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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, October 24 2016 4:54 PM UTC +00:00


General Washington's Secret Stash is the world's first Federally approved craft beer containing true Cannabis Sativa extract. We [Dad and Dude's, Aurora, CO] are starting with our award-winning India Pale Ale recipe because Washington was known to have "sown the Indian seed." This line of beer is the physical manifestation of beliefs we have held true for years.
Our Cannabis stalk and stem extract is 100% legal and Federally approved. It is classified industrial hemp as it contains 0% THC and is Non-psychoactive. It contains ~4mg cannabinoids per pint.

The taxonomic classification for industrial hemp is Cannabis Sativa.

  • In challenging the status quo that has unfairly demonized cannabis 
  • Cannabis Sativa should be removed from scheduling (just like alcohol and tobacco)* 
  • Cannabis belongs in our beer

*Why? We'll tell you, please continue reading

We love suds, buds and America, but there is so much more to this project than cannabis and craft beer...  

This is also about sharing vital information about Patent #6630507. We believe our project will also help bring the debate and necessary information about cannabis nationwide through your local bar, tavern, or liquor store. Legalization is inevitable, but lets tip the scales before big pharma can get their grubby hands on the plant.  

"Our government rests in public opinion. Whoever can change public opinion can change the government" - Abraham Lincoln 


Cannabis Sativa and Humulus Lupulus (Hops) both come from the same family, Cannabaceae. The two plants produce similar organic aroma compounds known as terpenes (myrcene, beta-pinene and alpha-humulene). We don't think this is a coincidence; we believe cannabis belongs in beer. So, we chose to use a CO2 extraction from Cannabis Sativa [stalk and stem] that contains high levels of non-psychoactive Cannabinoids and then tossed it into our sudsy brews.

We must emphasize that adding Cannabis to beer does not make alcohol any safer, and you should always drink responsibly.

Need to know more about cannabis? Big pharma, tobacco, alcohol and private prisons do not want you to CLICK HERE (Pay attention to submissions relating to nicotine, alcohol, and opioids).

Check out what the US Department of Health and Human Services (US Government) has to say about Cannabis in their PATENT #6630507***

If this is the first time you are learning about PATENT #6630507 and the US Government's true feelings on the plant, perhaps this information will be as inspiring to you as it was for us:

  • The US Imports hundreds of millions in foreign grown hemp every year because hemp (c. Sativa) is not legal at the Federal level. The many uses of hemp are being limited because the entire plant is incorrectly placed on the schedule list. Here is how the US Department of Agriculture [favorably] viewed the plant during WWII Hemp for Victory


 Relax! While its humbling that you believe us to be [that] revolutionary, we actually have Federal formula approval and our beer can be sold in all fifty states. We went to great measures to ensure our beer followed TTB policy on the plant. It took [almost] one year to receive the government first approval for a beer recipe containing a C. Sativa extract.

Having said that, we can't go at this alone; we need your help. Government disposition could change at any time. We also have a select [few] group of retailers that need to be convinced this is something America is ready to see on the shelves. So, if you believe as we do, join us, and help make cannabis beer a reality.

Still need proof it is legal in all fifty states? Below is a snapshot of our Formula approval. Cheers!


With your support, we will provide you with a lifetime acknowledgement as a Rebel Founder of General Washingtons Secret Stash. Your name, initials, company name or message will be listed on our product...FOR LIFE! We plan to not only let rebels sign our declaration of cannabis beer love, but become part of a community that we could have a whole lot of fun inviting to private parties and other events!

Standard Sizing

$5 - Per Character Cost (ex. Mason = 5 Characters = $25)

John Hancock Sizing (2x Size of Standard Sizing)

$10 - Per Character Cost (ex. Mason = 5 Characters = $50)


Our labeling design will utilize expandable content labeling which allows us to peel the branding and reveal endless amounts of additional content (in this case, it will reveal the rebel founders of the world's first cannabis infused craft beer). Check out our prototype below.


We were scratching our heads trying to find the right energy for the beer and what we were doing in general. The whole thing had to be perfect, because it needed to be something that would make us laugh, cry, yell, and more importantly, pour into a glass and drink it up.  

With a few safety meetings under our belts, we ended up imitating characters from our favorite 90s movie, Dazed and Confused.  

"Say man, you got any cannabis beer? It'd be a lot cooler if you did."

Laughing, we remembered a totally awesome scene that reminded us of what we were doing, something revolutionary. The scene [firing on tangents] cruises through aliens, Martha Washington, cannabis and dollar bills. It hit us immediately.

George Washington grew Cannabis! He even told the whole country to do it! Our declaration of independence was written on its hempy fibers. America was founded alongside many of its textile uses!  

This is Revolutionary/Rebellious. This has never been done before. We are excited to pioneer in the cannabis beer movement. Even with reform sweeping the nation, this still feels rebellious to its core. So, we admitted to needing a leader that has led rebels to victory in the past; Washington wins again!

We're Against a King. We won't really elaborate here because we are not yet strong enough to have a battle, but it's fun either way. We're craft brewers, and our brethren have been at battle with a king for years.


We currently distribute fifteen [15] styles of beer, three [3] of which are available in cans year around. Our flagship canned beer, Dank IPA, was released in 2012. We have been a GABF sponsor three years now and are going on our seventh year in business this November.  

The status of General Washington's Secret Stash. We have over twenty [20] distributors begging to bring our beer to their costumers. Our packaging is now past prototype and is being designed by a top notch packaging company and wholesale distribution house Veritiv. We will release the new images within the next few days/weeks.

We have been distributing cannabis beer for one year. We only produced small batches of our beer for local distribution as we were only granted local rights until the TTB gave us their formula approval. The beer is available on tap at our brewpub and twenty [20] other locations around town. It is currently sold under the name Sativa : Cannabis Infused Beer.  

With your support, we can bring cannabis beer, under the guidance of General Washington to the entire world. Your contribution will help us fund:

  • Keg (shell) orders for distribution  
  • 10,000 cases worth of packaging needs (including bottles/cans)
  • 3000 cases of beer produced (grain, hops, cannabis, packaging, bottles/cans)
  • Freight costs to interested regional distributors
  • Brewing contract at a larger facility (You wouldn't believe what it would cost to upgrade our system ourselves)
  • Public Relations and Attorney Fees to keep our asses safe!

This initial push will give us the momentum to gradually release our beer locally, then regionally, then (within six months) coast to coast. Our strategy was implemented by BEV 364 (please read our A-Team section).


 My name is Mason "Dude" Hembree. I am an ordained Dudeist preist ( In 2010, I kicked aside my career in a soul-sucking industry and asked my Dad, Tom, to join me in a cultural revolution involving his dream of making pizza and my love for beer. We opened with a firm belief in the sanctity of family and the fact that dreams will come true with focus, hard work, and perseverance. 

To newcomers, our place is located in a suburban shopping mall. To us, it stands on hallowed home turf. Long before Cornerstar Shopping Center was built, the ground below our "breweria" was home to cows, soccer fields and even a paintball field. This is where our family enjoyed our time together. 

When developers decided to take the land away, we saw an opportunity to preserve one little piece of our neighborhood’s past. So we raised our flag smack dab in the middle of their mall. Our brewery and pizzeria is a refuge for the suburbanite. A no-pretentions mix of old-town pizzeria, off-the-beaten-path tavern and small batch brewery.


In 2013, we recruited Brian Connery as a consulting brew master with 18 years in the craft beer brewing business. His brewing experience includes some of the top craft breweries in the United States including, DogFish Head Craft Brewery, New Belgium Brewing Company, and Boulder Beer Company. Brian’s expertise in developing uniquely popular craft brews will allow Dude’s Brews to bring an ongoing, unique supply of one-of-a-kind craft brews to its own restaurant. Since joining Dad & Dude’s Brian has been recognized with over twenty five [25] medals for outstanding beers.

On August 1, 2016, we partnered with Bev 364 a distribution, import and export company. Their expansive network of national distributors, as well as compliance expertise, will help to provide appropriate placement of General Washington's Secret Stash across the country and internationally. With over forty [40] years of industry experience, their principals have worked hard developing major brands including a famous Irish Dry Stout, Caffeine Brews, and a Root Beer that wasn't meant for Dad.


Here is our anticipated timeframe for production and release to you. These figures were produced based on our current timelines realized through the production of cans for Dank IPA, Leaves of Lemongrass and Reyot Rye Ale. We anticipate releasing a tangible product in local and regional markets within four months. Here is an additional time table of our current plan to execute.

  • 1 Month After Kickstarter Finish contacting supporters and confirming their orders are correct (number of characters, spelling, price, etc.)  
  • 2 Months After Kickstarter Finish expandable content guidelines with Veritiv and ensure the "Rebel Founders" section is totally awesome
  • 2 Months After Kickstarter Finalize mass production contracts with qualified brewery
  • 2 Months After Kickstarter Finalize distribution contracts with national distributors  
  • 2.5-3 Months After Kickstarter Receive initial order of packaging (cans/bottles, kegs, carriers, & boxes)
  • 3-4 Months After Kickstarter Release to local accounts within Colorado  
  • 4-6 Months After Kickstarter Release initial shipments to national distributors with independent accounts and "easy in" distribution channels  
  • 3-4 Months After Kickstarer Execute chain buyer interviews with Bev 364 and attempt spring rollout for chain locations nationally


Q. Do you have any beer currently available? A. We sure do! We currently distribute fifteen [15] styles of beer in Colorado and Washington to over 643 locations.  

Q. Will my state carry the beer? A. We cannot [yet] confirm which states will receive our beer. However, we do have over twenty [20] distributors in the US and one importer in the UK ready to roll!  

Q. So...Will I pass my urine test? A. Our beer is Federally approved, with no detectable levels of THC.  

Q. Dogs or Cats? A. I [personally] believe cats are quite majestic, but a dog is, without a doubt, a most trusted and loyal companion.  

Q. Will we get the package (without the beer) to keep? A. We have not decided yet. Is that something you want?  

Q. Does the US Government seriously have a PATENT on Cannabinoids? A. Yeah, it's crazy. Check out the link we posted above for PATENT #6630507  

Q. Do you like your bacon crispy or floppy? A. Does it really matter? Bacon!  

Q. I do not like IPAs. Will you produce other beers? A. Yes! We are also giving all backers the ability to vote on two [2] complimentary beer styles to be released with our IPA.  


Mason "Dude" Hembree  

Tom "Dad" Hembree  

The Dad & Dude's Staff (aka "The Hop Heads")  

Special THANK YOU to Bluebird Botanicals for helping to make this all happen.  

GOVERNMENT WARNING: (1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. (2) Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.

Risks and challenges

We need a strong and faithful community with similar beliefs that will help to prevent the primary risks involved in this project.

Government disposition (State, Local and Federal) on Cannabis/Hemp extracts could change over night. However, with a national community of cannabis beer revolutionaries, we feel disposition will follow THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

Some states have grocery/chain store liquor sales. There is always the chance these stores may refuse to carry our [legal] product, making it harder for the community to access it locally.

There is the added risk that big beer could take this idea and run with it. We hope that our Patent as well as a strong community of supporters will scare them away.

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