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Dancing with the Hardest Challenge of my Life became a Gift to Live Life with Meaning and Face Each Day with Purpose!

The Book: 

"Dancing with Arthur" is the story of my journey from a happy, athletic lover of adventure to being virtually immobile with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 29. That will get a girl's attention! I learned with my new dance partner, whom I named “Arthur,” how to move on the dance floor of life with courage, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and much more! 

It is Arthur that gave me this crazy and amazing idea to write a book. A book - really? I didn’t like to write or so I thought. It was an idea I just could not walk away from. It seemed to want my attention even when I was running in the other direction. Before I knew it, my life was on a whirlwind of change as I took a huge leap of faith with my family in tow. When I leaped, life as I knew it was left on the ledge and I started down a new path. 

Here’s the thing... this book is not about RA. It is about what I did with my wake-up call that was asking me for change. It’s about how I released myself from the heaviness of responsibility, judgment and the burdens I amassed along the way in my life, to finding the innate freedom that is my birthright--and have begun to create a life that is something spectacular. My new life is filled with the courage to dream, the confidence and self-permission to be me, and a clear understanding of my purpose.

It is without a doubt that my life’s purpose stems from my dance with Arthur, one of my life’s greatest gifts.  I am seriously excited to invite people in to experience my journey with me through the pages of Dancing with Arthur. 


I’m daring to dream and I really could use your help to make this dream a reality!  The fact that I’m writing a book is miracle all by itself.  I know with everything in me that this dream has a spectacular future and you are an important part of it!

The book is nearly complete, and now it needs some professional assistance to get to the finish line.   This work is my passion, and I am 150% committed to making this book a success.  That means getting it into as many hands as possible.  I have a skilled professional editor ready to go, and I’m gathering the rest of the team of professionals to get this book published.  Your contribution will go towards editing, and everything else it takes to make this book a success.  Any funding beyond my pledged goal of $5,000 will allow me more opportunity to make this happen.

Your Support:

When I took a deep, courageous breath and began to follow my dream, I’ve sometimes had to ride the cliff’s narrow edge.  All along, I’ve envisioned something pretty awesome in the distance. Now I can almost touch it.      

Next to dancing with Arthur (arthritis), writing this book has been a challenge and an awesome experience.  If I can dance gracefully as a writer, I can overcome any challenge or obstacle that may call me to grow as a person. I have an incredible trusted, skilled team of pros supporting and guiding me along this journey, and more just keep showing up.  It seems every time an insurmountable challenge appears, so do the right people, ideas, and solutions.  My 150% commitment, passion and drive will ensure "Dancing with Arthur" has the wings to reach a crazy amount of readers.     

One of the most challenging obstacles has been and still is my financial means to get the book professionally edited and to continue the process to publishing and marketing.  Just at the right time I was introduced to Kickstarter... which is where you come in.  Like I said, the right people who believe in dreams, supporting others, promoting change and have a kind heart appear exactly at the right time.       


To show my appreciation for your investment in something so important to me, I have put together a collection of fabulous rewards for you. I am eager to have you become part of this hopeful story! 

Much Gratitude: 

From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful for your support to help make my dreams a reality.  Together we can inspire others to follow their dreams as well.  

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Once the funds are in hand, I will need to work hard with my editor to complete a manuscript suitable for marketing to publishing houses. The challenge with editing is timing. Not only am I running into the holiday season, but my editor and I need to ensure our schedules sync in order to complete a manuscript by 12/31/12.

Additionally the timely shipping of the rewards will depend on publishing. I am cutting the deadline close if my book is picked up by a traditional publisher. This will all be determined once editing is complete and I have a manuscript to present to publishers. Self-publishing will solve this challenge and it is very possible I will choose self-publishing as I search for a publisher. This will allow me to start the marketing process with a book in hand asap.

Once my publishing process is secure, I will promote “Dancing with Arthur” through various means: speaking engagements, book signings, website, and much more. My background as Sale Manager at a global toy company has equipped me with the business and communications skills to tackle each of these steps. That practical experience, on top of my personal conviction that this is a message that needs to be heard, will ensure the completion of this project. Be assured your support will go to very specific needs starting with editing.


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