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By Heavy Water
$25,209 pledged of $400,000 goal

Update #12 - Multiplayer/Networking for the Axis Game Factory!!

Heavy Water has partnered up with Exit Games to bring Photon Cloud to the Axis Game Factory!  

What does this mean??? It means you get multiplayer and networking support – here are some of the features you will be able to access: 

Matchmaking bring players together in games/rooms based on criteria you (or the players) decide: 

• Random: Allow to quick match players into a room with a free slot. 

• Room based: Room is publicly visible - players join a specified room. 

• Private: Room is not public visible - only players can join that know the room name. 

• Parameterized: Filter the room list based on its properties. 

 Real-time Gameplay, Data Exchange 

This is where the gameplay happens - exchange vital data like position in a FPS or turn information in turn-based games. Data is sent near real-time via TCP, Websockets or UDP (reliably or unreliably) 

• Send messages/events: Send any type of data to other players. 

• Player/Room properties: Set properties of players and rooms. 

 Axis Game Factory will allows for a broad range of game types: 

• First Person Shooters 

• Racing Games 

• Open World-Building type of games 

• Casual real-time games 

• Platformer 

• Action Adventure 

• Puzzle 

• Turn-based Games 

• MMO’s 

• Side Scrollers 

• Arcade


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    1. Missing avatar

      Geir Eilertsen on

      Nice selection of game types. But I don't see my personal favorites, RPG (real-time and turn-based), strategy (also real-time and turn-based) and spacesim. Will it be posible to make such games using AGF? And will it be possible to make a game using a mix of different game types?

    2. Heavy Water Creator on

      Yes, this coupled with the new Pro Pak tier should be appealing to many that want to create their own games with multiplayer features! Thanks for the support!

    3. J. "Tech" Priest on

      I hope more people see this update. Having multiplayer support really adds a lot to this software.