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Twisted is a steampunk tabletop skirmish game: experience world-class 32mm miniatures and an engaging universe dominated by the Engine!
Twisted is a steampunk tabletop skirmish game: experience world-class 32mm miniatures and an engaging universe dominated by the Engine!
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Egyptians Expansion Box (Part 1!)

Posted by Demented Games (Creator)

Only 1 week left!

In about 1 week's time we are planning to close the Twisted Pledge Manager for good, so please log in now:

  • Update your address details
  • Finalise your order
  • Add some extra miniatures!
  • FREE shipping


This is the last chance to grab some of the Kickstarter discount prices before all the miniatures hit retail next month!


Egyptians Expansion Box (Part 1 of the minis inside!) 

Here are the first half of the miniatures from the Scions of the Sand Faction Box 2 (aka the Egyptians Expansion Box). As well as coming together in the faction box, all these miniatures are also available individually in resin in the Pledge Manager.

Remember you also get a free set of 10 canopic jar cards in each Scions of the Sand faction box: cards 1-10 in faction box 1, and cards 11-20 in faction box 2.


Horace De Havilland

Horace, the wastrel son of Lord Cyrus De Havilland, has been sent along with Carter’s expeditionary team by his father. Quite whether this is to better the young man’s fortune or simply get him out of the influence of London’s seedier districts is unclear at this juncture. 

Horace brings with him his finely crafted mechanical hawk - and a haughty attitude. All the better to teach lesser men a lesson...

Horace was sculpted by Twisted's own Sebastian Archer

Horace comes with 2 hand options
Horace comes with 2 hand options


Indigo Ford

A capable adventurer and skilled fighter, Indigo Ford has been hired to ensure Carter’s expedition stays on track – and that Horace stays out of undue trouble. Her common sense and practical attitude is a foil to Carter’s habitual distraction by the lure of new discovery.

Indigo cannot be underestimated. Whip, pistol and a willingness to make her own luck ensure that her foes have a hard time of it.

Indigo Ford was expertly sculpted by the fantastically talented Patrick Masson


Tuya - Guardian Hunter

Once local workers employed by Carter, the Guardians joined the worship of Set when the Avatar was brought forth. They revere Carter as a kind of prophet and obey his commands with a fanaticism that should not be underestimated. The Guardians of Set form the backbone of Carter’s fighting force. 

Guardian Hunters are equipped with long jezzail rifles to engage Carter's enemies from distance!

Tuya, Guardian Hunter was wonderfully sculpted by Gautier Giroud


Thanks everyone,  

Peter and Sebastian


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    1. Demented Games Creator on

      @Blangis - yeah - that should be fine. Can you email all your details to us: so we can make sure we hang onto your pledge until you wish to add to it :-)

    2. Blangis

      OK! That sounds like sweet music at my ears, Pete! So, I can close my PM now, but then write you to add som (significant) stuff, in September. Is it correct?

    3. Demented Games Creator on

      @Blangis - don't worry. We can always manually sort you out with what you want even after it closes - right up until we ship. It just has to be closed so we can start final packing of your individual goodies.
      @Ben - Seb is a gun isn't he! He painted as well as sculpted that one.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Coward on

      Love that paint job, such a great scheme for the Egyptians :) can't wait to get mine!

    5. Blangis

      As I previously say, I assume 1st week of September would be a best end of PM time, since salary is appearing then. If I have to close my PM now, I couldn't add nothing but one or two models more. Too bad!