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Fealty is the culmination of the question: "How much awesome can we fit in a 15 minute board game?" Strategic, yet simple to learn.

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Price Changes + Bonuses

Good news!  Fealty will be $30, not $40.  As a result, all backers at the Baron ($90) level or higher will receive an additional bonus: A pair of free games, Sixis and Bedlamb!  

Print and Play Version

We've put up a 2-player print and play version of Fealty, available to any backer!  It's in the Updates section once you've joined the campaign.

About Fealty

Fealty, by R. Eric Reuss and illustrated by Sarah Farooqi, is a territory control board game. It plays in a short amount of time but packs a solid strategic punch and lots of  game to game variety and therefore replayability. Players are vying for control of a region, which is divided into multiple boards called Duchies (Which are worth way more than 3 points!). Each player has available to them the same group of nine units to place, and must outmaneuver their opponents' placements in order to claim the most influence. Every individual piece has a different footprint of area it can exert control over, with some restricted to certain terrain types such as forests. The example card here, the Ranger, can place influence on any forest squares within three spaces during scoring at the end of the game. The Ranger also has a special ability that happens when he is played, allowing another of your pieces to move. Many of the pieces have such abilities, and using them effectively is critical to victory.

The central mechanic of the game is the speed of each piece. In the top left is a number ranging from 10 to 99, which is different for each card (The base set contains cards 10, 20, 30 ~ 90 and 15, 25, 35 ~ 95). Influence isn't placed on the board until the end of the game after all pieces have been placed. Pieces claim area in speed order, starting from the lowest numbers on the board and going up. So, a low piece that only claims one space in each direction can block a high piece that would otherwise claim three or four spaces. Managing this interaction between different types of pieces is central to having a successful strategy.

The speed of each piece also affects the choices available on where to place them. The game consists of eight turns, in which each player secretly chooses a card to play (representing one of their available pieces). The fastest card gets to place first that turn, which is important because each Duchy can only be placed into by one player each turn. You are also restricted by your existing pieces -- you cannot place a piece in the same row or column as one you've previously played. As the game goes on, your available placements dwindle if you haven't planned well! 

After all eight turns (in a standard game, players place 8 of their 9 units, in a short game, 6 of the 9), influence is placed as described above.  Low pieces go first, high pieces last.  Each square is only worth a single influence, except for the cities -- they are worth two. The player who has the most influence on the board wins! 

Here is how a 3-player game looks after scoring:

The place that the game shines brightest in its variability. The duchies are double sided, and can be rotated, mixed, and matched to form a very large number of possible maps.  In addition, Fealty will come with two different sets of cards and pieces for each color.  We'll be showing more cards and bits as the campaign progresses!

The Plan

Fealty's a great game, and we're going to publish it in some format.  What Kickstarter is allowing us to do is plan better for volume, and generate printing funds up-front.  Innovation's been a great success for us, but we didn't have the money to print as many as we'd liked to have at the start.  With a successful funding here, we'll be able to print lots of copies of Fealty!

Retail Stores

The reward levels are of course set to gather funds from direct consumers.  But we'll also be allowing stores to reserve copies with rewards through Springboard at  See the FAQ for more details on store availibility.

Custom Tuckbox Reward

Here's a couple samples of tuckboxes Sarah's made in the past.  If you support us at the Court Noble ($250) level, she'll craft one of these for you, with a design you choose!

Existing Fealty Beta Orders

A short-run version of Fealty was available at Origins and online earlier this year.  If you participated in that, and want to pledge the Kickstarter as well, feel free!  We'll add on one extra copy to your Kickstarter rewards and ship it all out together.  


  • Our plan is to have the game to print by the end of the summer, so it can be available by about Thanksgiving. Earlier if we're lucky!

    Update: Fealty is available now :)

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  • Fealty will be available anywhere in the world!
    Except maybe Antarctica.
    Sorry, penguins.

    You will be able to buy Fealty online via:
    -This Kickstarter Campaign
    -From us, directly, at
    -From Game Salute Select Stores. You can order through, which offers the option for Free Local Pickup at your favorite local store to save on shipping!

    You will be able to buy Fealty locally from any Game Salute Select Store. If your favorite store is not yet a Game Salute Select Store, they can sign up in two shakes of a lamb's tail at (alright, maybe three shakes of a lamb's tail).

    All Game Salute Select Stores can purchase Fealty directly from Game Salute. For more details Email or call Game Salute offices today! (See this link:… )

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