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Fun. That's why we're here, playing games, isn't it? FlowerFall is a simple, fun concept with a surprising amount of strategy!

Stretch Rewards and Specials: 

Earlybird special: For the first two days of the KickStarter campaign, the special Earlybird level will be available!  Just $12 for a copy of FlowerFall.

[Stretch Reward 1: $4000] Free Win, Lose, or Banana in every FlowerFall!

[Stretch Reward 2: $5500] Terrain Cards!

[Stretch Reward 3: $7500] KS Backer Exclusive!  Carl's flower photograph on the back of a terrain card.

FlowerFall: Light and Awesome

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Sometimes a simple idea is a great idea. That is the story of FlowerFall. A couple months ago, Carl Chudyk (designer of Innovation and Glory to Rome) proposed to me a seemingly innocuous random game about dropping cards with flowers onto the table. I thought it was silly, but I gave it a shot, and within two weeks I was printing up 100 copies to bring to Origins on cardstock. Everyone loved it! And so here we are, prepping for a larger print run with, you know real production quality. Backing our project lets us print more awesome games!

So, if you'd like to join us in helping fund our print run, we'd be happy to have you on board!  KS backers will be the first to get copies of FlowerFall, and US shipping is free!  And we have some shiny stretch rewards planned.  Assuming things go well we'll get to all thirty seven of them! 

A game of FlowerFall in progress (Prototype edition)
A game of FlowerFall in progress (Prototype edition)

Art and Card Design

The art on the cards you see (and the current cover art) is from our quick-printing of the game. Rest assured, we're making up some nicer looking art!  Pictures will be available soon.  


You may have noticed that many parts of this KickStarter campaign imply heavily that a zombie apocalypse is imminent.  That is because you are observant.  Good job!

International Shipping

International shipping is $3 to Canada, $7 to anywhere else in the world for the base level (one game).  For any other levels, please double ($6 Canada, $14 elsewhere) the amount added to your pledge!


  • 12 cards in each of 7 different colors, several starting terrain postcard-sized cards and a free copy of Win, Lose, or Banana if we get to Stretch Reward 1!

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    SHIPPING: Free to US, please add $3 to your pledge to Canada, and add $7 to your pledge for anywhere else. Except Antarctica, +$8. Sorry, Penguins.

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    185 backers All gone!

    The early FlowerFall backer gets the worm! And by worm we mean a deal. And by a deal we mean bananas. Or that you get the basic reward for cheaper. One of those. (Yes, it's one copy of the game)

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    A gold-encrusted copy of FlowerFall! The gold is invisible, due to regulations. But your game is thankfully not! Invisible FlowerFall would be hard.

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    13 backers Limited (87 left of 100)

    A four-pack of FlowerFall. The perfect gift for the holiday season, assuming that zombies enjoy flowers. Did I mention the coming zombie apocalypse? As a bonus, a signed print of art from our artist.

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    9 backers Limited (11 left of 20)

    A case of 12 FlowerFalls. And our undying gratitude and confusion for why you wanted so many! As a bonus, a signed photo of Cat on the Internet, and four signed prints from our artist.

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    Naming rights for the 2012 FlowerFall Cup. Yes, you can be like Lord Stanley for a year. Except more prestigious! Name must be non-offensive, and potentially awesome. (Also, everything in the 12-pack level)

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