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$34,458 pledged of $70,000 goal
$34,458 pledged of $70,000 goal

New Kickstarter Project Launch

 Hi ODOC supporters,

I am very excited to announce three new products that redefine the slim wallet and key organizer. The KeyCase, CardClip, and combined KeyClip are all designed to store keys, cards, cash and a USB drive in lightweight metal housings the size of a credit card. All three launched on Kickstarter today with a pledge goal of $9,500.

The KeyClip product series solves some basic problems with men's accessories in affordable and timeless designs. It is an Apple-esque approach for carrying essentials because it seamlessly combines disparate elements that have been re-designed into novel products, like what Apple did with the iPad (iPhone – phone + tablet computer = iPad).

To learn about the series, visit the Kickstarter page on http://kck.st/14j3CSY. Pledge rewards are from $20-$68, with pledges for the CardClip starting at $20, the KeyCase starting at $32, and the KeyClip starting at $44. Estimated delivery for the first round of units is December 2013.

Thanks for checking out my latest Kickstarter project and for your continued support.

Best regards,


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My New Project launches tomorrow!

Hi ODOC supporters,

I am writing to you from Las Vegas, where I’m announcing a new invention that, as of two weeks ago, is patent pending.  Although this is not an Apple product, my new device is not only completely novel (two independent patent searches turned up nothing even similar), it make cyclists lives easier, neater and saves time.

The No-Drip Chain Luber lubricates a bike chain in seconds, with no dripping, no overspray and no hassle.  Since all of the lubricant goes on the chain, none of it goes into the environment and only a fraction of what’s normally needed gets used.  It works with any low-viscosity lubricant, and is re-usable.

The NDCL will be announced tomorrow (9/19) at Interbike, in the Sands Convention Center.  I’m also launching this new project on Indiegogo.com/nodripchainluber.  Your support will help make this worthwhile project a reality.  The Chain Luber will be available for pre-order at $12, including shipping.  Funding the project offsets the cost of our initial production run.  After Interbike, mold construction will begin, and we plan on shipping product at the beginning of December.

Thanks for your consideration and your continued support.  If you have friends that like to bike, please let them know about this innovation for cyclists.

Best regards,

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Thank You, ODOC Backers

Thanks to all of you who supported ODOC.  Unfortunately, we did not reach our funding goal, so I am unable offer ODOC as a Left Field Design product.  There is some possibility that I might license the ODOC design to a synergistic product company that is both a manufacturer and distributor.  Please be assured that if this happens, I will update you on ODOC's availability.

The ODOC Kickstarter project has been a bit of a roller coaster.  Overall, it has been a positive experience because I've learned a lot about Kickstarter and what (I think) may make a successful Kickstarter project.  So I have applied what I've learned and will launch a completely unrelated project in the next several months.

The new project is completely novel - nothing like it currently exists.  It fills a real and unmet need.  And it will sell for less than $20.

Although I regret that ODOC was not a Kickstarter success, I'm really excited about the upcoming K.S. project and will post an update letting you know when it launches.

Thanks and stay tuned,


iPhone 5 ODOC pledge rewards

Are available now for January delivery!  A lot of you have requested that I make Kickstarter pledge rewards for the iPhone 5 and I responded by posting all ODOC rewards at just one dollar more for the iPhone 5.  I also included pledge rewards for an iPhone 5 upgrade kit.  The photo below shows the current circuit board with the Apple 30-pin connector that will likely be replaced with a smaller iPhone 5 connector. So no worries about "The Coolest iPhone Dock Out There" not being ready for The Next Best Smartphone!

Hope to see you on our new Kickstarter site at http://kck.st/MGHtor


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ODOC goes live (again) on Kickstarter! Here's how to get back on board...

Our new Kickstarter page is up and running with much lower priced rewards and even better value.  Be the first to own the ultimate iPhone dock at way below retail prices!  Although all pledges on this site have been cancelled, you can re-pledge (if you haven't already) on the new ODOC project page at http://kck.st/MGHtor.

Thanks so much for your continued backing,