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Twisted is a steampunk tabletop skirmish game: experience world-class 32mm miniatures and an engaging universe dominated by the Engine!
Twisted is a steampunk tabletop skirmish game: experience world-class 32mm miniatures and an engaging universe dominated by the Engine!
Twisted is a steampunk tabletop skirmish game: experience world-class 32mm miniatures and an engaging universe dominated by the Engine!
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    1. Demented Games Creator about 14 hours ago

      Hi AGN, sorry for the late reply - almost missed your question! Those urkin (and the other freebies) didn't yet have Character or Activation cards when Wave 1 shipped. The freebie urkin and Tinker Belle cards will be available along with the other Wave 2 releases.

    2. AGN1964 4 days ago

      We got two free Urkins as stretch goals. I have the minis (woot!) but I cannot find the character cards or the activation cards. Did we get cards for the stretch goals?

      (I do have 3 shooter/slasher cards that were included in the boxed set of minis.)

    3. Demented Games Creator 6 days ago

      Hi All,
      Sorry for the radio silence - we've been busy packing and writing! Things are proceeding well. I just collected 25kg of casts from Eureka yesterday and Nic is making the last mould (or more correctly re-making - it got lost).
      An update will be along today :-)

    4. Paul Graves
      6 days ago

      Another month has moved along .... Can we get an up-date, please.

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt Paine on May 18

      Just wondering how the pick-and-packing is going and if we have a date yet for the shipping of wave 2, please. Cheers.

    6. Demented Games Creator on April 13

      Hi Olivia,
      Check out the latest update - most of the info you need is in there.
      We are running behind what we thought initially - it's proving a longer job than we expected, Not too long now though!
      Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience!

    7. Missing avatar

      on April 13

      Hey guys I've not received my wave 2 factions yet

    8. Demented Games Creator on April 9

      Hi Frazer,
      Sorry! Yes! Update incoming. We've both been flat out with production stuff and we have been a bit slack updating here! Terribly sorry.
      We'll have one up very soon.

    9. Frazer Barnard
      on April 9

      Hey guys any news or updates?

    10. Demented Games Creator on February 26

      Thanks guys! The Battlehammer guys do a great job. They do make a few rules mistakes but we are getting those right as time goes on. I rather like their relaxed take on gaming :-) They certainly catch the spirit of Twisted and I always think that's just as important as getting the rules 100%. I actually really enjoyed the way Parker had Feygin flee rather than die on the table as it "made the story better" - that's just how I envision Twisted being played.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ben Kochskamper on February 25

      Super pumped for wave two, that rat catcher looks stunning!!!

      Been watching the battlehammer guys play the campaign from the book which is interesting, might have to have a crack at that. Was a tad hard to watch at times with all the singing haha, but over all enjoyable.

    12. AGN1964 on February 22

      The Egyptians look great. So do the Journey minis. Too many minis!

    13. Alpharius
      on February 22

      VERY nice updated - very excited about the Wave 2 news!

      Also, VERY VERY excited about the Pledge Manager re-opening - whoo hoo!

      More terrain for sure!

      Any chance that the Monkey King and company will all be available in metal at that time too?

    14. Edward Farkhiev on February 18

      All I backed was Guild of Harmony so this wait is killing me ;/

    15. Demented Games Creator on February 17

      Hi Paul,
      We haven't been able to lock in a firm date as yet. The last of the minis is in pre-production and, once they hit production we'll have an approximate date. It won't be too long now though. I collected a big box of Egyptians from Eurkea Miniatures on Friday and checked out three more moulds worth of stuff.
      Sorry for being so vague but I don't want to give a date when I can't be sure we'll hit it :-)
      Thanks for your patience.

    16. Paul Whittaker on February 17

      Hi guys, do we have a date for shipping, I backed Egyptians plus some other stuff, so I guess I am waiting for those to be finished?

    17. AGN1964 on February 10

      Awesome! I checked the forum and here. Not FB. I'm going to look now.

    18. Demented Games Creator on February 9

      They are already up :
      We have posted a lot on Facebook but we mat have neglected here a tad - sorry!

    19. AGN1964 on February 9

      I can't wait to see the other entries too! When are you going to create a gallery?

    20. Demented Games Creator on February 3

      Well done guys! We look forward to seeing your entries!

    21. AGN1964 on February 2

      Two figures done for the competition. Hoping for some sun tomorrow for photos.

      Time to check the rules!

    22. Paint'Riot Studio
      on January 31

      yes, i hope to finished it this week :) with the others mini i have done !

    23. Demented Games Creator on January 30

      Lovely! Nearly done (and just in time for the comp!)

    24. Demented Games Creator on January 9

      You can get the terrain through Miniature Scenery at the moment. We will have it available as soon as we can nut out this shipping issue :-)
      This is the link to it:…


    25. Alpharius
      on January 9

      That is good news - though I'd probably want more terrain too!

      Should we just order that directly?

      (Or better yet, is there a place in the USA to order it from?)

    26. Demented Games Creator on January 8

      That is the plan :-) You will be able to add more stuff but some stuff will be probably be locked out. Most likely terrain as it's so heavy to ship. We are still working on it though. More info as soon as we have it :-)

    27. Alpharius
      on January 8

      Just saw that metals for Monkey, Pigsty, etc. will be available for Wave 2 shipments!

      WOO HOO!

      This must mean that the Pledge Manager will re-open for add-ons prior to Wave 2 shipping?

      Yes! :)

    28. Alpharius
      on January 7

      A metal Monkey and Pigsty - spotted in that last update?!?

      Will these be available soon?

      (I hope!)

    29. Demented Games Creator on January 2

      Oh - really Cool! He's looking great!

    30. Demented Games Creator on October 30, 2017

      @Alvar yes that is right - the terrain assembly instructions are also available on the 'Downloads' page of our website here:

      You can also download the Twisted Digital Rulebook, cards, and extras :)

    31. Alvar Laigna
      on October 30, 2017

      ... typing was faster that thinking ;) The link for assembly was in the official forum thread. Everyone who's looking for it should go there!

    32. Alvar Laigna
      on October 30, 2017

      Where do we find assembly guide for scenery, buildings? Thanks in advance!

    33. Andrey Rudkov on October 21, 2017

      Just received my pledged, everything looks awesome

    34. Dave Kelly on October 21, 2017

      My first wave figures and scenery arrived last week, and today's the first opportunity I've had to look at them in detail. Wonderful sculpts, and the terrain's top notch. Looking forward to getting it on the table!

    35. Gregory Morris on October 16, 2017

      That explains even more! I think I'll give him a base anyway. Carry on, then.

    36. Demented Games Creator on October 16, 2017

      @ Gregory - cool! The Steam Imp has no base. He's designed so you can perch him anywhere in line with the Invocation "Instant Imp" he's meant to represent the focus of :-)

    37. Gregory Morris on October 16, 2017

      @ Demented - That explains it, then. There was a spare base in there but I wasn't sure whether it was for Bastian or for the Steam Imp since it was packaged with his cards and there was only one base in the bag with both the Steam Imp and Trevor the Rat. As it is, there's no need to ship out extra bases, I have spares myself. I just wanted to let you know it had happened once in case it happened again and you needed to check on your packing process.

      However, now that I've got a batch of them assembled I'm exceptionally excited to get to paint these. I love the rich detail on the sculpts and the personality that each figure has. I think my favorite so far has to be a tie between Tink and Ariel - the mechanic with the mechanical arm and welding visor is a fun mix-up for a long-boot-and-fairy-wings look but Ariel just looks like a painter's opportunity to go wild with freehand patterns on a very dynamically but simply posed model.

    38. Demented Games Creator on October 16, 2017

      Thanks Arkhos,
      That's lovely to hear! I will check out the blog immediately and make good use of Google Translate :-)

    39. arkhos on October 16, 2017

      hi guys!
      Received my pledge saturday as planned! Only one thing to say: Whaou!

      I'm really impressed by the quality of the minis and buildings. Thank you guys at Demented Games! You can count me in to add more in the next Pledge manager phase :)

      if you want to see a review of my pledge (in french but with many pictures) you can go to my blog here:, you may see tanks and normandy too ^^

    40. Demented Games Creator on October 16, 2017

      Oh! Almost forgot - we'll be opening our shiny new webstore soon too!

    41. Demented Games Creator on October 16, 2017

      @ Gregory - Bastion should have a base for sure. I think his base was packed in with the freebie cards to avoid damage to the mini (at least it was in the one freebie box I checked here). If you don't have it I'd be happy to mail you a wee bag of bases :-)
      @ Lagoon - we have had a few reports of damaged boxes. Couriers... just can't trust 'em to handle stuff well. Let us know if anything is missing or damaged and we'll get straight onto it.
      @ mtatarko - Some Wave 1 stuff will be available in the Pledge Manager for Wave 2 - we are working on what that will be. Wayland will soon have stock of stuff as will a few other retailers - we are just in the process of confirming orders and sending stock now that you guys largely have your stuff. We weren't going to release until then.

    42. Gregory Morris on October 15, 2017

      Was there supposed to be a base in with Bastian? I feel like the box of freebies is short one base by my count.

    43. Lagoon on October 15, 2017

      also, I have to say that the package was horrible smashed and one could easily put an hand inside of it.
      Luckyly it looks like I have everything (I'll do a more detailed check later)

    44. Lagoon on October 15, 2017

      I received my Wave 1 two days ago and... wow :)
      The quality of the miniatures if excellent, for sure they are among the best models I own. The only comparable miniatures I have for details quality are probably Infamy miniatures. I think the detail is very close to some of their resin miniatres.
      The quality of the terrain seems very good too, but I'll have to build a few to better be able to undertstand the quality.
      The cards are nice and the manual looks very nice. I still have to read it.

      It will take some time before I can build the models and terrain and play my first (unpainted) game. I'll sure post my opinions here as soon as possible.

    45. Missing avatar

      mtatarko on October 15, 2017

      Amazing update. Do you have some info about second opening of the PM? Will it be possible to add Wave 1 goodies into the Wave 2 shipment? Or can we expect them to show up in waylang games or other stores? Thank you. :D

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