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AR for Everyone enables  Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Visit AR IN ACTION at MIT
AR for Everyone enables  Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality from the simplest to the most sophisticated.
AR for Everyone enables Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality from the simplest to the most sophisticated.
136 backers pledged $6,831 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Crane 1 day ago

      I am still getting an awaiting shipment update:

      Shipment information for tracking number:

      Scan History
      Date Time Location Status

      Could you check the status for me ?



      PS Hello Steve

    2. Steven Taylor Collaborator on

      Jarred- Since we worked and live so closely together I had a grand plan to deliver your and other in my personal network by hand...If you have an immediate use case then I will obviously ship it out asap- but really come visit my studio and get the full tour of features, demos and other art/design things -- right now anyone who hasn't received a headset and is waiting- thanks for your patience- we hare having a new set of lenses cut and ship the remaining few backers or hand deliver them once that is finished

    3. Missing avatar

      Jarred Guthrie on

      Hi Gents - how are you getting on? Just checking - have not received my kit and wondered what was up?


    4. Steven Taylor Collaborator on

      Josh- I sent you an email- your headset tracking says it was delivered June 9th...please check the email-
      thanks for the support

    5. Missing avatar

      Josh Nakaya on

      AR4E team,

      Have not received my headset. Can you please check and respond?


    6. Dennis J Solomon Creator on

      Hi Jin Woo,

      It appears that we did not send yours out. We have two Backers with the last name LEE from Korea and I think our mailing label program thought they were duplicates. This is the life of a first-time Kickstarter project!!! Yours will be shipped within the week and I think (and hope) will have the special designation of the last one to be shipped from our first series. Again, many thanks for your support and patience.

      Dennis for the AR4E Team

    7. Dennis J Solomon Creator on

      Hi Jin Woo,

      You are one of our early backers and we are dedicated to insuring that your experience is positive. We are looking into the where-abouts of your HeadSet which we believe was mailed some time ago. Tomorrow we will be able to access our mailing records and report back.
      Thanks for your support and patience.

      We are continuing to evolve AR4E and look forward to presenting a number of exciting advances in software and games over the summer.

      Many thanks to all our Backers.

      Dennis for the AR4E Team.

    8. Missing avatar

      Lee, Jin Woo

      Dear Creator

      I haven't received mine yet.

      Please check it.

    9. Dennis J Solomon Creator on

      Hi Everyone,

      Many thanks for your kind patience. As of Friday, we have shipped to all Backers except 4 Classroom Backers whom we are contacting directly regarding our developing Education Initiative.

      Over the next few weeks, we will publish a detailed update on the software and projects. This is a quick note to address the reverse screen in our Ergonomic Mode.

      Excellent solutions for Android phones are provided by a popular app - Rotation Control by CrapeMyrtle (…); Control Screen Rotation as suggested by Zach, and others.

      If you are a Unity3D developer, the simple solution is a 180 degree rotation of the Main Camera about the Z-axis -- a simple entry in the Inspector window. For Vuforia AR, we direct the AR Camera to a Texture and rotate the Texture Display Object (on a Canvas or in the World Scene). These solutions do not require scripts.

      Some apps and games by-pass the Screen Control. For these we recommend Legacy Mode, which positions the screen right-side up.

      More to follow....

      Our many thanks,

      The AR4E Team

    10. Zach Dokuchic on

      Anyone on Android who is looking to flip the screen, you can download this app -…

      It'll add a notification that will allow you to toggle the screen rotation and lock it. You'll likely want to use "reverse landscape" and it should work for you :)

      You may need to open the app first and hit "start service" and also check the button that says "add a button to the notification for stopping the service"

      Lastly this isn't my app, just one I found that works :) hope that helps!

    11. Missing avatar

      Calvin Xu on

      Image is upside down. How to fix that?

    12. Missing avatar

      Calvin Xu on

      Got mine today!! USA. TX

    13. Grayson King

      How do we resolve everything on the screen being backwards?

      You reckon Apple has a secret option to mirror the screen within iOS itself so it isn’t backwards when I look at it? Or do you know of any apps/devices that have that option built in?

      My guess is not, or perhaps I’m using it wrong?

    14. Pablo Farias Navarro on

      Got mine today! Any good ARCore apps people recommend?

    15. Grayson King

      Got mine and sort of figured it out but I’ll give that video a watch too

      Genuinely wanna design a 3D printed version myself and use your lenses etc ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Sakthi Narayanan on

      I have still not got the product yet .
      Whom should I email and how do I get it .
      I am one of the backers .

      Can you confirm if mine is on the list ?


    17. Dennis J Solomon Creator on

      Hi Luis,

      We are pleased to report that about 90% of the headsets to our Kickstarter backers will be shipped by this Friday, June 6, 2018 - an Update will be posted from Post Office.

      Our many thanks,

      The AR4 Team

    18. Robo Durden

      i finally found the time to finish the assembly :-)
      Image looks sharp. But as i am getting older, i can no longer focus on a screen so near.
      @creator, think of increasing the fresnel lens by 3 diopter. When wearing my 3 diopter reading glasses, i can see a clear image.
      But then of course, AR does no longer make any sense as the see-through world gets blurred.

      Of course, people not being far-sighted will not have that problem. Still, the image from the Smartphone should need the same focus as the reality it is projected into !
      And as that mostly will be 1-4 meters, the focal length of the fresnel lens seems to be wrong.

      I think it is better to put the rough side of the fresnel lens downwards to at least scatter the reflections bright light coming from behind the head or the face.

      And i must correct my word about a too short head strap. It needs to be quit tight to press the headset to the face, so the length is even 4 cm longer than i would need it to be.
      But a third strap going over the head seems to be a must.

      The light shield was missing, so i can not use the headset to watch movies.

      But i might find the happiness to design a 3d-printed plastic system anyway :-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Luis Miguel Mateo Sanchez on

      Sorry, When I'm going to receive it ? Here in Miami

    20. Missing avatar

      Ivan Wong

      Sorry again, could you guys make a video on how to use the legacy adapter? That was the part I was confused about!

    21. Missing avatar

      Ivan Wong

      Just Kidding! Found the video guide!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ivan Wong

      Can you guys make a video on how to actually assemble the headsets? The instructions on the website isn't the best in showing how we are supposed to put it together.

    23. DANNY on

      still awaiting mine here in the UK

    24. Missing avatar

      Ivan Wong

      Hey! I live in the US (California) and I’m wondering when I will receive the headset?

    25. Robo Durden

      P.S. the head strap is a bit too short. I don't have such a big head but still the straps ends just reach the Velcro.

    26. Robo Durden

      got my 2d headset today (Germany) :-)

      But as it is already partly assembled, i feel a bit lost how to finish the mask.
      The two pages with assembly instructions are not really helpful !
      (maybe i need more sleep..)

      @creator, please upload a youtube video where you open the box as we get it and show step by step how to proceed.

      I stopped putting it together as i really fear to connect pieces in the wrong order..

    27. Alessandro "NeatWolf" Salvati

      Hi there!

      I'm not sure if there are $15 shipping. If not, I ordered both versions!

      Fact is: I recently returned my S9+ and now I'm going to pick another phone. It's going to be probably as big as the S8+/S9+, so about 6". Thinking about the new Pixel, the P20Pro or equivalent. Maybe I may even going to buy back the S9+ when it drops some more and all its issues gets fixed!

      How does my choice affect the compatibility with the visors?
      Did I actually pick 2 visors or $15 is the shipping cost?

    28. Missing avatar

      Ivan Wong

      Hi, I'm not sure if I completed the survey correctly or if you have my mailing address, could you guys help check whether you have all my information for shipping?

    29. Grayson King

      Sounds good to me ;)

      I’m certain I shall modify it etc as and when and if required also haha

      Eventually anyway... I’m genuinely looking forward to it haha 😂

      | (• ◡•)|


    30. Dennis J Solomon Creator on

      Hi Danny - We have all the parts and the first batch of AR4E M's are boxed and going in the mail tomorrow or Tuesday. The first batch of E's will follow by the end of the week. All our Backers should have or be receiving a survey for an update on their preferred mailing address. Barring asteroids or aliens, all our Backers will be receiving their AR4 HeadSets over the next few weeks. We have learned a lot in the process - and thank you for your support and patience.

    31. DANNY on

      been any more delays? i am still awaiting mine

    32. Steven Taylor Collaborator on

      Grayson- currently we have made the headset from cardboard. I would like to see how well it stands up to your use cases. With a simple clear coat it would become more resistant to sweat and smudges- I think we can find an appropriate material, if the human factors work out to make it useful for you under these conditions.

    33. Grayson King

      I talked to you about maybe 3D printing my own version of your thingy (I forgot the model name I pledged for with the ar/vr swapping) that is ok for gym stuff and sweatproof

      Haven’t followed that chat up until now but wondering how we go about that haha =P

    34. DANNY on

      great many thanks

    35. Dennis J Solomon Creator on

      @Danny and @Ivan --

      Thanks for your patience. As our first supporters of our first Kickstarter, we are dedicated to delivering an excellent product and value in its design niche. Trying to incorporate a comfortable foam headliner which lies flat has been more challenging than we anticipated. Steve took a number of the first production units to SxSW last week where over two hundred critics provided feedback - which we are currently incorporating in the units we send our Supporters.

      We have over a quarter already assembled except for the foam and we expect that next week will be begin shipping. Barring earth-threatening comets, we expect to complete shipping to all our KS Supporters by the end of April.

      We have learned a lot in this process and we thank you. You will find that we are dedicated to insuring that you feel that you have received an excellent value for your Support.

      Dennis for the AR4 team.

    36. DANNY on

      When’s the delivery date?

    37. Missing avatar

      Ivan Wong

      When’s the delivery date?

    38. Steven Taylor Collaborator on

      @Rotzo , @Grayson King -- thanks for the support!

    39. Rotzo on

      Can't wait to see your headset! Love the concept!

    40. Grayson King

      Congrats on success!

    41. Grayson King

      Check out Ockel Sirius A: the World's Most Versatile Mini PC on #indiegogo!

    42. Grayson King

      I wonder how well my Ockel Sirius A Pro will fit in this haha

      Now there’s an idea!! Are you aware of that product? It’s basically a smartphone sized full windows 10 Pro PC. I already have their last product the Sirius B Black Cherry and they’re about to deliver the new one

      Just thought these would go together so well haha

    43. Missing avatar

      Jarred Guthrie on

      Well done folks! Congrats on the funding milestone! I’m looking forward to closely following your success.

      Best of luck,

    44. Rotzo on

      I just love this headset I look forward to your future headsets! Go forth and be brilliant!

    45. Dennis J Solomon Creator on

      Hi Chris,

      We are delighted to have a puppeteer as a supporter.

      Our Lenses are approximately square(E)/rectangular(M) and fill the planar aperture. We are preparing a Makers/Experimenters' White Paper for our Backers which will include a discussion of the lenses - the advantages and limitations of our choices and the other designs.

      The environmental field of view is approximately 140 degrees. The AR4 M (Monoscopic) augmented field of view is approximately 100 degrees, and the AR4 E (Stereoscopic) is approximately 50 degrees. With Split Screen stereoscopy, part of peripheral field becomes monoscopic.

      We would be delighted to develop AR4 HeadSets for Puppets with you.

      Thank for your support...

      Dennis for the AR4 Team

    46. Rotzo on

      Hello ! How big are the lenses? And what it is the field of view?
      Thanks so much Chris

    47. Dennis J Solomon Creator on

      Thanks for your support, observations and references. We would enjoy working with you to perfect a HeadSet for your vision status.

      Our AR4 design includes a replaceable lens plate, and we have experimented with placement both before and between the mirrors. We are continuing to research and evolve the solid and fresnel lenses for both the M and E versions.

      We will be shipping the AR4 M/E with a high quality fresnel lenses placed between the mirrors. We have found that it is not the mirrors, but rather the lens that limits the MTF (the quality of the viewed image).

      We consider our Supporters of this soft-launched, early stage Kickstarter to be our dedicated testers and critics.

      When you receive the HeadSet, please engage with us and will do our best to insure that you receive the highest quality Headset in its price range, and the most appropriate optical technology for your purpose.

      We appreciate your comments regarding shipping and VAT in the EU.

      Many thanks from the AR4 team,


    48. Robo Durden

      Watching this campaign since it's beginning..

      Without that bulky cardboard design and a cool product video, this campaign would perform far better.

      Shipping to Europe could be a bit cheaper. Can only back the mono early bird to stay at $30 = no import VAT in Germany...

      Was very disappointed with the image quality of the Aryzon :-(

      @Creator here, could you please show close-up videos from where our eyes will see the display. I fear that again, low mirror quality will prevent seeing crystal clear 1440p

      MovieMask did such a video for their successful indigogo campaign.

      @Creator, is there a Fresnel lens between mirror 1 and 2?
      Getting older I no longer can focus screens closer than 50 cm = 20 inch !!!

      Made a prototype of your periscope setup already 10 years ago..

      Here my version 2 some years ago

      Roland, the little physicist :-)

    49. Missing avatar

      David Zucker on

      Wow, that’s awesome Dennis!! This sounds like a groundbreaking product!!!

    50. Dennis J Solomon Creator on

      Hi David,

      Thanks for your support. This simple answer is YES.

      Both MovieMask Go and Gear VR are what we call the ViewMaster configuration with the Smart Phone directly in front of one's eyes. The difference is the optics - MovieMask uses fixed monoscopic optics and direct view, while Gear VR uses fixed stereoscopic optics and a software program to stitch two images together. For 2D Cinema, the MovieMask Go will present a higher resolution, direct image. But our eyes play tricks on us and well-designed software can add remarkable visual perceptions, especially with wide-screen or IMAX formats.

      In our AR4 E design, the Optics are interchangeable. We provide both M Monoscopic and S stereoscopic optics for your viewing pleasure. We have designed the AR4 to have the comfort of a hat/cap, and found that the option of the free-flow of air around the eyes contributes to one's viewing comfort.

      We are going to continue to evolve our AR4 designs, and as a first-adopter and backer, you will have special, highly discounted, first access to new products.

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