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The Reincarnation series is adding "The Root of All Evil" to it's catalog of point&click adventure games and could use a kickstart!
The Reincarnation series is adding "The Root of All Evil" to it's catalog of point&click adventure games and could use a kickstart!
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Recent updates


Moving forward.



So, we go a bunch of the voices in!  Don't worry, if you applied to have your voice in the game, we will still be using you.

As of right now:

I'm working on the Prologue/free demo of the game.  Got a few more backgrounds to draw and some more animations on that end.

I may be bringing on a background artist to help move stuff even faster.  I'll keep ya posted on this next time.

Dave is currently syncing up voices on the cut-scenes.  He usually live steams himself working on it at  on the weekends. 

Casper is on vacation right now but he should have a ton of work ahead of him for when he gets back.

Ok.  That's all for now.  I want to try and get these updates going once a month so no one feels in the dark!

Also, a buddy of mine is trying to make a horror movie and could use help reaching his goal.  Go check it out if you like horror movies!


Update to my update


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Update 3.5



I've got a couple of comments over the last week about how long this is taking.  I know how long it's taking.  I know how much it sucks that it's not done.  Sometimes things aren't in my hand. 

It doesn't mean the project isn't getting done.  It just means it's taking longer than I thought or could have imagined.

That being said... if someone wants their money back for the game taking too long, I'll be happy to give you your money back.  Message me on here and I'll paypal it back to you.  However, if you wanna stick around and be stressed out as me, then thank you for being patient with me and the process. 

In some fun news,  here is a PDF with some art.  I may not be able to control when the game comes out, but I can give you some little extras whenever possible.


Overdue update.


I keep forgetting to update Kickstarter every month.  So, thanks to anyone who comments and reminds me to get on it.

Where we are with the project:

Chapter 1 is gearing up to be released, but we still need the vocies.  While we wait, we are working on a Prologue.  The Prologue will be a Mini Reincarnation game that is the moments before the opening cut scene.  This will be our free demo as well!  We decided to add this in for anyone who has never played the game before.  It'll explain the Reincarnation universe a lot better and give you more game play time. 

I know it's been 40 something years since releasing this kickstarter, and everyday I feel bad about that.  However, I'm still pushing through.  It's coming together...  It's just at a much slower pace than I originally thought.

Anyways,  hopefully the next update is the news we've all been waiting for!

The BETA is coming for Chapter 1!


If you were one of the original BETA backers from about 20 years ago, we will be sending that out soon.  We currently only have the Android and PC build done, but others will come soon once we get the bugs out of those builds.

Currently, we are trying to decide whether or not we should send out the BETAS without the voices and cut scenes in it.  The full game-play is there, but we think it lacks without the cut scenes and voices.

However, we want to start getting bug reports and seeing how long it takes other people to actually beat the chapter.  As of right now, it takes someone who knows how to do everything about 30 minutes to beat it, but I'm sure it'll double or triple for someone who actually plays the game for the first time.

We've also added a new hint system to the game for those players who get stuck and frustrated.  The hint system will let the player find out what to do next, but they will have to wait for about 5 minutes to get the next clue.

Also, please follow us on instagram, facebook , and twitter.  I've been trying to use social media more to get the word out about the game and could use some follows to increase these numbers.  You can also see a bunch of sneak peaks at these different outlets.

I'm currently hosting a contest on our Facebook page here: - You could win a demon fetus!

Till next time,