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A screencast series focusing on rigorous, professional Javascript development.
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Hamster Food

Posted by James Shore (Creator)

I'm a sucker for feedback. Addicted, really. Every morning, I'm frantically mashing the reload button to see if anyone's left comments overnight. Every evening, I'm double-checking sign-ups. It's what keeps the wheel spinning.

Feedback's been pretty good so far. I want a broader perspective, though, and there are some specific questions I'm interested in (like how frequently episodes should come out), so I've put together a survey that will help me understand things better. It takes less than 10 minutes and your feedback will be invaluable as we head into the final quarter and beyond.

Plus, it keeps the wheel spinning.

[Take the survey here.] Edit: survey's done! Thanks for your help.


The Signature Edition rewards are all signed and ready to go. I'm just waiting on a supply order from the US Postal Service--it turns out that the post office is into flat-rate shipping these days, which means two things:

1. I must use USPS-branded flat-rate packaging, despite having my own perfectly-serviceable and just-the-right-size packaging sitting here all ready to go.

2. Since post offices don't stock the USPS-branded flat-rate packaging I need (WAT), I have to order it online and wait 7-10 business days.

ARRrRrthghghhghhh... anyway, the envelopes are on their way and I've got everything staged and ready to ship as soon as they arrive.


With the Signature Edition rewards done (if not done-done) and the Beast fed (for the moment), I finally have time to work on updating the web site. I've got the finished web design; now I need to write the server code. That work starts tomorrow and I've recruited someone to pair with me on it. No promises on when it will be live--you know how software development is--but it's continuing to make progress.



* Wrote and inscribed a personal letter to each Signature Edition backer.

* Put together a super-secret and super-exclusive extra to include in each Signature Edition package.

* Spent hours studying customs regulations. Hint about that super-secret extra: 950490.

* Had some enlightening conversations in preparation for making the series available to the public.

Thanks for reading! Now, don't forget:

[Take the survey here.] Edit: Survey's done! Thanks for your help.


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