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The size of a credit card: holds keys, cards, cash & more. Feels & looks good while keeping your pockets in order. RFID blocking option
The size of a credit card: holds keys, cards, cash & more. Feels & looks good while keeping your pockets in order. RFID blocking option
The size of a credit card: holds keys, cards, cash & more. Feels & looks good while keeping your pockets in order. RFID blocking option
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    1. Nancy Aaron on

      Thanks for the very thorough & entirely informative update, Rich. I appreciate the "LF versus China" pictures especially. All parts, even the simplest, can present complications, and you've anticipated & responded to the issues at each juncture. Great follow-through.

      Can't wait to see the final pieces!

    2. Rich @ LeftFieldDesign 4-time creator on

      Hi Jack - So far, I have not received first article samples from my manufacturer in Shen Zhen. My manufacturer has sent pictures of first articles that needed refinements in spring-clip pre-load and in the finishes for both clip and cover. I hope to have new pictures in a few days, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the refined parts are up to snuff and I can approve first article sample shipment. After I inspect and approve first article samples, I'll give the go-ahead to commence our first production run. Some updates will follow soon: the first will be a status report that will include pictures of the new samples. Wish I could be more specific about when in February these will ship, but it's looking like the latter part of the month. Thanks for your patience!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jack Shen on

      Heya Rich, I was wondering if you had any more info as to when in February shipping may start?

    4. Rich @ LeftFieldDesign 4-time creator on

      @ThatisCool - The first forming tool for the clip/stainless steel part broke and a new tool is successfully forming the parts. We have also been refining the finish of the clip, so it matches the fine satin finish on the prototype samples that I provided to my manufacturer. The Cover parts are "racked" when they are anodized, and the racking deformed the countersunk holes on the initial parts. I hope to have some pictures in the next few days of improved parts. Will post an update as soon as I receive the new pics. We are making good progress, but as with any new product, manufacturing processes need to be dialed in. Thanks for your patience!

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      ThatIsCool on

      Merry Christmas Everyone! How are things going Rich?

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      Danilo A. S. Takano on

      Sorry for being too late to comment.

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      Danilo A. S. Takano on

      I would like both the 3 and 6 keys optional bolts...

    8. Rich @ LeftFieldDesign 4-time creator on

      @Jamison- Good idea! Production is moving along. Please expect a mini-update momentarily...

    9. Missing avatar

      Jamison on

      Any update on this product? Haven't heard from you in a month.

    10. Missing avatar

      ThatIsCool on

      @Ryan, I understand your disappointment - I too was planning this as a gift. No one like delays, backers and creators alike. Rich did the right thing -- he was upfront and honest about the delay. Look at the wallet more as an art piece rather than a piece of won't be obsolete -- it will still hold your keys and cards in a simplistic and elegant manner, that will always be in style!

      Just for reference, an academic research paper published in June 2013 by the Univ of Pennsylvania found that 75% of crowd-funding projects miss there "estimated delivery date"'s just the nature of the beast.…

    11. Rich @ LeftFieldDesign 4-time creator on

      This isn't a store, Ryan. It's a crowd-funding site. You are not buying a product off the shelf. You are pre-ordering a limited production run of an item that doesn't exist anywhere. There are always hickups in product development. If you do not understand this, then you should not participate in crowd funding. Who said anything about a four month delay? I was very forthcoming about realistically delivering in February, when emailed Update #2. Finding some patience would be appreciated.

    12. Ryan Lally on

      I am very disappointed in the 2 month shift in delivery date. That is unacceptable. I backed this project because a) I thought about giving some as Christmas gifts, and b) I was willing to wait a couple months for a good product. By the time I wait 4+ months for your product, it will be obsolete.

    13. Rich @ LeftFieldDesign 4-time creator on

      Thanks, Chris - can't wait to get you your KeyClip.

    14. Chris Tak on

      Oh man I can't wait to get my hands on this simply beautiful! Congrats man! Love supporting locals!!!

    15. Rich @ LeftFieldDesign 4-time creator on

      Thanks, Minh. My apologies for the delay - it will be worth your wait.

    16. Missing avatar

      ThatIsCool on

      Congrats! Love the simplistic and elegant product design. Pity it won't be ready for Christmas.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jack Shen on

      congrats on getting funded, I'm super excited to get rid of my carabiner. This will go super great with the ridge wallet that I just ordered. My email spams a lot of stuff so just in case, I would like a 6 key backing plate.

    18. Rich @ LeftFieldDesign 4-time creator on

      Thanks for your support, Chris.

    19. MOKU on

      Congratulations Richard....

    20. Rich @ LeftFieldDesign 4-time creator on

      Thanks, Drem!

    21. Missing avatar

      Drem on

      Congrats on reaching your goal!

    22. Rich @ LeftFieldDesign 4-time creator on

      Hey Jon - the KeyClip and KeyCase threaded stand-offs are pressed and into the thin, stainless steel backing plate, which is then cold-worked with the standoffs. So the stand-offs are literally an integral part of the backing plate. The 6-key Keyclip can easily be used with only three keys by using three of the six spacers that are included with the shipped product. If you want both the 3-key and the 6-key KeyClip, then double your pledge amount and specify one-of-each backing plate on the survey you'll receive, if we reach our funding goal.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jon Wilson on

      With the KeyCase / KeyClip will it be possible to get the parts for both 3 and 6 key so the size can be manually updated as desired? How would this change the pledge amount?


    24. Rich @ LeftFieldDesign 4-time creator on

      Hi Dr. R. The inside diameter of the clip is .27 inches. f you jam more than that all the way to the back of the clip, it will deform beyond its elastic limit. (The five card limit is a conservative estimate.) That being said, If you overload the clip with cash, folded as shown in the Three Products/CardClip picture, the clip can be somewhat overloaded and still retain elasticity. I recommend using a card above the cash to sandwich the bills between the card and the clip - the card makes it easier to install bills when the clip is fully loaded.

    25. Missing avatar

      Dr. Robotnik on

      Hi Rich, Just supported the project at Keyclip level. I know this might seem like a stupid question, but I am wondering how much 'give' does the 5 card limit have?

      For example, I might need to withdraw more cash than I would usually have or might be going somewhere where I need more cards than normal.

      Will the clip deform/break? How much more can I fit outside of the recommended 5 card limit?

    26. Rich @ LeftFieldDesign 4-time creator on

      Thanks Andrew and Jack, for your kind words and support.

    27. Missing avatar

      andrew houston on

      Just shared on facebook! Hoping this beautifully designed product exceeds mark! Hoping to receive mine soon! Great job.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jack Shen on

      I saw this at just the right time, I'm getting too old to have my bulky carabiner hanging off my side with all my keys jingling like a janitor. Even though it's pretty much just a key carrier, I'm still really excited to get mine when they finish :)
      very sleek and cool design

    29. Rich @ LeftFieldDesign 4-time creator on

      Hi Legendary Bottlejak. This manufacturer has consistently produced my designs over the past four years, both for client/consulting gigs and a recent Indiegogo project, the No Drip Chain Luber (licensed to Finish Line Technologies). They have a proven track record of making great products from my designs.

    30. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      Hi there. I saw this and had to ask, how established is your relationship with the manufacturer... I backed ( and was one of the lucky few to receive) Key Caddy by Crearri... Before they disappointed everyone by disappearing. Its part of life, I know. But it never hurts to ask

    31. Rich @ LeftFieldDesign 4-time creator on

      Hello Mai-Anh. Installing the USB drive is just like installing keys. The backing plate posts, with threaded holes, are exposed when cover and screws are removed. The USB drive is placed on one of the threaded posts where two keys would normally go. When the cover is screwed back onto the posts, the USB drive is sandwiched between the cover and backing plate. Check out the fast-motion assembly scene in the video.

    32. Missing avatar

      Mai-Anh Dang on

      How can an USB be inserted in the keyclip?

    33. Raiman Au on

      Well, can't argue with design that has history and purpose! I'm sold ;)

    34. Rich @ LeftFieldDesign 4-time creator on

      Thanks, Raiman. I kinda like the logo: it actually has both history and purpose. Not only has it been with me for 15 years, but the font is a modified Bauhaus font. Bauhaus was a school in Germany that combined crafts and the fine arts, and was famous for the approach to design that it publicized and taught. The KeyClip product series is designed in the Bauhaus style, which is marked by the absence of ornamentation and by harmony between the function of an object and its design. As Mies van der Rohe famously said, "less is more."

    35. Raiman Au on

      The keycase is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! Very excited! I'm in!

      One thing, though.

      It's not a deal-breaker, but personally, I think you should develop a cooler designed logo! It kind of takes away from the awesomeness of the product as is.

      I'm picky ;)

    36. Richard Herman on

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    37. Missing avatar

      Richard Herman on

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