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Yellow Dress: a Solo Show's video poster

Help me complete my fundraising goals in taking my adoption story, YELLOW DRESS, to the New York International Fringe Festival! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 13, 2012.

Help me complete my fundraising goals in taking my adoption story, YELLOW DRESS, to the New York International Fringe Festival!

About this project

"Lichwick is a star. She creates a world unto herself and carries this show the way a solo artist should: with confidence, practice and immense talent." -Dan Rangel LA Theatre Review

Best of Hollywood Fringe 2011 selection!

My Story

Yellow Dress is a coming of age one person show about Korean adoption. The story was born out of my experiences growing up as an adoptee, in a family of ten, in upstate New York. it follows two orphans through the streets of South Korea, into the suburban American heartland, to their fortuitous journey back. Back to Korea, back to their past.

The play is a theatrical experience, with over twenty characters to help forward the story. They portray the secrets, the lies, the humor, the innocence and above all the truth within us. Rachel the central character interacts directly with the audience, therefore allowing the play to be a symbiotic experience for both audience and actor.

I need your help! Yellow Dress is set to premiere at the 16th Annual New York International Fringe Festival this summer and we can't get there alone.

The People

We have some awesome people on board!

Desdemona Chiang, a stage director based in San Francisco/Seattle and the recipient of the 2011 Drama League Directing Fellowship. A graduate for Cal Berkeley and University of Washington

Gina Pisasale - Dramaturg at Oregon Shakespeare Festival and another Korean adoptee.

Michael Minahan - Set Designer (MFA Scenic design graduate from Univ. of Washington)

Steve Brush - Sound Designer (MFA Sound Design candidate Yale University)

Porsche McGovern - Lighting Designer (MFA Lighting design graduate from CalArts)

Veronique Ory - Authorized Company Representative

The Impact

"The New York Times recently reported that Asian American actors were cast in only 2% of all roles in Broadway and Off Broadway productions over the past five years.This includes Asian and "color blind casted" roles. Only 2% of all roles in five years! We must create our own opportunities to tell our stories or they won't be heard. Our tales are a vital part of the American cultural experience. If we don't produce our own shows, who will?"

I recently read this statement in another Asian American Theatre Campaign (My Asian Mom by ASquared Theatre Company) and this is absolutely true. If Asian American stories are under-represented, what does that mean for Asian Adoptees?

This is why it is so vital to get this story out to a larger demographic. Last year 75,000 people made it out to the New York Fringe Festival, that's an incredible number of people. I dream of the possibilities.

I have raised some of the monies needed to produce my play, but I am not done. I need more in order to fulfill all the production aspect so that I can offer a smart, relevant and inspiring show. This is how you can help.

What We Need & What You Get

In order to have a successful show I need to raise the remaining funds to have financial security in these areas. 

And the way kickstarter works is that if I do not match my goal of $1000.00 in thirty days than I get nothing. This is what they call a fixed funding campaign. 

Here are the numbers:

Poster/Post Cards: $300

Sound, Lighting and Scenic Designers: $300. 

Stage Manager: $200.00

Fringe Insurance: $135.00 

5% to Kickstarter - $50.00

(My Deepest thanks and gratitude to all those who have already donated!! I have been able to take care of the plane ticket, director, producer and festival  fees)


total: $985.00 

All donations are tax deductable. The perks are listed in the next column, and you will get a shout out in the program.

Other Ways You Can Help

Not all of us can donate, but we can still profoundly give! One of our greatest assest is words - the power of words. Tell your friends, tell your co-workers, tell everyone! If you're not a big fan of talking, then share! Share this link! Share this website on Facebook, Twitter, and all the social media sites. Share Share Share and help Yellow Dress fulfill it's dream in New York!

Thank you so much for reading and sharing this campaign!

A few more reviews:

"Marissa Lichwick has written a most powerful and moving piece detailing her journey from orphanage in Korea to America and back to Korea to find her past. It is compelling, heelarious and acted brilliantly EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS AMAZING!!!! (I was quite blown away by her performance and story:) - Deborah Craig, Actress (Hart of Dixie)

Man, o man was this incredibly brave and profoundly moving performance by Marissa Lichwick astonishing.Touching, funny and honest, just loved this all
around. Everybody should see it! - Pam Noles, Actress, Journalist

Steve and Marie Sgouros Theatre @

The Players Theatre
115 McDougal Street

FRI 8/10 @ 6:45
SUN 8/12 @ Noon 
THU 8/16 @ 5:00
SUN 8/19 @ 5:15
THU 8/23 @ 4:30
SAT 8/25 @ 7:45

Tickets will go on sale July 20th


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    A shout out on the website, program and a big orphan hug! Go-my-yo (baby thank you in Korean)

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    A "thank you" mention on the website and program. A signed copy of the postcard! And a BIG orphan hug! Com-sa-ham-nida (thank you in Korean)

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    All of the above, two tickets to the show, an invitation to the closing party in New York City. Sank Jous-ah and com-sa-ham-nida (ESL thank you in English and Korean)

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    All of the above and a special show dedication and appearance (if you're in town and not too shy.) Thank you's (oops no s) and com-sa-ham-nida (thank you in correct English and Korean)

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