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I'm recording a new album where I wrote and produced each track and got a different female vocalist to come in and sing the lead.

Hello. My name is Nick Jaina.

I had an idea for a new album where I would write and produce a bunch of new songs and have different female singers come in and sing them.

I started this project a year ago and found time in-between making my last album and touring the country to get it completed. Now it's almost done.

I call the album "The Beanstalks That Have Brought Us Here Are Gone"

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting unmastered songs from the album here:

Here are the songs and who sings them:

01. "No One Gives Their Heart Away" featuring Laura Gibson 02. "The President of the Chess Club" featuring Amanda Spring (of Point Juncture, WA) 03. "You Were So Good To Me" featuring Jolie Holland 04. "When the Blind Man Rings That Bell" featuring Kaylee Cole 05. "Once But Never Again" featuring Luzelena Mendoza (of Y La Bamba) 06. "Awake When I'm Sleeping" featuring Audie Darling 07. "Ortolan" featuring Myshkin 08. "James" featuring Johanna Kunin 09. "Whiskey Riddle" featuring Annalisa Tornfelt (of Black Prairie) 10. "Missing Awhile" featuring Corrina Repp (of Tu Fawning)

These are all new songs. None of them have appeared on any album before. Some of them were songs I tried to make work on my own and re-arranged for a woman to sing. Some of them I wrote specifically for this project.

I still have to pay for my studio time and for the manufacture of all the albums. I also want to pay all the singers who have donated their time.

I plan on mastering the album in November. I don't know the exact date it will be available, but I can guarantee that people who contribute to this will receive the digital download long before anyone else will. Except for my mom. She'll probably get a free one.

Please check out all these wonderful singers in their natural habitats:

Laura Gibson: Amanda Spring: Jolie Holland: Kaylee Cole: Luzelena Mendoza: Audie Darling: Myshkin: Johanna Kunin: Annalisa Tornfelt: Corrina Repp:


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