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$850 pledged of $20,000 goal
$850 pledged of $20,000 goal

the future of your solar energy harvesting BoosterPack

Hello fellow Kickstarters! We are excited to get your support and to finally say thanks as we approach the end of our kickstarter campaign. However as you know we are far from our goal of fully funding the program. The Solar Energy Harvester is still alive, and it has a new set of improvements based on great input from our reviewers and design team.... 1) new built-in USB charging to give the ability to top off your battery when you are plugged into your PC 2) improved arrangement to allow a larger prototype space 3) external switch for your convenience in shutting off the launchpad when needed. As you may have read, TI is close to releasing its Wolverine processor with the revolutionary FRAM memory. This BoosterPack is ideal as it only consumes nanoWatts during operation, a perfect match for the ultra-low power needed by the wolverine. visit where we plan to make this board available to you. we are hoping to make the price about $35 and we look forward to providing support for your launchpad projects! Thanks for a great run on Kickstarter, if anything we learned a lot. Dimos and Jason

Check out the positive reviews of our Solar Energy BoosterPack

Hello friends of Kickstarter! Thanks again to our supporters for the Solar Energy Harvesting BoosterPack.

We had some excellent press today from our friends at MSP430launchpad. 

Read the review to get the latest skinny on the operation of this project and solar energy harvester board. Also...we feel positive about launching the board on our website in its basic form. With your kickstarter support we can go live with a radio, do the arduino version, and get the cost way down. Check into for updates and a possible future release. 

Thanks again for your support, lets make that kickstarter goal so we can get these great little systems to you!
Sincerely: Dimos Katsis and Jason Zsak

Modifications to the Prototype

We took some time to step back and say "This is good. But what would make it better?" Not a total overhaul, but what features could we add?

Here's what we came up with:

  • The battery will be charged while the LaunchPad is plugged in to the USB port 
  • LED indication of USB charging
  • Added a header so that the J3 header (from the LaunchPad) feeds through to the Energy Harvesting BoosterPack (this will give you the ability to easily modify the jumpers for operation and USB charging)
  • Added information on silkscreen (location of BATT_OK and BATT_ADC, revision number)

We think that these improvements will allow more functionality and better user interaction. We'll be posting some tutorials with the LaunchPad once we get these new boards in. This will NOT change the cost of the board. We'll take care of the small additional cost in an effort to give you a better BoosterPack. 

Thanks for your support! 

Our title change to "Solar Energy Harvester"

Hi everybody and greetings again to our supporters,

I wanted to update our title to the project. I think it makes our awesome energy harvester board more searchable for people who are looking for solar powered projects. This has not changed our board, just made it more available to general keywords that describe solar power. Right now we are looking at ways to make it easy for you to add your own circuits to the prototyping area.

Some of the cool things you can do...
1) add a small switch to light up a light when your cat uses a litter box.?
2) run LEDs at night as a bit of artwork, build a halloween pumpkin light with yellow LEDs?
3) use the internal thermometer on the MSP430 to monitor and relay outdoor temperature back to another board using an infra-red transmitter. A nice wireless application if you have a window available.

As always we thank you again for all your support! Jason (here at the microscope) says thanks too. 

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