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The world's first portable STANDING DESK. Perfect for travelers, contractors, or those tight on space!
The world's first portable STANDING DESK. Perfect for travelers, contractors, or those tight on space!
279 backers pledged $33,419 to help bring this project to life.

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All-Nighter Ninja

Ninja Standing Desks are almost completely shipped!

I pulled an all nighter last night and packed desks till dawn. The last of the shipments will go out tomorrow morning. Everyone's packages are going out Priority mail or Priority International. Over a hundred boxes today are shipping and another fifty tomorrow.

When you receive your Ninja Standing Desk look for the custom printed instructions inside one of the folded shelves. There you will be led through the steps of setting up your desk for the very first time.

The online intructions are available HERE

I am so excited to finally be getting everyone's Ninja Standing Desks out! I couldn't have done this without all of your support and I hope you enjoy using your Ninja Standing Desk.

Please send pictures of your setup! I'd love to see more pictures of Ninjas in the wild!

The Desks are done!

Almost 400 shelves for the Ninja Standing Desk were picked up this morning from the sewing house! 

Over the course of this week and next I will begin the finally assembly process and start packaging each desk to be ready for shipping.

A few small parts like the brackets still need to be fabricated  and some of the Ninja Fridge magnets still need to be drilled and have magnets glued in but that should take me no more than a few days to finish up.

The printed instructions are almost done with our favorite Ninja Illustrator doing all the illustrations.

US kickstarter backers should receive their desks before Christmas! Hopefully many of the international backers will also but International shipping can sometimes take 3-6 weeks. 

If you are in the US and want a Ninja Standing Desk as a gift for Christmas there is still time to order another desk over at

I am so excited to hear everyones feedback about the desks and more importantly pictures of where you use yours! Please post a picture of your current "Stack of Boxes" standing desk and/or your new Ninja Standing Desk setup on our Facebook Page (and don't forget to like our page if you haven't already!)

Thanks everyone for all of your support! This project could have never been made without you!

Where will your Ninja Standing Desk go?

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The Home Stretch!

I've been closely following the progress at the two sewing houses and things are going great!

One of the exciting parts of manufacturing in the USA is that I was able to get EXACTLY the quality and specifications I wanted for the desks. A really interesting specification was how tight the fabric wraps the inserts. If it is too loose the desk can actually twist, if it is too tight the poles become hard to disconnect for disassembly. However I feel a bit like Goldilocks and found a fit that was "Just Right!"

Everything is finely tuned and each sewing house is in the middle of production and have assured me they will be done by the beginning of December.

There isn't much left for me to be hands on with the manufacturing so instead of twiddling my thumbs waiting for the production run to complete I've decided to do some field testing!

I'll be working from the road doing market research, field trials, and of course having fun, in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea until the end of November. 

I will still be available and working remotely on coordinating everything to be ready to ship out in the beginning of December as soon as the desks come back from the sewing house!

25 days with a small pack and my Ninja Standing Desk! Check out my blog at to follow along on my trip! Also be sure to go Like the Ninja Standing Desk Facebook Page for more updates and pictures of the Ninja Standing Desk in action. Tune in for lots of great travel tips, remote working tips, and more ninja goodness!

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Manufacturing is in full swing!

Wow these last couple weeks have flown by! I've been in the shop most days for 10hrs+ at a time working on cutting and prepping the inserts. All of the parts are now at both sewing houses and it is a race to see who finishes the job first. As soon as one finishes, I will have enough stock to send out to all the kickstarter backers.

This is my little biodiesel hatchback bringing one part of the materials to the sewing houses for the final manufacturing.

It does look like there will be a delay due to the christmas season rush at both sewing houses in completing the work. They did give me assurances that a good portion of the desks will be done by the end of November beginning of December. As soon as they are done I have all of the other parts ready for assembly and shipping!

Earlybird Desks and Magnets are all out in the hands of backers! We are in the process of drafting the instructions so please send me directly any feedback you have about any difficulties in setting your desks up the first time!  International backers, how was the extra assembly step you had to do? 

I am excited to hear any and all feedback and am looking forward to getting the rest of the desks out to backers!

Thanks again for helping make the Ninja Standing Desk a reality!

P.S. If you didn't get a chance to pledge for a desk but would still like to pre-order one we are now accepting Pre-Orders at

Movie: CNC Router cutting the inserts (Warning: Mute your sound, its loud!)

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Vote for Ninja Standing Desk!

We will be demoing the Ninja Standing Desk at Tech Cocktails 9/27 at the Mighty in San Francisco

This should be a fun event to check out some cool startups and even see the Ninja Standing Desk in person in the Bay Area.

Oh and they are having a vote for the hottest SF startup:

Vote for Ninja Standing Desk!