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AR for Everyone enables  Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Visit AR IN ACTION at MIT
AR for Everyone enables  Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality from the simplest to the most sophisticated.
AR for Everyone enables Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality from the simplest to the most sophisticated.
136 backers pledged $6,831 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Steven Taylor Collaborator on January 27

      @Rotzo , @Grayson King -- thanks for the support!

    2. Rotzo on January 26

      Can't wait to see your headset! Love the concept!

    3. Grayson King
      on January 21

      Congrats on success!

    4. Grayson King
      on January 18

      Check out Ockel Sirius A: the World's Most Versatile Mini PC on #indiegogo!

    5. Grayson King
      on January 18

      I wonder how well my Ockel Sirius A Pro will fit in this haha

      Now there’s an idea!! Are you aware of that product? It’s basically a smartphone sized full windows 10 Pro PC. I already have their last product the Sirius B Black Cherry and they’re about to deliver the new one

      Just thought these would go together so well haha

    6. Missing avatar

      Jarred Guthrie on January 17

      Well done folks! Congrats on the funding milestone! I’m looking forward to closely following your success.

      Best of luck,

    7. Rotzo on January 14

      I just love this headset I look forward to your future headsets! Go forth and be brilliant!

    8. Dennis J Solomon Creator on January 11

      Hi Chris,

      We are delighted to have a puppeteer as a supporter.

      Our Lenses are approximately square(E)/rectangular(M) and fill the planar aperture. We are preparing a Makers/Experimenters' White Paper for our Backers which will include a discussion of the lenses - the advantages and limitations of our choices and the other designs.

      The environmental field of view is approximately 140 degrees. The AR4 M (Monoscopic) augmented field of view is approximately 100 degrees, and the AR4 E (Stereoscopic) is approximately 50 degrees. With Split Screen stereoscopy, part of peripheral field becomes monoscopic.

      We would be delighted to develop AR4 HeadSets for Puppets with you.

      Thank for your support...

      Dennis for the AR4 Team

    9. Rotzo on January 11

      Hello ! How big are the lenses? And what it is the field of view?
      Thanks so much Chris

    10. Dennis J Solomon Creator on January 4

      Thanks for your support, observations and references. We would enjoy working with you to perfect a HeadSet for your vision status.

      Our AR4 design includes a replaceable lens plate, and we have experimented with placement both before and between the mirrors. We are continuing to research and evolve the solid and fresnel lenses for both the M and E versions.

      We will be shipping the AR4 M/E with a high quality fresnel lenses placed between the mirrors. We have found that it is not the mirrors, but rather the lens that limits the MTF (the quality of the viewed image).

      We consider our Supporters of this soft-launched, early stage Kickstarter to be our dedicated testers and critics.

      When you receive the HeadSet, please engage with us and will do our best to insure that you receive the highest quality Headset in its price range, and the most appropriate optical technology for your purpose.

      We appreciate your comments regarding shipping and VAT in the EU.

      Many thanks from the AR4 team,


    11. Robo Durden
      on January 4

      Watching this campaign since it's beginning..

      Without that bulky cardboard design and a cool product video, this campaign would perform far better.

      Shipping to Europe could be a bit cheaper. Can only back the mono early bird to stay at $30 = no import VAT in Germany...

      Was very disappointed with the image quality of the Aryzon :-(

      @Creator here, could you please show close-up videos from where our eyes will see the display. I fear that again, low mirror quality will prevent seeing crystal clear 1440p

      MovieMask did such a video for their successful indigogo campaign.

      @Creator, is there a Fresnel lens between mirror 1 and 2?
      Getting older I no longer can focus screens closer than 50 cm = 20 inch !!!

      Made a prototype of your periscope setup already 10 years ago..

      Here my version 2 some years ago

      Roland, the little physicist :-)

    12. Missing avatar

      David Zucker on December 29

      Wow, that’s awesome Dennis!! This sounds like a groundbreaking product!!!

    13. Dennis J Solomon Creator on December 29

      Hi David,

      Thanks for your support. This simple answer is YES.

      Both MovieMask Go and Gear VR are what we call the ViewMaster configuration with the Smart Phone directly in front of one's eyes. The difference is the optics - MovieMask uses fixed monoscopic optics and direct view, while Gear VR uses fixed stereoscopic optics and a software program to stitch two images together. For 2D Cinema, the MovieMask Go will present a higher resolution, direct image. But our eyes play tricks on us and well-designed software can add remarkable visual perceptions, especially with wide-screen or IMAX formats.

      In our AR4 E design, the Optics are interchangeable. We provide both M Monoscopic and S stereoscopic optics for your viewing pleasure. We have designed the AR4 to have the comfort of a hat/cap, and found that the option of the free-flow of air around the eyes contributes to one's viewing comfort.

      We are going to continue to evolve our AR4 designs, and as a first-adopter and backer, you will have special, highly discounted, first access to new products.

    14. Missing avatar

      David Zucker on December 29

      I do most of my movie watching laying in bed. I use the Gear VR (Oculus Cinema) that way and now the MovieMask Go that way. Can this be used that way, too? Or do you have to be upright? Thanks!!

    15. Steven Taylor Collaborator on December 27

      @Arnold Bob- my wife and I made the decorations. We pulled together some sticker packs from Amazon and really went full graffiti mode. It was a fun project, glad you like the work :)

    16. Dennis J Solomon Creator on December 27

      Thanks for your support and questions. Please don't hesitate to ask many more?

      Our best regards,

      Dennis for the AR4 Team

    17. Dennis J Solomon Creator on December 27

      Hi Grayson,

      The AR4 M is the 2D, Monoscopic Lens version. This lens enables full resolution of the Smart Phone display to be used for cinematic viewing (Youtube, Netflix, etc.); 360 videos from GoPro cameras and smart phone cameras; 2D games such as Pokeman Go; full resolution for Office apps, Google Docs, etc, using a Bluetooth keyboard. Other AR headsets and Google Cardboard are locked into Split Screen Mode, halving the resolution and field of view.

      AR4 E (For Everything) includes the M configuration of the 2D Monoscopic Lens AND ADDS the 3D, Stereoscopic Dual Lenses and Other elements necessary for 3D Augmented or Virtual Reality Viewing. It is easy to switch between the E and M configurations. In 3D Split screen mode, one experiences a stereoscopic image. In the Virtual Reality mode, the AR4 is identical to the Oculus, Vive, Google Cardboard experience.

      The AR4 is physically compatible with all phones having dimensions equal or less than Galaxy S8+ or iphone 8+. We develop both Android and iOS apps. The Pixel is an excellent choice.

    18. Grayson King
      on December 27

      Precisely which phones does this support? I mean, I’m needing to upgrade anyway and wanting to go the Pixel route but I’m on iPhone 5S right now.

    19. Grayson King
      on December 27

      I’m not really sure precisely what the difference actually is between Ar4 M and E... it seems that the M is limited and the E does both what the M does and what the E does?

      It just wasn’t immediately clear to me

    20. Missing avatar

      Arnold Bob on December 27

      Fantastic fun video. Great to know you will be meeting your funding goal. Can you tell us a bit more about the folks who decorated the AR4 units?

      Ranger Bob
      Parks Commissioner
      Paratransit for Parks

    21. Dennis J Solomon Creator on December 26

      We're honored to have the medical and educational communities supporting the use of the AR4. The AR/Flip-Up EyeScreen enables the comfort of those with the challenges of Autism, Alzheimers, ADHD to remain in touch with the familiar. The AR4's comfortable design and low cost make it the perfect entry point.

      With the screen resolutions of the iPhone, Galaxy, and Pixel reaching Quad HD+ (2960 x 1440), your Office, Cinema and Games in A/VR Smart Phone is now a reality. Our AR4 Cardboard is your first step into this experience. With a flip-up EyeScreen, the real world is a tap away. And the AR4 folds into a convenient, flat package for traveling.

      Your support today will be rewarded not only with our AR4, but also a very special place and price for our future evolutions. Experience the AR4 Universe and communicate your most demanding requirements..

    22. Dennis J Solomon Creator on December 25

      Hi Leon,
      Hi Leon,

      Ergonomically, the AR4 moves the moment of inertia of the SmartPhone close to the forehead. This substantially reduces the static bending moment forces on the face which is (moment x distance). More importantly, the AR4 substantially reduces the DYNAMIC bending moment when walking, playing, bicycling, etc. The dynamic moment is generally proportional to the square of the velocity of the center of inertia.

      At our recent demonstration at Boston AutoDesk Event, those playing our fast motion, hands-free, head-orientation games refused give them up.

      We are always open to discuss collaboration with everyone interested in AR/VR and I would be pleased to establish a formal EU base. In the 1990s, I spent a number of years working on the CERN graphics computers.

      Happy Holidays,

      Dennis for the AR4 Team

    23. Dennis J Solomon Creator on December 25

      The AR4 Team would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for all of our Supporters and the best of Holiday Greetings for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We look to announcing our major funded Autism Initiative on Jan 10 - a Project which will insure our Supporters receive the very best AR/VR/MR HeadSet in its category.

      We also welcome your suggestions and advice on the development of our dedicated AR4 Apps - which will begin with Office, Cinema, Party and Game Modes.

      The AR4 Team

    24. LES on December 25

      Hi Dennis,

      After reading Alessandro's questions; how is it the only comfortable, while the Aryzon being the market reference point is also comfortable, especially with their new upcoming developments? I really don't see it.

      However, considering your decades of experience in AR and Aryzon's experience in AR headset development and being based in Europe, might you two not just collaborate? ;-)

      Best regards

    25. Missing avatar

      Arnold Bob on December 17

      Hey Dennis!

      By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, and the Dread Dormammu this is incredible! On any planet that has the audicity to call itself civilized, proof of the ability to cast spells, in the form of a demo app, should actually be a mandatory part of any Mixed Reality hardware package!

      By the Fangs of Farallah* I applaud you for letting us know you will be offering a spell casing app with the AR4E.


    26. Dennis J Solomon Creator on December 17

      Hi Arnold,

      Thanks for the comment and interest.

      The AR4E is Smart Phone-based and fully capable of displaying augmented images with the same or better resolution and color fidelity, and a larger field of view. All of the Daniel Suarez Youtube images would display with a resolution based on that of the Smart Phone being used. The Samsung G8 is Quad HD+ or about 4 times that of the HoloLens.

      Unity has incorporated the Vuforia Augmented Reality Engine, which includes target, face, gesture and object recognition using the Smart Phone or external camera. Vuforia also enables sound, motion, orientation, magnetic direction, GPS sensors, most of which are as powerful on the top Smart Phones as that in stand-alone headsets.

      Additionally, the AR4E is fully SmartPhone compatible enabling the phone and all of the standard apps you usually use when handheld. All standard Bluetooth accessories including keyboards, mice and audio may be utilized natively or with Unity programs.

      We will providing a number Unity/Vuforia apps for users and packages for developers. This will allow the AR4E option to the Unity menu. All Unity programs for Smart Phone Displays, whether designed to be for classical Cardboard VR or handheld may be use in the AR4E Legacy Mode without any modification.

      We would be pleased to provide you with a simple prototype app along the lines of Daniel's Youtube.

      Best regards and thanks,

      Dennis and the AR4E team.

    27. Missing avatar

      Arnold Bob on December 17

      Casting a spell with the AR4 E.

      An impressive yet simple demo of Mixed Reality that I took note of was done by Jason Odom for a Microsoft Hololens Challenge Wizard competition.

      Jasons program cast a spell with the Hololens, using an incantation from Daemon by Daniel Suarez-casting spells in augmented reality. Jasons entry won the competition. Here is a link to it...…

      This was programmed in Unity, and I got the impression he didn't spend a lot of time programming it.

      Could you folks comment on the feasibility of doing something like this for the AR4E.

    28. Dennis J Solomon Creator on December 8

      Hi Alessandro,

      Thank you for your interest and questions.

      The AR4 E Reward at $25 includes both the E-Stereoscopic and M-Monoscopic optics in both the AR4 and Direct Camera configurations. All of the modes are easily interchangeable, and one may easily compare the possibilities.

      The AR4 is designed for 'comfort in motion' and we have included patterned foam padding. While travelling this may be compressed, but along with the extra optics and components, our shipping rate is as flat box. We would enjoy developing an EU alliance and distribution point.

      The AR4 will accommodate the S8, S8+. We have not tested the Note, but will do so.

      The AR4 team has decades of experience researching virtual and augmented reality in an academic and scientific setting. We built the AR4 because a comfortable in motion, multi-mode AR/VR headset was not available. To our knowledge, the AR4 remains the only comfortable in motion, multi-mode headset on the market.

      Our Kickstarter campaign is truly an early stage, "kickstart' opportunity to receive critical feedback, refine our designs and develop our message. We look forward to sharing our designs and their evolution with our supporters for many decades to come.

      We appreciate your questions and support.

      Best regards,


    29. Alessandro "NeatWolf" Salvati
      on December 8

      Hi there!

      I'm a serial pledger and already got the Aryzon here at home, yet, I'd love to have a look at what you're offering.
      I've got a few questions:

      1) How is that shipping costs are so high for a foldable device? $15 shipping(Italy) is adding +100% to the cost of the early bird tier! The Aryzon (sorry, but it's a reference at the moment) package was so flat it could fit in a thin bag/parcel. How are you going to package the headsets?

      2) From where are you shipping the headsets? Shipping costs are already high, I'd appreciate if you could have a distribution point within the EU, to avoid adding on top of everything +25% extra customs fees

      3) I'd love to test both models (AR4M + AR4E). How can I pledge to get both early bird pledge tiers? Should I assume the delivery date is the more distant one to get both? Or, are you going to ship them as soon as they are available, doubling shipping costs?

      4) Do larger smartphones with latest aspect ratios fit well in both headsets (Samsung S8, S8+ in particular? What about the Note version of them?)

    30. Dennis J Solomon Creator on November 22

      Hi Leon,

      As you may know, we have been developing state-of-the-art scientific AR/VR for many decades, and evaluating smartphone based systems since the introduction of the Google Cardboard. Among the most notable issues has been the 'moment of inertia' of the designs. Standard or Legacy VR designs (Google Cardboard and the Aryzon) place the smartphone distal to the bulk of the headset and eyes. This places a weight at the end of a lever whose force increases exponentially when in simple motion such as moving one's head, and especially when real world gaming, walking, running or biking.

      The AR4 places the Smart Phone proximal to the forehead - resting on shaped, convoluted foam - to minimize the motion of inertia and dampen displacements in active motion. The difference is remarkable.

      Certain legacy VR and Google Cardboard programs do not have the controls necessary to transform to our contemporary format and thus we have added an additional smart phone holder and reversible optics to allow our Supporters to experiment with both. It takes about 30 seconds to switch between AR4 and legacy.

      This week has been our 'soft' launch of the Kickstarter. Next week (after the Thanksgiving holiday) we will be doing demonstrations in the Cambridge and New York VR community events. If there are Aryzon users there, we would welcome a real world comparison.

      We launched AR4 to provide the community with the most versatile low cost, foldable AR/VR research and experiential platform. With its multiple modes and configurations, it represents an excellent $25 headset for all AR/VR enthusiasts.

      Best regards,


    31. LES on November 22

      @Dennis, thank you for your reply. But having tested the Aryzon myself which has a very nice and good quality, I do not see how the AR4 is more elegant and simpler construction than the Aryzon.

      The Aryzon is already a great product for Development, Entertainment Educational and the 'AR Cardboard' Experience, being the first AR Cardboard in the world.

      Therefore I am looking for the advantages the AR4 has, considering I don't see them, because the Aryzon is already very nice and useful, while their business is way more ahead after all the years of development.

      But thank you again for responding and good luck!

    32. Dennis J Solomon Creator on November 21

      Hi Leon, Thanks for your post. We respect a comparison of technologies

      Our AR4 is radically more comfortable and stable, especially when in motion gaming, walking, running, biking. The AR4 is a elegant, simple construction which enables full resolution Smart Phone performance for viewing pictures, videos, Netflix, etc. and VR stereoscopic for gaming and 3D experiences. It is designed to be FOLDABLE into a compact package for daily travel.

      With our emphasis on COMFORT and FOLDABILITY, it is a great product for Development, Entertainment Educational and the 'AR/VR Cardboard' Experience.

      We are already prototyping a more expensive, sophisticated evolution incorporating the latest materials. We really appreciate our Early Adopters and they will have the opportunity to experience all of our future technologies and product with a preferred, special status and pricing.

    33. LES on November 19


      You might want to have a look at as they have had a really successful Kickstarter campaign last May, in which they provide the same good quality solution.

      Aryzons Kickstarter:…

      You might be able to use it yourself, including all coming headsets Aryzon developes.