rules and gameplay elements for each mission, so you need to stay on your toes even if you have done well on the previous mission. 

- Dialog Cards: These cards are used to tell the story and will contains dialogues between the Agents and their friends and foes. They may be skipped if you are only looking to get on with the action, but they serve to illustrate more of the characters in the group and give you context to whom you are playing

- Story Events Cards: These events are mission specific and will put the Agents in front of several decisions that they will have to make and advance the plot.

- Enemy Cards: Each mission will come with new enemies that once revealed, can be added to the base game. This means that once an enemy has been revealed and defeated, they go into the Enemy Decks and it will be possible to encounter them later in the game or in the Exploration Mode. Certain enemies such as Bosses will also be added to the Elite Enemy Deck and players will be able to fight them from there. 

- Allies: The Agents will be able to meet Allies that will help them with their problems. These Allies will have their own special use in the game and they are part of the dialogues and the story itself.

- Treasures: There are several story specific treasures that can be unlocked and carried over to the next missions. These can be shuffled into the Treasure Decks and can be used in Exploration Mode as well. 

So with each Mission played, the game will expand further and further.

What about Combat?

As mentioned in our previous update, we are working to make combat a bit faster without losing its original essence. I won't lie, this is turning out to be a real challenge as we have so many great ideas but we don't want to over-complicate the game. 

Currently we have four versions and one of these will be the final one:

Version 1: This version is the one we are using currently. It works, it's fun but it's a bit slow. 

Version 2: This version changes how Treasures and Energy is being used for combat and it's definitely faster, but it's not that co-op friendly as the interaction between players is limited. 

Version 3: In this version, the Enemy Cards have been removed from the Player Combat Deck and are being dealt individually to each player based on the Enemy's Attack power. This means that if the Enemy has an attack power of 3, each player will be dealt 3 Enemy Attack Cards that they must first resolve in order to inflict more damage and avoid incoming damage. Playtest for this version were very positive, but in this case we would need to create unique Enemy combat cards for each Enemy type and this would not only slow down combat itself but it would complicate it. 

Version 4: In this version each player plays their Combat Cards in front of themselves. They gather all the Enemy Combat Cards they have drawn to a single pool and then they have to figure out how to play their cards to diminish and/or negate any damage the enemy is about to inflict. This proved to be the fastest yet, but somehow it's not as fun as expected. 

Each of these versions are being evolved and we are positive that we will be able to pinpoint the right version by the end of this month. 

New Enemy Sketches: 

I have decided to show you guys some of the new Enemies that will come with the game, but I won't be able to show all the enemies because we want to keep the element of surprise alive. So there are more enemies to come with the game.

The Knight:

 The Cursed Paintings:

 The Archer:

 The Automatons: 

 Don't forget that you can play the DEMO Story Mission / Exploration Mode on Tabletopia.

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See you in time! :)

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    1. Paul Toderas Collaborator


      3rd seems to be a favorite among the play-testers as well.


      That's what we are aiming for. Unique experiences. So far we have very unique Boss fights with conditions, but we are looking into ways to bring this to the normal enemies as well. Also, we are not aiming for grinding. The game's Campaign will offer several challenges, but not to the extent where you need to spend a lot of time grinding :)

    2. Nakano

      By the writing, I as well would say it's between 1st and 3rd. I think the interaction makes the combat more fun for everyone. Downside with 3rd may be that sorting all the enemy cards before playing and then searching from a huge deck when combat starts, the correct ones, might be slightly annoying. Then after combat/game sort all the cards back to correct piles. This still might be a fun system and players would prefer unique monsters/challenges. Overall I'm not sure how much focus the fighting has (a lot?). Instead of fighting/grinding against the same enemies, players probably prefer more meaningful/unique combat experiences.

    3. Justin Boehm

      1st and 3rd seem viable, be my fun is more important than being fast, so 2 and 4 as described don't sound good. Keep up the good work and just make sure to do blind playtesting with new people who've never played before.