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OosImaginary, a Southside Chicago-based performance ensemble, is taking the nation by storm this summer. 5000 miles of performance+OosFest Sept. 2010!

We are OosImaginary, a Chicago-based performance ensemble consisting of Lisa Frank, Teddy Rankin-Parker, and Sam Goodman, whose primary investigations lie in the various cross-pollinations of music, dance, theater, writing, and improvisation. Coming from very different backgrounds, each of us brings a unique blend of talents and performance experience to create a powerful heterogeneous aesthetic that is truly contemporary, truly inter-disciplinary, and truly improvisatory. Above all, OosImaginary strives towards a holistic improvisation, in which the roles of musician, dancer, and actor may disintegrate, leaving nothing but space, bodies in it, and their tools of expression.

Formed in January 2010, OosImaginary has already mounted two productions in Chicago (the latter of which was also performed on a mini-tour to OH). Most of our performing takes place in our beautiful live-work space the Archer Ballroom, which is located in Chicago's south-side neighborhood of Bridgeport, Through our efforts this past year the Ballroom is becoming a well-loved artist enclave amongst the wider Chicago area. We are dedicated to enhancing our community by providing opportunities to share music, dance, theater, and art through performance and other mediums. We want to continue this momentum through the summer, and think the best way to do this is by putting ourselves out there on a grand scale. In addition, we are drawn to adapting our work to any type of public space, developing street theater pieces, and fundamentally challenging ourselves as improvisers by making even the "space" parameter an unknown.

For these reasons we will hop into Lisa's family van and embark upon a national tour this summer, from mid-June through mid-August. We are already booked at several venues along the way, and are leaving space to perform in public situations as well as present workshops at community art spaces. Either way, our goal is to perform everyday in some capacity. We will be documenting the tour with video, audio, and photography, and plan to maintain an updated travel blog throughout the summer. It will be an exciting adventure and we invite you to come along for the ride!

The final phase of the project will be the creation of an evening of performance inspired by our summer ventures. This concert will happen inside the Archer Ballroom in early September and you all are welcome to attend! Ultimately, we also hope to acquire new performance and technical equipment to help us catapult our expressive capabilities to a new level of professionalism, scale and excitement. Please help us continue to explore and to share!


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