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A screencast series focusing on rigorous, professional Javascript development.
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That's a Wrap!

Posted by James Shore (Creator)

Earlier today, I released Lessons Learned #8 ("Automatopia"). With that, I've delivered all 64 episodes! Thank you again for your support, everyone. It's been a great experience.


The Kickstarter season is finished, but we're just getting started! I'm continuing straight into the next season, where we'll cover topics such as event handling, AJAX, minification, and much more.

The first episodes are already up. Plus, your Season 2 subscription is free! Every Kickstarter backer who pledged at the "Starving Student" level or higher gets a free subscription to the new episodes until I get the new payments system up.

I'm going to continue to produce new Live episodes on the current Monday/Wednesday schedule. Lessons Learned episodes are on hiatus until after the subscription system is ready.


Your Kickstarter videos will remain viewable online and downloadable for at least three more months, and I plan to keep them up through the end of 2013. I'll make an announcement here if I need to take them down before then.

Season 2 videos are accessible as long as your subscription is active. However, even if you don't subscribe to the next season, you'll still have access to your Kickstarter videos as above.


All the rewards have been delivered with the exception of the source code. That will go out once the site is done. There are also a few sponsorship and multi-user pledges that I haven't been able to get in touch with. If that's you, please email me at

All the stretch goals have also been delivered, with the exception of the new site design. That's my top priority and I'm making good progress on it. No ETA yet, but check out the teaser below.

That's it for now! I'm on vacation next week but I'll still be checking my email. Thanks for watching!

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