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Help us bring the passion of the Shelby Mustang hobby to a TV screen neer you. Read more

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This project's funding goal was not reached on September 12, 2011.

Help us bring the passion of the Shelby Mustang hobby to a TV screen neer you.

About this project

We are trying to raise money to fund a video for network and TV producers to show them why a television show about Mustangs and the people who love them will be a great idea.

American Pony Builders will highlight the Mustang, the people who love them, the events (carshows, auctions), the vendors who sell parts or make parts, the manufacturers who make aftermarket parts (like Classic Design Concepts, ProCharger, etc.), the restoration processes, performance and restyling upgrades, and everything in between.

The money raised will be used to shoot a full length (22 minute TV episode) that will show TV producers and network executives what a show about the Mustang hobby/enthusiast will be like.


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    $10 reward

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    get your name rolling at the end of the video as a thank you

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    $25 reward

    5 backers

    (Above) + the 22 minute video on DVD. -For less than it takes for you and your friend to go see a film at the theater (with Popcorn of course) you can help make and get your name in the credits of a film! You get a copy of the final cut of the film and a special mention in the end credits for your contribution.

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    $50 reward

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    (Above) + American Pony Builders 1st edition poster

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    $100 reward

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    (Above) + American Pony Builders 1st edition t-shirt

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    $2,500 reward

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    (Above) + make an appearance on the video. (travel and accommodations not included)

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    $5,000 reward

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    (Above) + a roll in the production on film and an American Pony Builders hood signed by the cast (Limited to 5 donors. Travel and accommodations not included)

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