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An interactive iPad app designed for children ages 4 - 6. A distinct and engaging platform for young players to interact and play games
An interactive iPad app designed for children ages 4 - 6. A distinct and engaging platform for young players to interact and play games
118 backers pledged $8,115 to help bring this project to life.

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It's here!!

We did it. It's ready. The iPad app is NOW available in the app store. Many of you are going to receive it as part of your reward, but maybe you want to share it with your friends and family? Please do! We just want to get the word out there. Here is the link to the product on our website.

You can get to it on iTunes from there. Or you can always search for it "Puppet Masterpiece Theater" in iTunes directly. You'll see the stage and good ol' Sly on the icon. 

For those of you backers that are receiving it as part of your reward, you'll get an email about it soon directly from iTunes. 

We made it and it's all because of you lovely people. Thank you so so much.

Keep in touch and visit us on Facebook (/organakids) and Twitter (@organakids)

P.S. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the other rewards either.

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We did it! THANK YOU...and get ready to be rewarded!

Dear supporters, 

What a whirlwind this's hard to believe that we were only halfway there 5 days ago.  Thank you to all of our incredible friends and family, and those extraordinary strangers who see beauty in what we are creating.  And, mega-extra thank you's to everyone that upped their pledges in the 11th hour and helped us reach our final goal.  It was so close!  

The app is scheduled to be released in April, and now the really hard part comes...finishing it!  We are still in Alpha phase with a few prototype games up and more on the way.  So far it is looking beautiful!  

Thanks to your support, we will be able to hire an animator to really add some pizzaz to my illustrations, and bring the whole thing to life.  Our programmers and audio engineer are still working hard on getting all of the key elements together, and I am drawing like a crazy woman! 

Stay tuned for some more announcements about the rewards - we may need to collect some information from you in order to deliver your rewards to you. 

Still beaming from all of this support....I am so grateful and truly blessed.  

Warm regards, 

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Crunch time

We have less than 12 hours and still need $1400. Now is the time for everyone to post on Facebook and for you to forward this email to any friend that hasn't pledged yet.

REMINDER: this is all-or-nothing funding. If we don't make our goal of $8000 then all the money YOU pledged and all the updates and Facebook posts have been for naught!

We have added a new $30 reward to entice new backers. Get a hand drawn image of one of the characters! You don't have to have your own kids or an iPad to want our rewards. You may know kids or just plain want to be part of something special. This app has the potential to be really awesome. Don't take our word for it, let's get the funding and you can find out for yourself.

We need 48 new backers at the $30 level to make our goal. We really can do it!

Spread the word or increase your pledge if you have been reconsidering your reward!

Don't forget: The project has until 10pm EST to get all $8000 of the funding.

We need your help!

We have 4 days to go and $4155 to raise. If we don't raise all $8000 we may not be able to make Puppet Masterpiece Theater: the Circus a reality. We still have time to make it happen though, don't despair. If each of you (the backers) managed to get 2 friends to back $30 to the project we would have the funding! OK, not everyone will do this nor have the motivation necessarily. Most importantly, it means the goal is in reach. Some of you may be able to convince more than two friends and maybe a few of you can motivate one friend to pledge more than $30. Don't forget when you pledge money you get something in return! Perhaps you could read the rewards again and be enticed by one of our higher rewards levels? 

Also, think about emailing this to a handful of friends:

I backed this project on kickstarter:  We are raising the funding on a site called kickstarter. If you're unfamiliar, is a social funding site for creative projects. It is called all-or-nothing funding. Backers can pledge anything from $1 upwards towards the project and if we make our goal (in our case $8000) we get all the funding. If we don't make the goal of $8000 by the 4th of March Alexandra get none of the money pledged by our many backers. Each amount pledged receives a reward of some kind, mostly related to the app itself. So we like to describe it as: you have nothing to lose! If we make our funding you get your reward and you get to be a part of our exciting project. If we don't make it you don't even part with your money. We hope the rewards are exciting enough for the backers that you help us make our goal! Currently we have 48% of our goal. We have 4 days to get backers to pledge $4155. We can do it with your help. Get the word out there. Pledge some money if you can. If you don't want to pledge please consider at the very least posting this link on facebook. With the caption: Help create this amazing kids app!

This is an awesome iPad app for kids aged 4-7. The app comes from a childhood paper puppet show project created by Alexandra Conn, a talented young artist in New York. The original paper puppet show created in the 90's is now coming to life in a new form as an interactive iPad app with all new illustrations and an interactive story with character voices and games to play along the way. The prototype has been created and we are all very excited by what the future could hold for the puppet show. This is where you come in. We need funding to make this project a reality. The $8000 goal on is half of what we need to produce the app. Organa LLC is putting up the other half of the funding. To learn more about Organa visit their two websites: and

Only a few more days to reach our fundraising goal!

Hello everyone, 

It's amazing what a response we have had from people on this project.  Now that I am testing the early stages of the app on kids (of all ages) it's exciting to see the positive response.  Some of our backers have raised their pledges in order to help us get closer to our goal - THANK YOU!!! Please share with your friends that might be excited to have some beautiful illustrated games for their children to play.  We still need to raise $4K in the next 5 days.  I know we can make our goal!!

I am working on all new illustrations and animations as we move towards our next phase of production. 

Later today we will be recording some of the character voices in the story.  I wanted to give you a taste of the story/script here:


Background: Farm

Ozzy is onscreen standing alone


Oh…. How come everyone always has something special about them. Why can’t I do something to show my friends who I really am?

(Sly is peeking in from Screen right. User must click on him to bring him onscreen. As he enters the screen the lighting changes to reddish and we hear a thunderclap.)


Hello young fellow. My name is Sylvester – just call me Sly. I’ve been listening to what you have been saying. Very interesting. I can help you. Come with me now, and soon everyone will be looking up to you.



(Ozzy’s eyes begin to spin with a spiral in them like he is going into a trance.

He will continue in this condition until he is out from under the spell of Sly)


Excellent I knew you’d agree.

(Clover the horse approaches eating grass)


You can join my troop under one condition, you must bring your horse. What is his name? This horse will do but we need to . . hmmm. A splish and A splosh and a dab.

. .

A paint brush appears in Sly’s hand with painting flinging off in all directions.

GAME: Paint the Horse


Um...but...(Ozzy is too afraid to tell the truth that it is not his horse)


Bring the horse We have a show to put on!


Well, yes but. . .


If you do it, I will let you ride your horse in the circus!


Really! . . . I, well, uh. . .


Quick, someone is coming. Here take the horse and come along!


Thank you for your support! 

Best regards,