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Machine Deva: An Experimental Art Film's video poster

An abstract sequence of images and sound suggesting a story of opposites, love, probability and mysterious forces. Read more

Marfa, TX Animation
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This project was successfully funded on March 11, 2012.

An abstract sequence of images and sound suggesting a story of opposites, love, probability and mysterious forces.

Marfa, TX Animation
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About this project

Like nothing you've seen before....EVER!!!

Steve is passionately possessed, ferociously cutting, printing, coloring, scraping, late into the night.

His mission: to bring Machine Deva into the world!

Machine Deva” is a 20 minute experimental art film. Created directly on 16mm film, by intervening on found footage, with hand coloring, scratching, and transfer of printed images. An abstract sequence of imagery and sound suggests a story of opposites, love, probability and mysterious forces.

What is a Machine Deva?

  • Machine - a device that uses energy to perform some activity or task.
  • Deva - the Sanskrit word for deity, loosely interpreted as any benevolent supernatural beings.
  • Machine Deva - The inexplicable presence that emerges when creativity meets machine.

Project's story...

Last spring, Steve participated in an Experimental Art film-making workshop with David Hollander, where his love for 16mm film was rekindled. “See The World,” a 3-minute direct-to-film project was screened at CineMarfa Film Festival in 2011, to an astounded audience. In response, the film festival producers, friends and colleagues have asked to see more!

So Steve set about procuring vintage 16mm projectors, viewers, reels and old films. He pulled his instruments and sound equipment out of storage, borrowed wild electronic “effects” and rounded up fellow musicians. He invented new gismos and processes to accommodate his outrageous imagination. All to produce a 20 minute film, which will be premiered at the 2012 CineMarfa Film Festival.

Now in full creative production, "Machine Deva" has taken on a life of it's own.
Seemingly, an unstoppable force. It is determined to come out!

You are invited to participate in this unique
and marvelous adventure!

  • Be a donor through Kickstarter (see the great rewards at right).

  • Spread the word... post on facebook, twitter, email to your friends.

  • Amuse yourself with the Kickstarter video.

  • Attend the premiere screening of “Machine Deva”
    at CineMarfa 2012.

Who is Steve Holzer?
Steve Holzer has a long history of creating innovative paintings, prints, computer animation, sound, and film. His work is a blending of scientific data transformed into imagery, and a romantic's view of the world. In order to capture his visions, he has been known to experiment with materials and work processes, integrating new technologies and developing masterful techniques. Experimental Art film-making is an opportunity for Steve to combine his diversity of expertise and talent into a single presentation.

To view Steve's painting, prints, and Polar Sundial, visit:

What will the money for be used for?
The goal is to have a high quality digitized master ready for screening at the CineMarfa Film Festival in Marfa, Texas in May, 2012. Much has already come out of pocket, but funds are still needed for sound software and mixing, stipends for contributing musicians, transfer of 16mm to digital, sound mastering, DVD duplication, and Soundtrack CD publishing. Oh, and the printing and shipping of all your stupendous rewards.

We've set our goal low - only $3,000 - to make sure we make it, though we have many more expenses to cover. So, if your heart is in it, please continue to make donations, even if it looks like we don't need you anymore. WE DO!!!!

What's in it for me?
Everyone gets something cool. Even the smallest donation gets a film print postcard thank you, undying gratitude and the enormous satisfaction of helping to bring this project to life. Depending on your donation, you may also receive postcards &/or poster with image from the film, a special Soundtrack CD, your name in the credits, a DVD of “Machine Deva,” or "Invaluable Donor" credit and special guest at CineMarfa 2012. Check out the details on right side of this page.

Anyone who donates or helps spread the word will have
good luck for the next 20 years!

THANK YOU!!!! It takes a whole bunch of people to bring "Machine Deva" into the world.

We greatly appreciate everyone who supports this project through their donations, networking, encouragement and late-night candy!



The details...

How does Kickstarter work?
Kickstarter is an amazing way to fund creative projects, and is secure and rewarding for donors. Donations can be in any amount, and will not be collected unless the goal is reached. Everyone who contributes financially will receive gifts offered only through the fundraising campaign. Backers may donate money at any time during the Kickstarter campaign and continue to donate funds even after the initial goal is met.

How do I make a pledge?
Just click the green “Back This Project” button in the upper right-hand corner. You will be asked for your pledge amount and select a reward. From there, you will go through the Amazon checkout process. You must finish the Amazon checkout process for your pledge to be recorded.

What if the goal is not reached?
If donations do not meet the goal, all pledges are canceled. Your card is not charged. We will be sad, and probably go into debt, but the “Machine Deva” will find a way.

Can we exceed the goal?
Yes. Please! That would make us feel so loved. And the Machine Deva will hum merrily for weeks. Any extra will be used to submit to other film festivals and art film houses, which will require a higher quality master to be made. And there is always the next film.

Can I make a donation as a gift, or as a group?
Of course! Great gift idea!!! Power in numbers!!! We will contact you once funding is complete to gather information – who gets the rewards. Just let us know the name you would like to donate under.


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    Postcard (frame shot from film) mailed to you with personal thank you from film maker.

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    Set of 6 Postcards, frame shots from film. (plus $10 rewards)

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    Limited edition poster (11 x 17), still shot with title, signed by film maker. (plus all $25 rewards)

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    CD sound track of film score - all original music. (plus all $50 rewards)

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    Your name in film credits. (plus all $75 rewards)

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    DVD of "Machine Deva," after screening at film festivals. (plus all $100 rewards, all but DVD delivered in May)

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    Personal guest of film maker at CineMarfa Film Festival, May 2012 in Marfa, Texas. Includes 4 nights lodging, studio tour, premiere party, and "Invaluable Donor" credit in film. (plus all $250 rewards - DVD delivery in August)

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