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Twisted is a steampunk tabletop skirmish game: experience world-class 32mm miniatures and an engaging universe dominated by the Engine!
Twisted is a steampunk tabletop skirmish game: experience world-class 32mm miniatures and an engaging universe dominated by the Engine!
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What's in the Box? Egyptians Starter Faction Box - Part 1

Posted by Demented Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,  

Now that we are getting close to shipping Wave 2 Rewards I thought it would be nice to take a closer look at the miniatures you'll all be receiving :)

Let's start with the Egyptians - the Scions of the Sands - looking at the miniatures inside Faction Box 1 (the Starter box). There is also a special bonus you'll all receive with your Egyptians box sets: a free set of Canopic Jar cards allowing you to access special powers during your games of Twisted! More news on that coming soon. 

If you'd like to add this Faction Box to your order, or any individual resin miniatures, just click this link to unlock your account and add anything you like - free shipping for everything in Wave 2!


Part 1: 'Hero' Characters! 

First we'll take a look at the named 'Hero' Characters included in Egyptians Starter Box:


Carter is a man obsessed by the acquisition of knowledge. Above all he seeks secrets of the Engine's past; if greater power will lead him to the information he so desires, then power he shall pursue first as a means to this end. 

Carter recognises the utility of Alchemancy and has developed quite a talent in this arena. He uses long-forgotten invocations to defend himself and foil those who seek to derail his esoteric investigations.



Stern and incredibly well organised, Agatha manages Carter’s expeditions with unparalleled efficiency. She meticulously notes all his achievements and Alchemantic discoveries with the aid of her psychically-linked autowriter.

Agatha has a penchant for hunting big game with her heavy elephant gun. She won't hesitate in bringing it to bear upon those who seek to stymie Carter’s plans.

Packing Agatha Minis!
Packing Agatha Minis!



Hercule is a Belgian-made Gentlefolk servant, gifted to Agatha by adoring readers. He serves as her assistant, keeping the equipment of Carter’s expedition in pristine condition and good working order.

Hercule carries vast amounts of ammunition to assist Agatha when on the hunt, and his Stringer-Bates Second Sight Scope allows Agatha to shoot at targets she cannot lay her own eyes upon.


We'll look at the rest of the miniatures from the Faction Box in Part 2!


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    1. Demented Games Creator on

      @ Derek - thanks!
      @Joey - at least another 2 weeks - maybe a little more.

    2. Joey Mordecae Dimmock

      awesome stuff!
      how long do we have for wave2 PM ?

    3. Derek Osborne on

      Beautiful. Simply Beautiful.