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BodyFloat™ is a fresh approach to bicycle seat post suspension that maximizes rider comfort, overall performance and style.
134 backers pledged $30,583 to help bring this project to life.

Update 4/17/2013

Posted by Cirrus Cycles (Creator)

Dear Kickstarter Supporters: 

 We continue to move forward, making significant progress since our last letter and I wanted to update you on recent developments. 

 • Per our commitment, we have sent out 10 BodyFloat rewards (model 3.0) last month, are about to ship out the next 10 next week, and intend to send another 10 or more next month. 

 • Progress continues towards finding lower cost manufacturing sources, a critical component in being able to produce the 2.0 model. 

 • Our search for secure investment sources continues. 

 • We recently had a very positive review in Gravel Grinder, an on-line magazine. You can read it here:

 • Our dealer network continues to expand, with the help of our new sales reps for the Northwest and additional shops are carrying our product each week 

 • Also, we have decided to offer the BodyFloat 3.0 in a Titanium post version in response to demand from the market and after receiving very positive response to initial prototypes. It is slightly more expensive and is priced at $415 MSRP. 

Several of you have posed the question of why are we spending money on development (i.e. Ti posts) vs. simply supplying Kickstarter rewards. 

The answer is that we only are committing to very low cost development and that we can only live up to our Kickstarter commitment by staying in business, which means continuing to find ways to gain market exposure to introduce our product and generate sales that will provide profit margin for growth. 

 Again, thank you for your patience and support. 



 Cirrus Cycles Inc.


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    1. Cirrus Cycles Creator on


      Thank you for the note.

      To answer your question, the 3.0 model was developed first as our proof of concept and performance model. It has an in-house carbon seatpost shaft that is lighter than the Aluminum 2.0. Also, it was designed as a more high performance model with the addition of added tuning features and less weight.

      Initial development on the 2.0 is now complete and production will begin shortly. It will come with a black anodized aluminum post.

      We would love to get you your 2.0 as soon as possible. However, we can't predict the exact date of delivery as sourced parts are coming in from different suppliers on slightly differing timelines. That said, all parts are due to arrive in July so we are looking at late July to early August for delivery.

      Let us know if you have other questions.

      The BodyFloat team

    2. B.j. Hayes on

      Is there anything I can do to get one sooner? As you well know in Washington we call this month "Juneuary", but this year has seen nicer weather than years past. Summer is upon us and I'd love to be using a Body Float this season.

      So no 2.0 models exist? Could you help me understand what is different about the 3.0 & other models that allows them to exist but not the 2.0?

      Again, thanks for your patience in answering our questions.

    3. Cirrus Cycles Creator on

      The queue is determined by your date of your pledge. In your case you are #24 out of the $199 level backers.

      The good news is that we are expecting enough parts in by the end of June to accelerate our Kickstarter reward deliveries. This would include the 2.0 model which has not yet been in production. We hope to have all Kickstarter rewards delivered by the end of July.

      Thanks you again for your patience.


      The BodyFloat Team

    4. B.j. Hayes on

      Where am I in the queue? How is the queue determined?

    5. James Bailey

      (it seems I was not in this '10 sent out' despite their direct promise and additional payment)

    6. James Bailey

      Ok, this is unbelievable, they've done it to me AGAIN! So privately they offered that if I paid $100 USD to upgrade to the 3.1 model, I could get my bodyfloat "within a week" and move into #3 in the queue - THIS IS NOW 8 WEEKS AGO! No response to email or PM. Seriously, what is with you guys, you unreservedly apologise and promise to get communication and production going, then disappear completely again AFTER extracting more money! This is bordering on illegal, especially if you have continued to trade while insolvent. My dialog with them is included below:

    7. James Bailey

      ------John to Me 13/3/2014-------

      Hi James:

      I apologize in getting back to you so late, and of course in all the delays up to this point. We really appreciate you hanging in there with us.

      We would definitely welcome an upgrade from you. Currently you are 18th on the $199 backer list. If you upgrade, based on your backing date, you would move to 3rd in the next scheduled delivery, that is you would be included in the next 10 we have committed to.

      Meanwhile, as long as I've got you on the line, I will need you to confirm or correct your information below:


      Again, James, thank you for all your support. It has been a challenge to say the least, but hopefully we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


      John Pratt
      Customer Service

      ------Me to John 14/3/2014-------

      Those details are still correct, and I would be more than happy to pay for the upgrade immediately. Can pay via Paypal if that's easiest? You can send a payment request to the email address '(my email address)'. Pleased to see this project has momentum again for Kickstarter backers!

      Kind Regards

      ------John to Me 14/3/2014-------

      Great! I just turned on the upgrade option on our website. go to:
      and continue to checkout. Let me know if you have any difficulties. I'll switch your name over as soon as you've been processed.

      Thanks James...I'll keep you posted on when I'll be shipping.


      ------Me to John 14/3/2014-------

      Done! Look forward to getting the tracking number ;)

      ------John to Me 14/3/2014-------

      Thanks James...I'll keep you posted.

      And truly, thanks again for your support!!


      And from there, hasn't replied to any message / communication.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kris on

      Could I trade a carbon reward and the difference in price ot get a ti post?

      Some frames are "hostile" to carbon posts, and I would rather have added security even at the cost of added weight and wait for finishing the ti post development.