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All I Want for Christmas is a New Web Site

Posted by James Shore (Creator)

I'm very happy to announce that the new Let's Code TDJS site is now in beta! To try it, mosey on over to and give it a whirl. The new site is at least six orders of magnitude better than the craptastic placeholder site I've been using until now. I'm thrilled it's finally available to you. Many thanks to Primate for doing such a great job on the design.

I'm still working through some minor CSS display issues with Primate, but other than that, the new site is thoroughly tested and working. (Except on IE 8. Don't look at comments in IE 8. No, really, don't. Bad juju, man. Baaaad.) Of course, "thoroughly tested" just means the inevitable silly mistakes will be that much more embarrassing when you find them.

But please do let me know about any issues you find. I'm eager for your suggestions, too. You can put issues and suggestions in the comments for this update, use the Kickstarter "Contact me" link, or just email me directly at .


Now that the new site is up and running, I'm turning my attention to subscriptions. I'm not sure how long it will take—I've barely researched it—but I'm hoping it won't be nearly as long. As usual, you'll be the first to know.

Once subscriptions are live, I'll create a nice package for "Site Source Code" backers. Technically, I could send the code now, but I think it will have more value with the subscription code included, and I'll have more time to do it up right if I wait until after the subscriptions are live.



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    1. James Shore 2-time creator on

      Hi Willurd, thanks for the comment. The URLs transparently redirect to the latest version, so you shouldn't need to update your bookmarks. The old URLs will never disappear. Your browser will cache the 301 result and so performance shouldn't be a problem, either.

      The v2 URLs will be redirected to the appropriate v3 URLs once the new site comes out of beta. After that, they should remain stable for a good long time.

      I do this because I believe that URLs form a public API of sorts that could be linked from anywhere, and I hate for those links to be broken. :-) My goal is that any URL I've made public will always remain live, even if only through a redirect. See also .

    2. willurd on

      Hey James. Awesome series. One note: versioning the URLs (v1, v2, v3, etc) makes life difficult for people like myself who have bookmarks to one or more of the sites pages. When you update the site we have to go update all of our links. I think as you're upgrading the site, when you've deemed a new version sufficient enough for public consumption, it's OK to nuke the old site (obviously with a backup in a VCS just in case ;)).