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FuseBOX, serving Korean and some non-Korean cuisine in an Izakaya format in an atmosphere that is fun and affordable.
FuseBOX, serving Korean and some non-Korean cuisine in an Izakaya format in an atmosphere that is fun and affordable.
128 backers pledged $17,100 to help bring this project to life.

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We are Three!


This has been the craziest three years of our lives...we mean that!  Crazy Good.  Crazy Learning Curve.  Crazy Ups and Downs. But we are still here.  Still Open. Still Making People Happy well most of the time anyway.  If you are in the area please come by and have a toast with us on us.  We also want to share with you the review we received on CHECK PLEASE! Bay Area.  

We think of all you often.  We really do.  You are why we never give up even when giving up seemed like the only way to go we went the path of stay with it...

Additional Dinner Hours plus Sous Chef Ian Eamons

FuseBOX celebrates one year on May 3rd.  AND!  beginning April 25th, 2013 will add the additional dinners on Thursday and Friday Nights 5:30pm-9pm. i We, also, have the good fortune of hiring Ian Eamons, as our new Sous Chef, formerly of VENUS Restaurant in Berkeley.   Dinners will have the additions of more seafood including Hwe(raw) Fish :

See photos below:

Halibut Hwe with Shingo Pear Slices, Tindora and In- House Cho Jang for dipping. Shown here with Lady Yakuza Cocktail, Soju infused with organic Pink Lady Apples, with a splash of Tonic topped with crisp apple strips.

Kushi Oysters with Yuzu Kosho Mignonette topped w/Kiwi & Pink Lady Apple Kimchi.

Chef Sunhui Chang and General Manager Ellen Sebastian Chang invite you to visit us for dinner to sample some Eringi Mushroom Consomme or the Tang Granita Creamsicle with Micro Radish Greens. Please follow us on FaceBook and Twitter for daily updates including notices of Saturday Closures due to our Daughter’s Soccer Tournaments.

We depend on your mouths...Word & Taste.

Always with Gratitude.


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The world goes on...

It's soon to be 2013.  And I, me, Ellen, I promise on behalf of Sunhui and FuseBOX that I will mail out your rewards for you to receive by Valentine's Day or before.  I speak from my heart when I say this project has been both a blessing and a personal crucible for me.  Sunhui has always said, 'that over time and under pressure who you are is revealed.'  I realized how unorganized I could be in light of something so new to me -- running a restaurant -- especially one that I did not expect to be so popular so quickly.  I was catching up all the time.  I am so grateful to those who were able to come by FuseBOX and get the modest rewards and grateful to those who came by and didn't mention -- "hey where's my stuff!?"  you know who you are and you are compassionate souls. But I won't like myself if I don't get this done.  So done it will be.

Happy 2013 to all of you truly generous folks.  

And sometimes it's good to remember: "You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine. Meanwhile the world goes on." Mary Oliver Poet Sometimes it's good to remember that the world goes on... 

Thank you,


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Time So Much Time....

Hello Friends and Family and Foodies, Just wanted to let you know that we will start regular dinner service on Saturdays beginning December 8th 5:30-9 along with accepting credit cards VISA, MASTERCARD DISCOVER. We will also take a limited number of reservations you can call 510-444-3100 or email Spread the word. Best, Ellen

And Diablo Magazine said Sunhui Chang was a Hot Chef  -- You KICKSTARTER CREW lit the fire. We yes we will never stop saying it  We are so grateful for you.

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One year later....

It is so hard to believe that a full year has come and gone since we launched this project.  We have been open for six months now.  Many of you have come in for lunch and received you rewards and I have sent a few via mail and been badly remiss with some of you(no excuses just human)  please help me out by sending me an "angry" where the hell is my reward email -- my files are somewhere in some mess in some box.  Kimchi will be replaced by a t-shirt it's less messy and I still hope that you will come into FuseBOX to sit and eat it.   We are still trying to get open at night -- finding qualified and hard working Chefs who want to learn this detailed food has not been easy -- we had two come and go within six months.  

Here are some of the latest notice we have received -- we can't tell you how grateful and blessed we feel -- which helps when we are bone achingly tired.

Thank you thank you thank you again and again.

Ellen on behalf of Chef Chang and all of the amazing FuseBOX crew.

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