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Help Philadelphia power-pop band Canadian Invasion make a Choose Your Own Adventure music album!

We want to record a music album where you, as the listener, can choose your own adventure and steer the story by skipping to certain tracks.

We wrote 15 songs about a woman named Beverly Blake. She comes from a conservative background. Circumstances will force her to make tough choices: should she marry the UFO-devotee who fathered her children? Should she use her kids to distribute apocalyptic literature at the mall? How can she find some meaning in this messy, confused world?

As silly as it all sounds--and yes, it is silly--we hope that you'll not only enjoy the songs and get wrapped up in the story, but that by making Beverly's choices you will come to empathize a little bit more with people whose lifestyles seem diametrically opposed to your own.

Every musician who's ever lived will tell you recording is expensive, even nowadays. By contributing to our campaign, you will help us afford studio time to finish the album itself as well as create an interactive website that will help guide listeners through the experience.

We've already begun work on half the tracks, a video to accompany the first three songs is in production by Melinda the Martian (the mastermind of all our awesome animated videos from our last album), and we're working on some other innovative ways listeners can interact with the album's story.

It's only been through the help of people like you that we've been able to keep Canadian Invasion alive and see it thrive, so we hope you'll join us in what will prove to be the biggest, and hopefully best, project we've ever undertaken.


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    Free download of Canadian Invasion's "Choose Your Own Adventure Album"

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    ALL THE ABOVE + Free download of bonus "Beverly Blake, Beverly Carver" EP AND Access to special behind-the-scenes footage from the studio and rehearsal space

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    ALL THE ABOVE + Free copy of CI's "Three Cheers for the Invisible Hand" CD AND Set of "I Heart CI" pins AND A Canadian Invasion poster

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE + Limited run CI silkscreened gig poster

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE + Your name in a song on the new album!

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    Andy Canadian will play an exclusive acoustic show for you! I will travel anywhere in the continental US, though I will ask you to cover my travel expenses.

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    We will write and record a song expressly about how awesome you are + Andy Canadian will play a personal show for you!

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    Eric Canadian will build you a custom guitar!

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    We will play a personal full band concert for you anywhere in the US, though we will ask you to cover our travel expense. We will also mow your lawn, take out the garbage, and read you a bedtime story of your choosing.

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