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The Reincarnation series is adding "The Root of All Evil" to it's catalog of point&click adventure games and could use a kickstart!
The Reincarnation series is adding "The Root of All Evil" to it's catalog of point&click adventure games and could use a kickstart!
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So, I hear it's the 5th Anniversary...


...of being a disappointment. 

I realize this. 

I was in the middle of working on Reincarnation, and I got an e-mail about how 5 years have passed since I launched this kickstarter.  To be honest, everyday that passes is more and more stressful.  When I originally started this project, I thought the funds would be enough.  I was wide eyed and imagined I could do it all for such a little amount.  Fully animated cut scenes, frame by frame animation.  I was going to give the fans what they wanted even if it killed me.  Cut to 5 years later, I still think I can do it all, but I know now I can't.  I've brought on other animators to help and have been trying everyday to work on the project.  I haven't given up on Reincarnation, and I hope you don't give up on me.

That being said....  Here is where the project stands.

I've decided to remaster the original game and put it out there to hopefully get a publisher for TROAE to bring in money.  It's been almost 9 years since I've launched that game on Newgrounds, and I feel it's about time it had it's day on modern systems.  All the graphics are completely redrawn in the style of TROAE and the mechanics will work the same way.

Tonight I'm working on the demon training course.  We were originally going to put a tutorial in each game, but then we decided it would be best to make a tutorial you can decide to play or choose not to from the main menu.  Once I finish that up and a few more character animations, we will be releasing the remastered ADDO for free to everyone.  It's not taking the place of TROAE, but it's a jump off point to hopefully get some money coming in and moving this project at a faster pace then 5 years.  

Prologue is on the final scene.
Chapter one is done.

So there you have it.  If you have any other questions or know of a publisher, hit me up.

Also, I helped do some backgrounds for this game:


Happy Black Friday



How's everyone been?  I'm off from the real world today so I have time to catch up on a bunch of stuff.  I'll be live streaming on facebook a little later if anyone is interested in watching me work on the game.

So, What's new?  I'm building the animation for the prologue intro.  That's what I'll be streaming today.  As far as everyone else, Casper is rebuilding the game in unity so that it'll be available to more users with less fuss.  We complete a little test game right before the US presidential election called "House of Tards."  You can check it out for free on Android @
Web based @

I've brought on another animator to help speed that process up.  I'm really looking for a background artist for the cut scenes so I can take that off my plate.  If anyone knows anyone who's interested, Let me know.

We also brought on some new voice actors who are doing an amazing job.

I made a black Friday day sale at if anyone wants any products super cheap.

Till Next time,

Updates + Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA



Reincarnation is going smoothly.

I got most of the backgrounds done for the prologue.  I'm currently working on the animations for the characters in the the scenes and objects you interact with.  Casper had to take a break from coding for a bit, but he'll be back at it soon to make sure this game is super polished.

Anyone who is going to Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA, I'll be there this weekend.  I'll have a copy of the game that you can demo.  Or, you can yell at me for how long this project is taking.  Either way, come stop by and say hi.  Mention you're a Reincarnation fan and I'll have goodies for you.  I'll be in Artist Alley at table 88J.

Till next time,

Month of July update Facebook Live


Recently, I've been doing a lot of live streaming of me working on the game.  You can catch them on Facebook.  I'll be doing another one this Saturday if anyone is interested in watching and chatting live.

It's been mostly work on the prologue.  You can see the animatics for the prologue intro here:

Next month I'll put together a fun little packet for y'all.  Maybe a little peak into what could of been a Reincarnation animated show.  We'll see...
Till then,


2 quick things for this month.


Hey everyone,

Everything is going fine with the project.  I don't have the full intro done yet, but you can watch this 30 second snippet here:

I'm looking for anyone who would be interested in helping with sound FX.  Right now the animation is missing that special touch that SFX would give it.  If you are interested in helping out, please PM me on here and we can talk!

In other kickstarter news, two of my friends started a campaign to get their toy company off the ground.  Once this project is successful, they would like to take on making the Reincarnation toy line.  (Which is good because I don't want to deal with merchandise anymore!) lol

So, if you are into action figures, please go check out their kickstarter and help them out.