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Get the inside edge on the stories that connect Americans to the world -- in your ear every week. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 15, 2013.

Get the inside edge on the stories that connect Americans to the world -- in your ear every week.

About this project


We’re living in a globalized world. Scratch the surface of any American community and you’ll find international connections. Take any of the issues Americans are talking about and you’ll find international parallels. It’s time for journalism that reflects this reality.


The Local Global Mashup Show will give you a whole new way of understanding the world – and the U.S. too. Every week our audio show will bring you stories you don’t hear elsewhere that:    

•             Uncover the connections between people across borders

•             Show how global events impact our communities 

•             Report on how other countries deal with problems we too are facing 

•             Reflect how the outside world sees America 


The Latitude News website has been mashing up local and global for a little over a year, thanks to funding from the International Women’s Media Foundation and friends and family. Our stories are being picked up by the likes of the Christian Science Monitor, The Week, Mental Floss and APM’s Marketplace.  Since last summer, we’ve been producing a monthly audio feature – a deep dive into one particularly intriguing tale of US-world relations, commissioned by the folks at the Public Radio Exchange (PRX).  Have a listen to our latest here - and catch some others at the end of the page.

But there’s so much more to talk about – every week brings new leads for stories that aren’t getting coverage elsewhere and new questions about the global context of American debates that aren’t being asked by anyone else. 

That’s why we want to start a weekly audio show - the Local Global Mashup Show - available on any device.


Founder and editor-in-chief Maria Balinska has spent her career innovating and promoting ways of engaging audiences with what’s going on in the world. In her 20 years as an award winning journalist, producer and manager at BBC Radio, she launched six shows for three different networks.  Maria’s nomadic upbringing drives her passion for cross-border connections – she’s even written a book exploring these themes through the history of the bagel.

Host Dan Moulthrop is an award winning journalist and former host of Cleveland WCPN’s Sound of Ideas as well as the co-founder of The Civic Commons, a startup bringing media, technology and journalism into the world of engagement around important issues.

Producer Jack Rodolico has had his work featured on America Public Media's Marketplace and PRI’s The World as well as public radio stations across the country. Prior to working in radio, he was a science teacher, where he laid the foundation for educating the public by learning how to tell a good story to classes of “tweenies.”  

Reporter Nick Nehamas may be the “baby” of the in-house team, having started out as an intern with us after graduating from college in 2011, but he’s already scooped the AP.    

And that’s just our base…

We have an established network of hand-picked and trusted radio journalists around the U.S. and the world, people whose voices and work have been broadcast by public radio in the U.S. -- and drawn from the talent pool of more that 930 reporters and producers affiliated with AIR, the Association of Independents in Radio -- as well as by the BBC, Australia’s ABC, Radio Netherlands and Germany’s Deutsche Welle.  


We can’t do this without you. 

Quality audio journalism isn’t cheap, especially when some of that reporting is being done abroad. 

That’s why we’re going to charge a subscription fee for our Local Global Mashup Show. It won’t be a big sum and we will always offer some stories free of charge. We do believe, however, that it’s time to experiment with paid models to keep quality journalism alive and to make sure that there are more than a handful of independent sources for news.   


With your generous support we can put together the $44,250 we need to produce the first three months’ worth of our show and bring in the business development wiz who’s going to help us build and promote the paid subscription plan that we believe can make us economically sustainable. 

Please make a pledge to the Local Global Mashup Show of whatever amount you can.  And let your friends know too. The way Kickstarter works, if we don’t raise the full amount we won’t get anything. Every penny counts. And every penny will be hugely appreciated.


This campaign isn't just about  the money. We want to engage you as listeners and users too. We want to find out what’s happening in your backyard that has global connections. We want to solicit your questions.  Our rewards are all about putting you bang into the middle of the local global mashup.  And make great gifts, by the way, for budding journalists and J-school students.

Be our partners on this adventure of disruptive journalism! Together we can change the way Americans see the world. It sure is worth a shot, isn’t it?  


More questions for us? Ping us at 

Last but not least, big thanks to the following people for helping us with the video: Raoul Rosenberg, Nabil Rahman, Fiona Turner, Graham Veysey and Jessie Wallner. The music you hear in the video and the podcasts was composed by Podington Bear at Soundofpicture. And thanks also to Alexandra Weil for her guidance on all matters printing.


As promised a few more of those Latitude News/PRX podcasts... 

Risks and challenges

We currently produce a monthly podcast together with the daily online written output for A successful Kickstarter campaign will mean that we’ll need to introduce a weekly audio production cycle to the workflow. The initial challenge will be to make that transition in time for the launch of the Local Global Weekly Show in April. We've already identified people who can come on board to work with us - and thanks to Kickstarter supporters we’ll have the money to pay them. We know we won’t be short of stories to cover every week! And Maria's extensive experience of running weekly shows – something she did for over 15 years at the BBC - will make sure that all this is managed smoothly and efficiently.

The main challenge will be to sell enough subscriptions in the first three months of the show being produced to get us through the first year. A successful Kickstarter campaign will mean we can bring in an experienced business development person to help us build a subscription model and then market it effectively.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Here’s our plan. We want to support the production of the show through paid subscription. We are planning to charge an annual fee of $20 (that works out at 40 cents per show). Our goal is to secure 3000 subscriptions by the end of the first three months of production to keep going for the next three. That’s why 20% of our Kickstarter budget is allocated to marketing. We will need between 15,000 – 20,000 subscribers at the end of the first year to make us sustainable.

    How feasible is this? Well, I can’t beat around the bush: this is an experiment. It’s true that “podcasts” have traditionally been free of charge. However, just as newspapers are trying out paywalls, so producers in the audio world are discussing how to “monetize” quality speech programming.There is, for example, a science journalist in Mexico who sells his podcasts and is making money off them. And don’t forget how much people pay for audio books. Our argument is that the Local Global Mashup Show will be something people are ready to pay for: because it’s engaging storytelling that conveys useful information unavailable elsewhere; because it makes the globalized world an easier place to navigate; because it interacts with its audience; because it can be consumed at one’s convenience, on the go and on any device.

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    Pledge $10 or more

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    Thank you very much! And we will be doing that by hand, in ink and via snail mail on a Latitude News “fact card” with some of the more surprising local global tidbits we’ve picked up along the way.

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    Pledge $20 or more

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    Want to make more of an impact? We want to give you a year’s subscription to our Local Global Mashup Show. And you’ll have our handwritten thanks as well of course.

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    That’s generous of you! Count on a little package from us to you: a subscription to our audio show, a signed "fact card" and a Latitude News tee shirt so that you can face the world with our logo and provoke everyone behind you with our list of American cities and their latitude twins like…Boise and Bordeaux or Kansas City and Pyongyang.

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    Your name goes up in pixels online and your home town or city will be highlighted on our Latitude News "Map of Thanks" along with towns and cities in the same latitude on other continents. Plus delivered to your mail box our gratitude pack consisting of our fun facts card, our tee shirt and an annual subscription to the Local Global Mashup Show.

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    Pledge $250 or more

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    See what the rest of the world thinks of your community. You might be surprised. For a week we will scour the world’s media for their coverage of your town or city or state and deliver you a report – by email and on paper - that you can share with friends or put your fish and chips in. And you will have the Latitude News goodie bag too – your name in pixels plus card, subscription and tee shirt.

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    "SPECIAL! SoundCloud has generously donated 5 Pro Plus accounts for a year! ($640 value) PLUS our Latitude News goodie bag - in your postbox and your name up in pixels on our Map of Thanks.

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    Put your community into the local global mashup. We’ll take the pulse of what’s happening where you live and then investigate the global context and connections. The resulting feature will go on air and online with your name check. Plus the Latitude News supporters' package.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    Have you ever fancied being a reporter? Do you want to work with us to investigate a local global story that you’ve come across in your neighborhood? We’ll work with you to bring the story from light bulb over your head to on air feature. You’ll be our reporter’s friend and get in front of the mike too. By the way, there's no obligation to do the reporting yourself - this makes a great gift for J-school students or, if you'd rather, you're invited to take part in on one of our weekly ideas meetings. Plus the supporters' pack of course.

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    Enjoy a presentation of how to look for the international in your backyard with Latitude News founder, Maria Balinska. A fun and surprising event that can be tailored to small or larger groups. The Latitude News supporter pack comes too, as well as an on air name check and thank you. (Travel costs not included.)

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