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A 1 to 6 Players, time-travelling, competitive Co-op dungeon adventure with engaging stories, diceless combat and morphing game boards. Get it now!
A 1 to 6 Players, time-travelling, competitive Co-op dungeon adventure with engaging stories, diceless combat and morphing game boards. Get it now!
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KARR5 Archives - The Apocalypse (~2777)

Posted by Underground Games (Creator)

TO: Evelyn Branden


SUBJECT: KarrSec Report CET-002

Dear Ms. Branden,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Elias Yaphito, a professor at the Faculty of Applied Science from the Aurora ring which is the fifth ring of the Karr5.

I am writing you today in hope that you will share my concerns regarding the latest KarrSec reports, and escalate the matter to the Council. 

This report is based on surveillance material that we received from the scouting team that returned to the present, our present, recently. For some reason, the report was completely classified and was not shared with anyone outside this unit. 

Until now.

I want to inform you about the timeline that we call "The Apocalypse" from the year 2777. In modern days, the Castle was renovated, and turned into an academy. By this year earth was already hit by the apocalypse, there were no survivors... or at least we don't know if there were. 

Let me note down all the clues I've found during my studies. Maybe this will help us learn more about what exactly happened during the apocalypse, and why is this timeline so important for that mad... mad old man.


A closer look at the abandoned cars suggests, that during the event, many people drove here in order to seek shelter. Or was their intent different? Is there something inside the Academy that could protect one from the end of the world?


A ball-yard. Some years ago this yard was filled with the screams of the fans and the struggle of the players, trying to score. But reports state that the ball-yard was recently used. How is that even possible?


Though the apocalypse was something that destroyed most of life on earth, and its cities, it seems that the Academy was only partially damaged. One would wonder what is the reason for the middle sector of the building renaming intact... and the east and west wings lay in ruins... and it seems that damage came from the inside... and not from the outside.


And lastly, and this is one of my biggest concerns... what on earth are these skeletons? The Karr5's database could not identify any of these bone patters. What kind of ungodly creatures were these? Maybe they were part of the apocalypse, of the destruction? Who knows...

Drone-5B-PIC0005 / Specimen 0001-A:

Drone-5B-PIC0006 / Specimen 0001-B:

There is much to learn about this timeline, but one thing is sure: the fact that nobody knows for sure what happened is utterly disturbing, and somebody is hiding the truth from us. I know it.

Please Ms. Branden, forward my email to the Union and convince them to further investigate this timeline. 

King Regards,

Elias Yaphito

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    1. Paul Toderas Collaborator


      Very nice observation. You won't access that place via a room :)

    2. Matt Freilich on

      Cool lore/art update. However, I noticed there are no doors leading to the basketball court...unless that's intentional.

    3. Missing avatar

      louis_nichols on

      Considering the professions of the team members, I am not worried about quality and content.

    4. Paul Toderas Collaborator


      My bad! Too tired haha :)

    5. Grouik

      building remaining intact! ^^ Not renaming. :D