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Twisted is a steampunk tabletop skirmish game: experience world-class 32mm miniatures and an engaging universe dominated by the Engine!
Twisted is a steampunk tabletop skirmish game: experience world-class 32mm miniatures and an engaging universe dominated by the Engine!
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Post-Wave 1 Update and News

Posted by Demented Games (Creator)

Greetings Backers!

By now many of you have your Wave 1 products and both Sebastian and I are thrilled with the response we have received so far. We are so happy to hear that you're pleased with everything, and we intend to keep our standards as high as possible for all future Twisted products. A special big thanks to those of you who shared some great 'unboxing' photos on Facebook and made some really nice posts and comments!

There are a few questions that we have been asked a lot over the last couple of days so we thought it might be wise to cover some of them in this update:

An early iteration of the Gentlefolk Flowerseller by Owen Aurelio
An early iteration of the Gentlefolk Flowerseller by Owen Aurelio


Wave 2

As you know, we split our products into two Waves for shipping. This means that all Wave 1 products have shipped first, and the remaining Wave 2 products will be shipping in a few months. All the Wave 2 Twisted material is in production as I type.

All Wave 2 miniatures are sculpted and are currently being mastered for casting. We don't yet have an accurate estimate of production timelines but we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we can lock down a date. Once we get all masters made and production moulds done it should be easier to form a clear picture of this.

The rules for the new Factions - the Egyptians and Guild of Harmony - are well underway and we hope to be able to release versions of these electronically as soon as we can, so you can get a feel for them.

Wave 2 Miniatures include:
ALL Guild of Harmony
Dickensians: Urkin Shrike, Urkin Ratcatcha, Urkin Rozzer
Servants: Gentlefolk Miner, Sgt Clark and 54mm Launcelot

Free Miniatures Cards

Many of you have asked about Character Cards for the freebie minis. The free miniatures were not shipped with Character or Activation cards because the cards are not yet ready.

As many of the free miniatures were Guild of Harmony we had not yet finalised the rules in time for Wave 1 shipping, so we decided to ship the cards with the rest of Guild of Harmony in Wave 2. The other freebies like Trevor and Bastion needed both cards and the free mini campaigns completed and, again, that was something we didn't want to rush. However, we wanted to get the miniatures themselves to you without delay!

All the cards for these minis will ship with Wave 2 and I'll make electronic versions of them available as soon as I can nail down the last few details. Should you not have a Wave 2 delivery coming,we will still send you the cards you are due - never fear!

We'll also have an electronic version of the Character and Activation cards for the free urkin available soon.

Bloodrage Urkin Activation Card

The Bloodrage Urkin is an alternate form of the Urkin Alchemancer and uses his card for Activation. You are not missing an Activation card asthe Bloodrage Urkin has no Activation card of his own.

2D Counters for Characters

We had a request on our Twisted Forum for some 2D printable counters so you can get playing Twisted whilst you build and paint your minis. It was such a cool idea we ran with it and they are presented for you here:

Click on the Image to download the pdf file!
Click on the Image to download the pdf file!


 They are set at the same size as the bases so 30mm & 40mm. Just blu-tac them to a base or print them on thick card and use them as is!

Problems or other issues

If any backer has a problem with any item shipped, a missing component or any other  issue with the quality of any component please send us an email to: and we'll get straight back to you.

It's extremely important to us that you are all happy and pleased with your Twisted material!

Ongoing Communication

As we move into the post-Kickstarter phase of Twisted we want to try and move communication away from the Kickstarter page and onto our Twisted forum:

Click on the image to jump to the forum!
Click on the image to jump to the forum!


We will still be monitoring this page obviously and we will always respond to messages here, but it's easier for us to track rules questions and other queries on the forum.

I'll take a moment to remind you there are sections on the Twisted Forum to discuss other gaming systems so feel free to make it your hobby hub - we want to build a community of Twisted players and fans and that's why we went for a rather "system agnostic" rule for the forum. Personally I love to discuss all things miniature and hobby related so I'm always keen to see what our customers are up to with other systems too :-)

Shrike comes to life!

It's always nice to end an update with some awesome pics of a new miniatures! The Urkin Shrike is one of the Wave 2 miniatures for Twisted.

The Urkin Shrike is a fast and nimble addition to the Dickensians Faction and is very useful in a scouting role, darting across the tabletop to stab foes with his spear of seize important objectives.

Lux Thantor has again done an amazing job on him and we couldn't be more pleased with the result - he absolutely nailed the detail on this one!





Lux has really managed to capture the slightly unsteady, yet swift gait that you'd imagine an Urkin on stilts having! The bird like mask and the wonderful detail of the feathers will make him a joy to paint.

You can see the vicious spear he carried and, in his upper hand, is clasped a lamp all the better to light his way in the dank sewers of Bill's lair and indeed the foggy streets of London above!

Finally, don't forget if you have any problems or questions please contact us either here, through Facebook or via email:

We are always here for our backers!



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    1. Demented Games Creator on

      Glad you found them Queenie!
      Thanks for the lovely comments all!

    2. AGN1964 on

      The tokens are helpful, thanks.

    3. Queenie (aka Marcia K)

      Ok, blushing here because I did a boys look lol. A little box with the stair steppers on it was hiding my little collection. Ariel is beautiful and sibastian so cute. thanks

    4. Queenie (aka Marcia K)

      Just to clarify, did some of the freebies go out in the first wave? I thought they were in the 2nd wave as I didn't find any in my boxes of goodies.

    5. Horselover Fat on

      So glad I pledged for a Shrike too! Beautiful combination of elegant, crazy, exquisite and down right bloody dangerous looking!!! Your concept aesthetic for the whole game is so imaginative and it's being realised with such great talent!
      I haven't seen mention of Dawg and Flea anywhere. Are they also coming with wave 2 or is there a wave 3?
      And your customer service and focus on the community is incredibly refreshing! Thank you, guys. I'll be buying all the Egyptians (at least) at retail!!

    6. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      Excellent stuff there, really enjoying looking through my new rulebook