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An indie comedy about friendship, golf, Apollo, and do-overs. John and Karl head to WI to find $500,000 buried on a golf course.

Mulligan is a feature-length independent comedy written by Jonathan Eliot and directed by Will Slocombe.  It tells the story of John Hanson (Jonathan Eliot), a frustrated cartoonist who reluctantly teams up with his former best friend Karl (Dean Chekvala) to find $500,000 buried somewhere on an abandoned golf course in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.  Along the way they cross paths with a dangerous local cop (Vincent Teninty), two beautiful femme fatales (Amy Sloan and Kaitlin Doubleday) and some mobsters (Christian Stolte and Paul Dichter), all of whom are after the cash.

We shot Mulligan in the summer of 2010.  After a year of post-production, we're ready to submit to film festivals.  But we need your help.  Your generous donations will go towards:

-Color-correction: to make the film even better-looking when it's on the big screen

-Sound mixing: to sweeten the audio and replace problematic dialogue

-Special FX: there are incredible animation sequences in the film that need retouching

-Website: what most people will see when they first hear about Mulligan

-Festival submissions: we have a festival strategy, but need money to cover the cost of submitting

-Press materials: the printing and shipping costs of posters and press releases, and other costs associated with spreading the word.

In order to raise $10,000 for these costs, our Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 days.  Donations are made through your Amazon account (credit card), and your donations can remain anonymous if you choose.  If we do not reach our goal by the end of the campaign, we don't get any money, and you will not be charged.

We've got some great rewards based around the movie, including golf balls, tees, and pencils.  At the higher levels are more personalized items like a creepy voicemail from writer/star Jon Eliot, autographed posters, your own song about you; the movie itself will be available as a digital download for those who donate $25 or more.  DVDs will be an option down the road, but this gives you much more immediate gratification.

Any donation helps!  If you donate just $1 (or more), you'll receive updates through Kickstarter that include clips from the film.


Jonathan Eliot as John Hanson

 Dean Chekvala as Karl

Amy Sloan as Alice

Kaitlin Doubleday as Tinker

Vince Teninty as Officer Frank

Christian Stolte as Walter Rock


Director - Will Slocombe
Writer - Jonathan Eliot
Producer - Graham Ballou
Co-Producers - Stephanie Davis and David Mandel
Cinematographer - Tyson Maughan
Editor - Alex MacKenzie
Costumes - Sarah Ide
Production Design - Stephanie Davis and Sarah Ide
Composer - William C. White
Animation - Never Odd or Even
Design & Special FX - Jason Oberg


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    Thanks! You get a thankyou e-card based on our super-cool poster. A great way to let the world know you're supporting the next big thing in independent film. PLUS! All donors receive access to exclusive video clips from the movie posted here on Kickstarter.

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    Thank you very much! You get the Mulligan Gift Pack: a Mulligan-branded golf tee (fend off Chicago mobsters and their henchman); a Mulligan-branded golf pencil (get started on that "pictorial epic"); and a Mulligan-branded golf ball (flammable, like the fiery strands of hair on space witches from the hell of another planet).

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    Gracias! You get the above, plus a free digital download of the feature film. You'll also be invited to participate in our upcoming tagline contest for the film.

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    Awesome! You get the above, plus a free digital download of Will C. White's incredible score for the film. Never before have existential malaise and adderral-smoking been captured more musically.

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    You're amazing! You get the above, plus a limited-edition poster signed by the writer, director and cast of Mulligan. All of them have been working on their penmanship because of this.

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    You're too kind! You get the above, plus writer/star Jon Eliot will leave you either a creepy voicemail (in his "space ice" voice) or a desperate one (in his regular voice). To get into character he will be captured by a renegade small-town cop who goes shirtless in the night.

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    You are fantastic! You get the above, plus a unique, limited-edition cartoon drawing by writer/star Jon Eliot - just like those used in the film. You must promise not to write your own pictorial epic based on them.

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    We can't thank you enough! You get the above, plus a Special Thank You in the credits of the film and the Mulligan website.

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    You're unbelievable!! You get all of the above, plus Will Slocombe (director), Graham Ballou (producer) and Paul Dichter (Mr. Daniels) will write and perform a song about you and your greatness. These guys have like 45 years of music experience between them. This will be recorded in an audio medium for you to cherish and share for eternity.

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    Thank You doesn't do you justice, but it's all we got. That, and you get everything above, plus an exclusive screening party of the film: we'll come to your house and make you feel like a star, because more likely than not you're a family member or close friend being wonderfully generous and we really should be writing and calling and visiting you more. Hi Mom.

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