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A screencast series focusing on rigorous, professional Javascript development.
879 backers pledged $39,331 to help bring this project to life.

Almost There!

Posted by James Shore (Creator)

We've broken through the $10,000 barrier and we're cruising toward our funding goal! At the time I write this, we're 90% funded and seeing steady growth. Thank you all for your support. You've been a great group and I can't wait to get the conversations started around TDD, design, and tools.

With our goal in sight, it's time to talk about what happens if we exceed the goal. (Remember, Kickstarter keeps accepting pledges through June 5th, even if we've met the goal.)

I'll direct the extra money toward the screencast, and I have several ideas for making it even better. Let's get started:


The series will be hosted at I already own the domain (it just redirects to the Kickstarter page for now) and I'll be doing the coding for the site. And while I can handle the code, web design isn't my strong suit. In fact, I'm kind of the opposite of a designer. Good design flees in terror when it sees me coming.

So I'd like to hire someone with real skills to do the site design. I hope to hire from the backer pool if at all possible; I figure the people who are passionate enough to support this project are most likely to "get" what we're trying to do here. If we reach $14,750 in total funding, that should be enough.

I've included some cushion in this goal because I want to do it up right and I'm not sure what kind of quotes I'll get. (There's also Kickstarter fees and other overhead to pay for.) If there's money left over, I'll use it for video bumpers: a short snip of music and animation to open and close each screencast. They'll add a bit of class and professionalism to the show.


If we reach a total of $17,000 in funding, I have something special lined up that will really enhance the screencast. Seriously, I think it's something everyone will appreciate. You won't need to do anything extra to get it--I'll automatically include it in every reward package of $10 or higher. I'll announce details when we pass the previous goal.

Thanks again, everyone! You're the best.


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