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This film will shine light on many respected alternative healers and their practices in comparison to conventional medical approaches.


It is my goal to create a feature length documentary that will uncover solutions to many issues within our current medical system. Are there less invasive, less costly, less toxic and more effective ways to heal ourselves that we aren't being told about? If there are, we have a right to know about them. 

Fundamentally, I want to offer a fair chance for all the healing modalities to have their voices heard so that you can ultimately make the decision on who to trust and what sort of healing might work for you. 

This film will serve as a vital resource of important health-related information and personal experiences typically unseen by the general public. I hope to help create individual, communal and cultural transformation on a global scale. We are shifting as a society into one that celebrates an integrative approach to life and an openness to the wisdom of one another. An empowered, balanced and enlightened world, which can be liberated from all forms of dis-ease, is coming within reach.  Please support this project and it's goal to help bring this all to fruition.


This project is still in development, but with every passing day comes closer and closer to crystallization. I have a growing list of 50+ expert healers whom I will have an opportunity to speak with. All that's needed now are some funds to ignite the process.

Currently, my budget is starting from scratch and resides at $0.  With your help and generosity, this project could begin filming the very day funding has been secured from Kickstarter. In order to remain transparent in my process, here is a list of what the money raised will go towards:

  • Crew
  • Equipment                                             
  • Travel/Accomodations             
  • Editing and organizing the raw footage
  • Storyboarding and planning
  • Color correction
  • Sound mixing
  • Licensing the soundtrack
  • Distribution rights for the film (online and offline)
  • Legal fees and release licensing
  • Marketing and promotion (online and offline)
  • Film festival and registration fees and filing             

This is an estimate that represents the bare minimum of what it will take to complete shooting and editing. However if the funding goal is surpassed, every cent will go directly into the production budget since more money means more resources for meeting powerful healers and thinkers, financing distribution, licensing, travel, post-fx, equipment, music, and further research, thus expanding the depth, scope and reach of the project.


The film will behave as a unifying platform which will allow the voices of many different types of healing practitioners to be heard.

Upon completion of filming, a feature length documentary will be created and distributed in both DVD and Digital formats off of the film's website. It will also be available for streaming and download from online sources such as Netflix, Amazon UnBox, iTunes, AppleTV, Brightcove, GreenCine, CinemaNow, Jaman, Vudu, and Guba.

The project will also circulate through many film festivals and local screenings in the hopes of gaining more support and awareness of these important ideas. 


Anything you might be able to give, whether it's $1, $100 or just a good intention sent in my direction, will help to make this all possible. I do not have the help of a hollywood studio or television network with deep pockets to share this message with the world. Here is where I need you the most.

Best ways to share these issues and this promo video:

  • On Facebook. One of the best tools for sharing this message. Simply click the "Like" button directly below the video. Or you can paste the URL right onto you page with a message.
  • On Twitter. You can also tweet out the video - once again by clicking the button under the video or sharing the direct URL for this page.
  • A short email. Perhaps there's someone in your life that may benefit from all this information (or might appreciate helping to spread the message). Write a short note to them in an email.
  • Good ol' fashioned word-of-mouth. Leave your computers and your phone and just talk to people in your lives about it! 

The more conversations that we can start around these issues, the more likely it will be to begin making some serious changes in the health industry.


Do you have any questions you'd like to ask me? Are you a healer or know of someone who might want to participate in the documentary? Have any ideas, commentary or information you would like to share with me?

I welcome your voice and would love to hear it!

Contact me at:

Thank you so very much for even giving this project your thought and time! May you manifest into your highest potential!


Photo By Christopher Essey
Photo By Christopher Essey



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