$443 pledged of $15,000 goal
By Peter Fred
$443 pledged of $15,000 goal


More testing should produce an upward lift greater than 100% making my device a serious candidate for the little known and little contested $1.3 million Gode Gravity Award. The requirements to win this award are: 

"A 20 gram heavy device or the assembly itself, is required to float freely at least 1 minute at a minimum distance of 10 cm from any surface."

Most scientist have accepted Einstein’s idea that mass can warp space. This “strange” idea has been supported by abundant observation. Newton’s “strange” idea that mass can attract other mass has also been supported by abundant observation.  However, there is another "strange" idea from the past that enjoyed abundant observational support.  This was the notion that the earth had the extraordinary and mysterious power to make the whole universe revolve around it in a 24 hours.  After a lot of pain to dissenters this strange idea was finally replaced with the idea of  heliocentrism which seemed more physical and less mysterious. This lesson from the past seems to be lost on today's scientists who seem once again to be championing an unphysical idea that is supported by widespread observation.   The unthinking acceptance of the observationally supported "strange" and mysterious  idea that mass can warp space or that it can attract other mass has resulted in a preposterous universe where 95% of it is little understood.   This situation does not call for hordes of experimenters spending billions keeping the ancient basic mysterious hypothesis in place.  What it calls for is a lone self-financed theorists working for years the attic trying to come up with an idea that would replace the idea mass can attract other mass or warp space. 

The gravity theory that I am trying to promote has the fundamental hypothesis that gravitational phenomena is the result of transferred momentum produced by "stopped wind" a term which will be described. We already know a lot about momentum and the dynamics of wind.  Thus the fundamental idea of my theory is further interpretable in terms of familiar physics.

This theory has led to an experiment where a seven pound test mass was observed to lose 99% of its weight. Neither Einstein's fundamental premise that mass can warp space nor Newton's fundamental premise that mass can attract other mass can comprehend this easily repeatable table top experiment.

Experiments with similar results can be found here and here and here.   My patent pending device which I call a Reactionless Thermal Drive is getting quite close to being able to levitate.  The winning of the Gode Award will further insure the reduction to practice of this promising invention.  Since we live in a world where anti-gravity is thought impossible, it is hard to get funding for this invention.  Thus support from Kickstarters is all important and critical.

My device when fully developed should have certain advantages over the jet and the rocket.  The jet and the rocket  produce a deafening amount of noise and the rocket large amounts of exhaust.  My device on the other hand is silent and reactionless.  Furthermore, when it is fully developed , it should employ comparatively fewer moving parts than the jet.  

Anyone who can understand why the cold parcel of air blows towards the warm one can understand my Stopped Wind theory of gravity

Below is a picture of a sea breeze which in the morning blows from the sea towards the land.

In the morning the sun has a much harder time heating up the sea than it does the land.  Thus the parcel of air above the sea is colder than the parcel of air above the land.  Because it is more dense, cold air has a greater air pressure than warm air.  Because warm air is less dense, it  has lower pressure than cold air. It is this pressure difference that makes the wind to blow.   What my device does is take a container of air and using a hot source make one part of it hot and one part of it cold with a cold source.  This idea is illustrated in the picture below.    

The cold air at the bottom part of he container will have a greater pressure than the hot air at the top of the container.  The dense molecules of the cold air will want to move towards the less dense hot molecules at the top of the container similar to what happens between two parcels of air with different temperature.  However, little easily observed air movement will occur.  Instead of moving an observable distance the colder molecules will only be able to transfer momentum to the upper less dense warmer molecules.  It is this one-way transfer of momentum of the cold molecules on the warmer less dense molecules that I believe constitutes the gravitational force that we are all so familiar with on the surface of the earth.  

In the picture below an suspended upside down aluminum pot is shown which an about one half of an inch of it lies submerged in a pan of ice water.  This makes the air in the pot just above the ice water cold and thus increases it over all pressure.  At the top of the pot a 820 W butane torch is pointed towards the pot.  This applied heat makes the air just inside the top part of the pot hot.  This has the effect of decreasing the over all pressure of this upward layer of hot air. This butane torch is fired up for about 200 seconds as is indicated by the initially decreasing red line.

This red line measures the change of weight of the aluminum pot over time in newtons.  Its drop in ~200 seconds indicates that an upward force  equivalent to 90% of the 3.3 pound or 1.4 kg weight of the aluminum pot was produced inside the pot. 

The sun's gravity as stopped wind that can only transfer momentum

The sun can be thought of as a ball of gas.  The direction of the gravitational force inside it  points towards its center.  The temperature of the gas in its outer parts is all much lower than the temperature of the gas at its center.  Thus. at least initially, the pressure of the gas in its outer parts should be much higher than the pressure of the gas at its center.   This higher pressure in the sun's outer parts will make the outer particles  want to move towards its center.  However, there is little space for these center moving particles to move.  Instead of moving what they will do is to transfer momentum that will be directed towards the sun's center.  This center-directed-transferred momentum can be thought of as what constitutes the sun's gravitational force. 

Risks and challenges

The many experiments that have already been performed give clues of what modifications of my patent pending device would be needed to produce levitation. There have been hints that a serious decrease in the size of the top hollow disc could produce an improvement in the upward force. There are some theoretical arguments that increasing the length of the hollow tube connecting the two discs might help. Yet to be explored is the placing of dry ice instead of ice on the top of the bottom disc to cool the air inside If this does not work placing a combination of dry ice and liquid nitrogen on the top part of the bottom disk might produce the sought after levitation of the device.

Because I am 75 I am setting my sights on just winning the $1.3 million Gode Award which I think is possible with Kickstarter help. However, if the situation warrants it, I will consider applying for an international patent as well as further developing my device. I would also be open to the building of toy models that would appeal to the hobbyist.

However, there is unfinished theoretical work that has nothing to do with gravity that I would like to attend to. After decades of uneventful minuscule progress my Microscopic Theory, just like my gravity theory, is beginning to show some signs of progress and usefulness. The years of theorizing on my Microscopic Theory has opened up a way to provide a believable, close-to-experience way to explain how strongly repelling and attracting charged particles can both reside in such a small place as an atom or molecule It has got me excited about there might be a better way to comprehend how oppositely charged particles can be contained in such a small area of an atom or molecule.

A gravity theory based on attractive spreading radiation as a way to explain the accelerating universe and the flat rotation curves of galaxies. The large group of physicist who have been employed for decades looking for the elusive dark matter and the also large group of physicists exploring the enigmatic dark energy will probably will probably not be too enthusiastic about a far reaching theoretical solution such as the assumption of attractive radiation to the dark matter and dark energy problem. Although a far reaching theoretical solution at the turn of the last century did wonders to the resistance of those experimenters who enjoyed long term employment looking for the luminiferous aether. Nevertheless, because of the large amount of money that have been spent looking for the dark matter I may have to spend a lot of time promoting and defending a solution stemming an an attractive radiation gravity theory. These solutions can be found in my article describing my initial older gravity theory at (http://vixra.org/abs/0907.0018).

The requested $15,000.00 will first be spent on test equipment such as force, pressure and temperature sensors. If necessary some money will be allotted to rent a place to test my devices. I am hoping this will not be necessary and I will be able to test my device in my car or in an open field. At the present time my apartment that I am now leasing provides a pretty good place for building my Reactionless Thermal Drive. Hopefully there will be enough money left over use to apply for a utility patent before the time limit of my present provisional patent runs out. Of course, if more than $15,000 is granted it will add more insurance that there will be in the future vehicle capable of supplanting the jet and rocket who at the present time produce so much noise and unwanted exhaust.

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