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A Fun Little Hack

Posted by James Shore (Creator)

Azuldo from Hacker News suggested a neat little hack:

"I would love to see TDD happen with a test committed followed by a commit to pass the test, etc. to get a sense of the full process or write my own passing code for each test and compare against another implementation."

My first reaction was that the Live channel covers this level of detail, and that constantly committing would be distracting. But then I thought, "Why not? I already have a wrapper that runs my build script--I can just modify that to automatically commit every time the build status changes."

And so I did. The result is Autocommit--a fun little hack that shows how a simple module developed with TDD evolved over time.

Let me know if you'd like me to include something like this as part of the screencast's code repository. (It would be on a separate branch, so as not to pollute the main codebase.) If there's enough interest, I'll include it as a stretch goal.

PS: The Autocommit code isn't representative of the code that we'll develop in the screencast. It's just a weekend hack. :-)


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    1. Adrian Howard on

      I'd like to see something like this. I've done similar (but only commit on a change to "green" - since I always want my committed code to test clean). I've found perusing the logs useful in seeing how my code evolves. It would be interesting to see somebody else's do the same.