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LoudHoundMovement is a new dance collective putting together their first evening length show at CPR on November 2nd and 3rd. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 26, 2012.

LoudHoundMovement is a new dance collective putting together their first evening length show at CPR on November 2nd and 3rd.

About this project


A few months ago, Brendan, Mallory, and Cat decided to create a New York City based dance company together.  With the risk of becoming white noise in an already crowded dance scene, we wanted to create something new and progressive.  Following the tested mantra that "two heads are better than one", we quickly projected that three heads must be even better.  It's math.  From this simple philosophy, LoudHoundMovement was born in an effort to combine financial resources to help each other develop as artists.

So what are we exactly?

LoudHoundMovement is a new collective designed to enhance and promote artistic integrity through investigative movement research, idea exchange, and public performance.

How are we different?

For us, dance is an artistic process that must be nurtured to achieve maximum effect.  After all, dance is about communication.  LoudHoundMovement aims to fully explore the artistic limits of each choreographer and provide a supportive environment to produce powerful dance.  We believe this is possible through constant peer feedback and project oversight.  LoudHoundMovement will be a network of contemporary choreographers striving to improve their craft and maximize their message without stifling their aesthetic visions.

We want artists to feel comfortable in their individual pursuit of creation, while having consistent access to an outside eye.

In order to foster a new organization of professional artists, LoudHoundMovement will be presenting its first evening-length performance featuring the unique voices of all of our founders.  This performance is essential in order to establish lasting roots in the contemporary dance scene in New York City, and we need your help to ensure its success.  

Our costs are not extensive, but necessary and they include:

  • Rehearsal space
  • Production fees (theater rental, crew payment)
  • Artist salaries (dancers, choreographers, photographers)
  • Advertising and development costs (flyers, posters, press kit)

If you are interested in making a larger, tax-deductible donation, LoudHoundMovement is under the umbrella organization, BrollyArts, which is, indeed, a 501(c)3. For more information, please email Mallory, Cat, and Brendan at

OH! and the show is gonna be SO good.

A little bit about us:

We come from mixed backgrounds, but we've had our fair share of professional experience here in New York City.  Read our bios below to learn more about us!

Catherine Coury, native of Detroit and graduate of the University of Michigan, is a freelance dancer and writer based in New York City.  Her current projects include work with Shannon Gillen + Guests, Amanda Selwyn Dance Theater, Aidan Feldman, and Mallory Rosenthal.  Past projects have included work with Alex|Xan: The Median Movement, Chris Masters, Naganuma Dance, Sarah Konner + Austin Selden, and Spark(edit)Arts, among others.  Catherine is the Development Associate of Gallim Dance and the Director of Development for the Playground (New York).

Brendan Duggan is originally from Amherst, New Hampshire, where he began his dance training at the age of 16.  He continued his studies at Skidmore College and eventually graduated Magna Cum Laude in Dance with a Math minor.  Throughout his career, he has had the distinct pleasure of working and performing with York Dance Works, Deganit Shemy & Artists, Gregory Dolbashian, Marina Mascarell, Gallim Dance, Bennyroyce Dance Productions, and Jonathan Royse Windham, among others.  

A Salt Lake City native, Mallory Rosenthal received her BFA from the University of Utah Department of Moden Dance in 2011.  During her studies, Mallory performed with the University's Performing Dance Company and was a three-year member of the Orchesis Honors Society.  From 2010-2011, Mallory was a member of influxDance, a bicoastal company based in Salt Lake City.  Her choreographic work has been commissioned by the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Alumni, as well as Brolly Arts, and has also enjoyed making various works for high school dance companies in Salt Lake City.  Additionally Mallory worked in media for David Dorfman Dance and is currently working as an administrative and media intern for Monica Bill Barnes.  In New York City, Mallory has been presented by the Current Sessions and is a co-founder fo LoudHoundMovement.  


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