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The kinky are just like you and me — except in much sexier outfits. I propose to depict them vividly and fairly.

This is an early, much less ambitious version of what I intend to do. 

BDSM (formerly sadomasochism, often just plain “kink”) is the new homosexuality. Still widely viewed as pathological and depraved, it will inevitably come in the next decade or two to be respected as a predisposition to which an appreciable erotic minority come perfectly naturally. 

I propose to help speed the process along with a documentary film about the (almost!) unanimously wholesome, upstanding people who enjoy forms of erotic expression that may seem weird and depraved to some.

It simply isn't good enough to allow Nick Broomfield's appalling Fetishes, in which he staunchly refuses to understand that kink isn't just about pain, to remain the defining documentary of the lifestyle. No, I say; no!

To say that Kinkfolk won't be prurient or titillating isn’t to suggest it won't be sexy. After all, as London's Mistress Poison Ivy points out, “We’ve got the best outfits.” 

I know this scene and its inhabitants on the strength of having ghostwritten Dominatrix: The Making of Mistress Chloe, published by the major mainstream British publisher Headline, and having earlier conceived, designed, and edited the very popular late-20th-century website Heartless Bitch, which was all about showing professional dominatrices as complete women. 

Wikipedia: S is the nineteenth letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.


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