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A screencast series focusing on rigorous, professional Javascript development.
879 backers pledged $39,331 to help bring this project to life.

Race to the Finish

Posted by James Shore (Creator)

We're getting close to the end of this Kickstarter, and what an incredible experience it's been! I never expected such an outpouring of interest and support. Thank you all for participating! We're going to create something great.


Let's recap. For your pledge of $25 or more, you're now getting four channels that will air over the course of four months:

  • A new "Live" episode will air every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. These 15-minute videos are a live recording of the web application as it's developed, with commentary. There are 48 Live episodes.
  • A new "Caffeinated" episode will air alongside each "Live" episode. This is simply a 50% faster version of the "Live" channel for the triple-shot crowd. There are 48 Caffeinated episodes.
  • A new "Let's Play TDD: Distilled" chapter will air every first and third Saturday. This meticulous re-edit of the first 42 episodes of my Let's Play TDD series cuts out umms and aahhs, speeds up typing, and removes dead ends. The chapters vary in length from 25 minutes to over an hour. There are eight Distilled chapters.
  • A new "Lessons Learned" episode will air every second and fourth Saturday. Each episode takes a focused look at a specific topic, such as testing a Node.js server or automating cross-browser testing. The episodes will be tightly edited--the more concise and information-rich, the better--and I'm targeting five minutes each. There are eight Lessons Learned episodes.

This is an amazing amount of content for the price, and it's all thanks to our backers. Which brings us to our next goal...


This Kickstarter campaign has been an amazing experience. I expect that the energy and excitement we've seen around this campaign will translate into a rich and vibrant conversation once the screencast airs. Now I'd like to extend that conversation from a one-off to a long-lasting, thriving community.

My vision is for a place where we can have great conversations about rigorous, professional web development. Additional seasons of Let's Code: Test-Driven Javascript will act as a catalyst for conversation, with the real action happening in the forums. I imagine a community that is swirling with energy, that's thoughtful and well-moderated, and that involves people solving interesting and meaningful problems.

To support this vision, I need to create subscription infrastructure, integrate more sophisticated forum software, and pay for additional web design work. The $40,000 goal will allow me to build out that infrastructure.

This is a big goal, and you've already exceeded my expectations in every way. Why not shoot for the moon? If we succeed, we could create a wonderful place for professional web developers... a place for conversations and community.


We have just four days to meet this goal, and I think we can do it. You can help by tweeting, blogging, "Liking," or otherwise publicizing the project. We have over 675 backers and more than $31,000 in pledges--that's a newsworthy story on its own.

If you've already pledged, thank you! I've added a few new reward levels--check out the $75 "Site Source Code" reward and the $850 "An Evening Out" reward at right. To take advantage of one of these rewards, click the blue "Manage Your Pledge" button in the upper right of this page.

And, of course, if you've been waiting to back the project, now's the time. This is only time I'll offer all this content at such a low price.


As we enter the final few days of this campaign, I'm in awe at what we're creating here. Thank you once again for your pledges, your tweets, and your support. It's been a wild ride, and the best is yet to come. Hold on to your hat!


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