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Twisted is a steampunk tabletop skirmish game: experience world-class 32mm miniatures and an engaging universe dominated by the Engine!
Twisted is a steampunk tabletop skirmish game: experience world-class 32mm miniatures and an engaging universe dominated by the Engine!
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Special Urkin Characters - the BIG BOYS!

Posted by Demented Games (Creator)

Hi everyone, 

I have been very busy packing the past few days, and I'm planning on a HUGE packing week next week! I'm making good progress and we are nearly there - thanks to everyone for being so patient. 

When I start packing your individual boxes, we'll need to close off the Pledge Manager - but we will give you plenty of warning so that you can finalise your Add-Ons and update your shipping address details

Remember Wave 2 ships FREE - no matter how much extra you add! 


Special Urkin BIG Boys!

Let's take a closer look at the special Dickensians Urkin Characters that are part of Wave 2! All of these look like a LOT of fun to paint, and they have plenty of quirky rules that are sure to cause havoc on the tabletop in your games of Twisted.

New Urkin Big Boys!
New Urkin Big Boys!

Dawg & Flea

This pairing of Urkin consists of Dawg - one of the largest and strongest of his kin, and Flea - one of the smallest but most wily. 

The pair are inseparable and Dawg, possessed of a somewhat limited intellect, has taken to wearing a set of iron legs designed by Flea, allowing him to carry the small lad swiftly and safely through the sewers in search of more scrap for making the grenades the pair put to good use in a fight.

AMAZING sculpt by Stephane Camosseto - an incredibly cool miniature!



When not employed in gathering rats for the Urkin cooking pots, Ratcatcha is to be found lurking in the alleys above marking targets for the other Urkin to mug and rob.  

Ratcatcha is both smart and wily. He serves as a scout and is well known for his ability to seemingly smell the presence of both the human Peelers and Gentlefolk Bobbies in the streets above Bill’s lair.

'Urkin Master' Lux Thantor nailed the sculpt, as usual - very cool with all those rats!



Young and eager, Shrike is one of the cleverest of the Urkin. He is known for his ability to spot trouble and is most often found skirting around the edges of a fight looking out for reinforcements or incoming officers of the law. 

In battle Shrike prefers to keep his distance, stabbing at foes with his long spear, but he is not averse to drawing his small pistol and shooting those he cannot quite reach.

Lux Thantor did a fantastic job with the sculpt, capturing the precarious running-on-stilts idea.



Hopping onto each other's shoulders and dressing up as a tall police officer - a Rozzer - is one of the sneakiest and most mischievous ideas yet conceived by the Urkin!

The overall effect may be shaky at the best of times, but is still disguise enough to allow Rozzer to totter up to an unsuspecting quarry in a shadowy alleyway before letting loose at close range.

Another very characterful sculpt by Lux Thantor - this might be my favourite Urkin! :D



A cunning and clever Urkin, Jack’O is often used by Feygin to keep the Dickensians' sewer lair free of vermin - including those of the more dangerous variety.

Jack'O sports a pair of Sewer Scourer guns that can fire heavy bullets, vile sprays of liquid and gouts of gaseous flame to better take care of the kinds of problems one might come across when hunting in the foetid, dark tunnels beneath London.

Lux Thantor yet again with the brilliant sculpting...who doesn't love a pumpkin helmet? Lots of fun to paint.


All these special Urkin Characters are available to Add-On to your Rewards in the Pledge Manager: 


Thanks everyone,



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