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BodyFloat™ is a fresh approach to bicycle seat post suspension that maximizes rider comfort, overall performance and style.
134 backers pledged $30,583 to help bring this project to life.

Cirrus Update

Posted by Cirrus Cycles (Creator)

Hello Kickstarter supporters of Cirrus Cycles.

 I have recently been appointed CEO of Cirrus and wanted to reply to you directly and respond to some of the posts I have seen coming to us.

We sincerely appreciate every Kickstarter supporter very much and realize the company would not be as far along as it is without your support in the beginning. The company has tried to spend the invested money it has received in the very best way to get a proven product to market as soon as possible and insure success in meeting its business plan objectives.

That said, I would like to apologize for some of the mis-communication and poor job of answering your posted questions more specifically. There was never any intention to mislead or suggest some action was being taken when it was not but things change in starting up a new company. As some of you may know, start-ups are very difficult and almost always take more time and money than initially planned. Speaking for the company now, we pledge to do a better job of responding to your posted concerns and to delivering your Kickstarter rewards as soon as possible.

I have accepted the challenge of leading the company, at the request of the founders, because I believe as most of you do I am sure, that the company has a great product, selling into a substantial market with opportunity for real success. It is very exciting and rewarding to be part of this type of product launch. And for those of you concerned that the management of the company should not be expanded or even paid before Kickstarter obligations are fulfilled completely, let me assure you that we are not! We have small equity stakes in the company but are not currently being paid without additional investment in the company. The founders have continued to support the company with their time and money to help move it forward at times of inadequate capital.

As previously stated, Cirrus has finally evolved the BodyFloat to a tested and proven design, ready for limited production in December 2013. Product made since that time has gone to industry market influencers to help build validity and credibility, to limited influential retail bike dealers to begin the task of establishing dealer sales base, to OEMs to evaluate the product for potential future partnerships and to limited Kickstarter fulfillment.

While we would like to use every unit produced to ship all Kickstarter rewards immediately, it would severely handicap the company’s probability for success going forward. We will continue to meet our obligation to you and send Kickstarter rewards as soon as possible and at this time are committing to ship at least 10 Kickstarter rewards per month until investment in our most recent Offering round allows us to increase that number. In an effort to be as fair as possible, we will ship in the order that initial support investment was received by us from you.

Thank you again for your support and patience and we look forward to getting you on the product you requested as soon as possible.  

David Calapp, CEO

 Cirrus Cycles Inc.


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    1. Joshua P. on

      I don't know anything about the manufacturing woes, other than that they have happened, but would it be possible, or any simpler, to take the 3.1 mechanism and mate it to an alloy post? A 2.1 perhaps?

      Even though I am considering upgrading to the 3.1, for the sake of expedience, I would still prefer having an all high polish post and mechanism, just for the aesthetic. Secondly, an alloy post means I can stick with regular grease; not a big deal, but still. Third, I don't care that much about weight, and all combined I would get all the aspects I actually desire.

    2. Cirrus Cycles Creator on

      Dear Matt:

      Thank you for your response and I agree, we do need to work hard to reclaim our credibility with you and other Kickstarter supporters.

      As previously stated, we are going ahead with our commitment of sending out the next
      10 Kickstarter rewards (BodyFloat 3.0) later this week, based on the order in which they
      first invested. We are currently in the process of confirming shipping addresses and rider information of those individuals.

      Unfortunately, the Model 2.0 will not be ready to ship until additional investment is made
      in the company that will allow the lower cost design to proceed to manufacturing. Because of the delay in production of the model 2, we are offering the opportunity for those who pledged at the $199 level to receive a BodyFloat upgrade to the model 3 for $100. This would enable backers to receive a BodyFloat much sooner. Upgraders will retain their original pledge date for shipping priority.

      While I don't want to minimize the frustration of your waiting so long for your rewards, the good news for all backers is that the model 3 is a much improved model over the original offering in terms of workmanship, design and durability.

      Our latest news:

      • We recently displayed our BodyFloat at the Seattle Bike Expo, a consumer show
      for the Northwest. Our product was very well received and the booth was busy all
      weekend as people lined up to test ride the BodyFloat on our “lumpy” trainer

      • We have on-line reviews coming out soon and we will send out a link when

      Again, thank you for your patience, Matt. I know this has been a frustrating experience for you (as it has been for us) but we are confident that with a broader customer base and more media exposure we can attract the funding needed to ensure a viable future for Cirrus Cycles and BodyFloat.



      Cirrus Cycles Inc.

    3. Missing avatar

      Matt on


      I respectfully suggest that you have but one chance here to reclaim the credibility for Cirrus after the shameful way we have been treated.
      By openly responding to the various comments made, and proactively ensuring your customers (and we are exactly that) are made to feel valued, you just might recover from your colleagues cock-ups.

      Please take this chance, it's already been 4 days since you posted, keep it up. Make a regular weekly update, I suggest starting with a delivery timeline for each backer publicly posted. We can all see the backer order on kickstarter, so just put a delivery date next to each name.

      I hope to god this is not just another red herring.

    4. James Bailey

      Hallelujah! And here I was starting to come to the conclusion this was a lost cause.

      I am happy to pay $100 to upgrade to Model 3.1 rather than wait for you to make a run of Model 2.0, unless you mean that we're already being upgraded?

      Could I perhaps urge you to put up some numbers of how many backers have their BodyFloats already, how many remain, and to notify those by email who you are sending their rewards to (especially to confirm addresses)?

      Anyway, great news guys, excellent decision.